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WWE -- No Killer Zone

6/26/2007 11:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After authorities revealed the grisly details of Chris Benoit's final days, the WWE is changing their tune. In a televised statement, aired just moments ago on Sci Fi Channel's ECW, Vince McMahon made it clear -- they will no longer honor the memory of the murdering wrestler:

"Last night on 'Monday Night Raw,' the WWE presented a special tribute show, recognizing the career of Chris Benoit. However, now some 26 hours later, the facts of this horrific tragedy are now apparent. Therefore, other than my comments, there will be no mention of Mr. Benoit tonight. On the contrary, tonight's show will be dedicated to everyone who has been affected by this terrible incident. This evening marks the first step of the healing process. Tonight, the WWE performers will do what they do better than anyone else in the world -- entertain you."


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Many have said that he was a great wrestler, you cannot take that from him, and other sentiments as such.

This is all true and it is a sad story, but at what point do we alter our feelings of compassion for Chris to disgust as we would any other murderer? Obviously there was either a mental breakdown, wether it be natural/depression or chemically induced. I cannot belive that anyone would take this kind of action if they were in their right mind.

I know that just about every criminal in prison has had bad things happen to them which "made them" do the things that they did to end up in prison. None the less, they still did the crime and in return effected someone elses life.

Also, at what point do we dismiss all of Chris Benoit's fantastic wrestling history, and write him off as a cold blooded murderer? When you here the name "OJ Simpson" do you think of a football player, actor, or do you think of murderer? When the people we know and/or love do things that are horrific and sensless, it tears at every fiber in us

My heart goes out to the friends and family of Chris Benoit, all the WWE wrestlers, fans, everyone at the WWE. I do know what you are going through and I can tell you that everyday, it will get better and the pain does go away, just give it time.


2619 days ago


I do not understand what the big hurry was in having a tribute show dedicated to Benoit. It could have and should have waited until all of the facts were in.

Where was the USA Network and why didn't they intervene and stop the WWE from airing a tribute show?

2619 days ago

Christopher Falcon    


2619 days ago


Ok let's think if it was roid rage how come the house wasn't trashed? you would think someone in a "rage" would trash everything in his sight. He obviously premeditated the whole thing. It's really sick, how can you kill a child. I hope he burns in the deepest pocket of hell.

2619 days ago


It's a tragedy that muscle mass has become such a major part of pro wrestling that even well-trained and dedicated performers are forced to put these poisons in their bodies to perform. Notice how many pro wrestlers have died young. Look at the bodies of people like Bobby Lashly, Chris Masters, and even Vince McMahon. People don't get that mass of muscle without either living totally in the gym or taking steroids. With a travel schedule that keeps most of the WWE performers on the road 80% of the year, and performances at least once a week, they can't be living in the gym, so it boils down to drugs. This business has got to start changing its focus or what we saw with Chris Benoit will only be the first of many such incidents in the future.

2619 days ago


Extended suicide can happen to anyone like cancer.Is a complication of a mental illness(depression).This is the incredibly hard truth that nobody have the guts to admit!!!Cancer victims get sympathy,but victims of mental illnesses,which are far more painful,don't get.I'm sick of that.Chris Benoit was not coward.Chris Benoit was a big man and a hero.Long Live Chris Benoit in heaven!

2619 days ago


It is fairly clear, at least prior to the toxicology results being published, that the premeditation displayed in committing these murders could not have been the result of steroid induced rage. In fact, it is more probable than not that another illegal non-steroid drug will be found in his system which could have triggered the murders.

WWE does have a wellness policy where it routinely checks its performers for illegal substances including steroids. Chris passed those tests in April. WWE has shown its committment to this program by, in the past, suspending some of its performers including top names like Chris Masters, RVD, and Randy Orton. As such, it can only be said that the accusations being railed against WWE for not having a steroid policy are not only baseless, but they are slanderous.

2619 days ago

equal opportunity offender    

im not suprised that im still reading stupid and untrue comments from this board. some of you people just love taking the investigation into your own hands and becoming Columbo dont you? get your facts straight, do research and shut your mouth before you look like more of an ass then you already do!

1. the child hadFragle X syndrom...thats why they were iving him injections....THEY WERE NOT STEROIDS!!!!
2. the tribute show was put on BEFORE THEY KNEW IT WAS MURDER!
3. the toxicology report wqont be complete for another week or so. IT WSAS NOT ROID RAGE!!!! she was not beaten to death which would have been the case with RAGE.

like i said, you idiots sure know how to judge a situation BEFORE you even get the facts...which dont matter to you anyway! go read your PARIS HILTON news and stay away from reality!

2619 days ago


You have to love Vinni Mac..... NOT. Oh yeah Chris was great Chris made me alot of money, but now

oh my God distance distance. Capitalistic PIG from CONN.

2619 days ago


It's a little late for your fake heroics, Vince. What you do for the sake of the almighty dollar is disgusting and you should be ashamed. Feeding people pills and making them parade around acting like assholes to each other, isn't a "sport".

How can anyone be sad for Chris Benoit is beyond me. To be sad for him is to be sad for every other child-murdering person that's sitting in prison right now. Every day we see tragedies on the news of young kids getting kidnapped and tortured, raped, and murdered. These people deserve prison or worse.. Chris is no different from ANY of them anymore... of course he offed himself before he had to look anyone in the eye.

2619 days ago


It amazes me how some people still make this murderer out to be a victim. He made his choices he is NOT the one we should be talking about. His wife and his 7 yr old child are the ones who should be mourned. Wake up people!

2619 days ago


I hope all u roid user's take a hard look at what trying to be something u r not can effect the innocent. A poor boy and innocent mother had to pay for u guys that want to look like something out of a comic book. You sure might look good on the outside but u r all a bunch of sick nuts.

2619 days ago


Extended suicide can happen to anyone like cancer.Is a complication of a mental illness(depression).This is the incredibly hard truth that nobody have the guts to admit!!!

2619 days ago

Sweet Lou    

I guess there will be a lot of happy people out there when the toxicology report indicates that Chris Benoit had steroids in his system when this tragedy occurred. It will vindicate all those who have judged him as a "steroid enraged murderer." But what happens when those same reports state that he was, in fact, not on steriods? Will those same people run to apologise? Vince MacMahon was hasty in his acts to praise Benoit. It was an action that he felt suitable for the services rendered by one of his employees. Circumstances surrounding the absence of Benoit from the previous night's Pay-Per-View were somewhat sketchy; however; MacMahon only did what he saw as a fitting tribute to the memory of one of his stars. In light of the new information that has arisen, MacMahon has chosen to distance himself from the memory of Benoit. It is no less than anyone else would do, in such horrific circumstances. Those looking for something or someone to villify regarding this story, may choose to wait until all the evidence is presented. Yes, this is a cowardly act perpetrated by Benoit. Yes, there was some haste in Benoit's representation during the Monday Night Raw show. Yes, there are some facts available to give a reasonable idea of the events that transpired on the dates of June 23-25. No, there isn' t enough evidence to attach labels of drug abuser, yet. Avoid the speculating. Wait for the results before laying judgements. Benoit may not have been a hero to all, but to some, he meant a lot. Give them the respect they deserve. For those that perished in this tragedy, Daniel and Nancy, may their lives be remebered as beautiful people who lovingly supported a troubled soul. If no one chooses to remember this incident as such... well it is America...and as such you may judge whoever you want in whatever ways you wish. After all, we have the death penalty, and there is no way that someone will misjudge you.

2619 days ago


Hey # 13 Sabrina, what do you mean he was a victim? he smothered his innocent 7 yr old son who didn't get a chance to have a full life. No offense I don't care if your mother theresa if you choose to do something like that and yes everyone has a choice then it's not anyone's fault but his own that he's remembered as a murderer!!!

2619 days ago
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