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BET's Fashion Fright Night

6/27/2007 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From the looks of last night's red carpet, it's obvious why the BET Awards honor the best entertainers in music, film and sports -- but not fashion! BET phone home!
BET Awards Fashion Nightmares
From Beyonce's roboho performance getup to Eve's streetwalker chic, check out why it's time these artists hired new stylists and put the hip back into hip-hop!

On another note, while Robin Thicke didn't scare up any fashion alarms, he also failed to become the first white artist to win a BET Award. The world will just have to wait for Celine Dion's next album to drop!


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beyonce was so freakin stuck up at the awards! she stole kelly's [rowland] performance!!! bad beyonce!!!!

2646 days ago


What were they thinking? Hideous especially Beyonce's outfit.

2646 days ago


The B.E.T. Awards was waaaaaaaayyyyyy better than the MTV Awards, Grammy's, and American music awards. Sometimes I think people who write for TMZ is mildly retarded. Beyonce was HOT. Yet you call that fat slob Hayden sexy... reality check TMzzzzzzzzzzz

2646 days ago


oh my!! those were some scary outfits!!!

2646 days ago


Beyonce's outfit, performance, and reunion with Destiny's Child was the best and hottest ever. Beyonce' is the only person on the planet who can sing, dance, and look better than anyone else, at the same time. She's the hottest.

2646 days ago


ROBO-BITCH! lol what was that bitch thinking?

2646 days ago


I'd rather see an En Vogue reunion.

2646 days ago

K Anonymous    

As a black editor, I find the jokes in this TMZ posting to be not only forced and corny, but way off-base. First of all, just because the awards features a gathering of black entertainers does not mean that it's a "hip hop" event. Secondly, I don't get the Celine Dion kicker at all. I don't know any black music fans who listen to her.

2646 days ago


TMZ got the photo of Beyonce before the outfit was displayed. TMZ is afraid to show Beyonce beautiful figure and sexy performance. You know she's the hottest. Just jealous. The BET Awards 07 was the best ever. Public Enemy made a tribute to James Brown. Sweet. I watched the red carpet, the show, and the black carpet. Six hours of bliss. BET rules the awards business.

2646 days ago


Its amazing how blogs that gear towards a predominately white audience view the BET awards red carpet as something that is awful. Next season your whole audience is going to try to copy the style that already ripped the runway.

2646 days ago


Beyonce was dressed for a PERFORMANCE. Dang. GOes to show how ingorant people can be...nobody says anything about Gene Simmons and Kiss...with their outifts, etc. Overall, nice clothes. Trying to step out of the norm with the performance wish you had the money to floss!

2646 days ago


Just jealous. Thicke lost to Ne-yo -- composer and producers for many artists for many years. Ne-yo now performs. Thicke lost to a better artist. But Thicke is hot, though.

2646 days ago


Wow, I look better just sitting around in my pj's.

2646 days ago


BET Awards Rocked.
The fashion Rocked. Kudos to Rhianna.
I can't stand you gossip clones. U want everyone on Earth to look like a Jenny Jones makeover. Stop the madness. Real black people don't want to be white or look like white people's awful US magazine fashion.
Get a life TMZ.

2646 days ago


Wow -- you all completely don't get it.


Patti LaBelle is one of the grande dames of the r and b world. And she STILL looks fantastic. Monique has forwarded the cause for large women via her dance routines this year and last year. And what's up with referring to people as "roboho" and "streetwalker?" Your inane comments are annoying and off point. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since your website also makes reference to "Smokin' Hot Britney." Lawd help us. Perhaps you should leave the writing about this awards show to other media outlets.

2646 days ago
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