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Meredith Locks Up With McMahon Over Benoit Murders

6/28/2007 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comMeredith Vieira went toe-to-toe with Vince McMahon on this morning's "Today" -- questioning the WWE honcho's stance that steroid use had nothing to do with Chris Benoit's grisly double murder-suicide.

Vieira was quick with a left hook to McMahon, asking him how WWE could make such a statement before toxicology results were revealed. Vince stuck to his guns, saying a press release sent out earlier this week was "reacting to the hysteria of the media," telling the press to quit speculation that "roid rage" was a factor in the killings -- until evidence proved otherwise.

On Monday, the WWE said the murders of Chris Benoit's wife and 7-year-old son were not an act of "roid rage," because "the physical findings announced by authorities indicate deliberation," and cited as evidence the time between murders and the leaving of Bibles by the bodies.


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So what's up with Vince's mouth? Bad plastic surgery or roid mouth? Tosser!

2674 days ago


I thought he died when his limo exploded?

2674 days ago


look at his face, huge nose and puffy features...he is on roids himself. He is so worried
about the image of WWE...who cares how many lives he long as ratings are up.

2674 days ago


tmz, thanks for still bring us all the news no matter what the case!!...
i read the other comments and i disagree strongly!! you keep bringing us everything!!! if you don't want to read it, don't click on it!!!

2674 days ago


Something snapped big time in this man (I use that term loosely) sounds like there mught have been more drugs involved than steroids and definitely something mental HAS to be hidden. Men like that usually cannot handle having an "imperfect" child which is soooo sad. I read reports where the son had track marks from them giving him hormones to buff him up - that's so sick on so many levels. Shouldve let himself rot in jail and let some loving family raise Daniel who could handle and accept the disability if he realized after he killed his wife - wtf do I do now? IDIOT - glad the WWE says no more tributes but they shouldve waited to hear all the details before they ran the show to begin with. And if steroids were involved in any way - even 1% Vince better step up to the plate!

2674 days ago


Vince sucks, we always knew he was a low life, but now he is defending a wife, and handicap child killer.....YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!

2674 days ago


Now there is gonna be a huge debate amongst "scholars" about roid rage.This is a tragic incident that probably was brewing for quite some time.I know people wan't quick answers and always want to scapegoat something,and in no way am I condoning roid abuse,but if anything it was a small addition to a way bigger problem.My condolences to the family of his wife and child.

2674 days ago

The Man    

#4, while some may say he has destroyed lives, or doesn't care too much about wrestlers... your statement is rooted in ignorance. you fail.

2674 days ago


The WWE breeds substance abuse, thugs, women and children batterers and murderers. Benoit's heinous inexcusable and indefensible crimes also point out what a coward and selfish, self-absorbed piece of filth he was. Benoit should've committed suicide first. On Good Morning America today, an interview with the woman CEO and co-founder of the WWE deflected any issues related to steroid use, and a rumor that Benoit as going to be demoted within the organization. This same individual also tried to put the blame on the murdered wife by claiming that she wanted him (Benoit) home more to help with the care of he and his wife's disabled son and pretty much dismissed this by claiming that that was his job to be on the road. Rather than try and face the challenges in his life, Benoit chose the cowardly easy way out by murdering his wife, then his son and then committing suicide. Ironically, Benoit spared the dogs the same fate, and obviously valued their lives over his family and his own.

2674 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Watched the interview and felt Vince had nada, zip, zero, no credibility.

He has some serious motives for wanting people to believe steroids weren't involved. 1. Protect his $$$$ invested in the WWE and its image. 2. Deter a full blown investigation into the WWE and steroid abuse.

Wish Meredith had asked Vince about the illegal steroid ring busted in Orlando; bust yielded receipts and docs that Chris Benoit frequently purchased Anabolic and Human growth hormones from this illegal company. And, this is likely how Chris Benoit got the human growth hormones to inject his son with a doctors RX or written orders

Vince get real and addresss the steroid scandal head on. Pledge to do something about it instead of looking the other way for the all mighty $$$$$$$ these men have borught you. Until yoo do Vince, you look like a greedy pimp.

2674 days ago

Give Me A Break    

I am not a pro wrestler fan at all. This whole Benoit tragedy is heartbreaking to me as a parent, I just can't imagine how he could murder his own flesh and blood. Murdering his wife was bad enough.

Vince McHahon is looking tore up from the floor up. Is that what steroids and constant tanning does to you? Ick.

To me this industry isn't much different than the phony physical ideal that we attach to woman in the modeling industry. The unrealistic expectations and "requirements" to be successful are so intertwined with eating disorders and drug abuse in order to make the grade.

2674 days ago


Personally, I think it was that his wife threatened divorce, taking the house, child support, and alimony. Basically, taking everthing he has worked for. If this is the case due to him cheating, he deserved it, if it was because he was gone 300 days a year to keep her in luxury, then most guys would of cracked too. I don't think it was 'roids. I think there is something more.
Just my opinion.

2674 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

To get the whole story you have to hear the interview with Meredith in it's complete and undeited form.

The must hear interview from Vince this morning. He tried to dance around the steroid usage, but failed.

2674 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

10. Posted by T "Personally, I think it was that his wife threatened divorce, taking the house, child support, and alimony. Basically, taking everthing he has worked for. If this is the case due to him cheating, he deserved it, if it was because he was gone 300 days a year to keep her in luxury, then most guys would of cracked too".

Only a neaderthal would make such a comment about her asking for it because of a divorce. You should educate and inform yourself about domestic violence T. And, also read up on the mega side effects of anabolic steroid abuse. Chris Benoit was an angry monster just waiting to explode. It what a pity he exploded on his innocent and defenseless wife and kids.

2674 days ago


Do the findings really indicate deliberation...or remorse. Something to think about.

2674 days ago
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