Meredith Locks Up With McMahon Over Benoit Murders

6/28/2007 11:45 AM PDT
Meredith Vieira went toe-to-toe with Vince McMahon on this morning's "Today" -- questioning the WWE honcho's stance that steroid use had nothing to do with Chris Benoit's grisly double murder-suicide.

Vieira was quick with a left hook to McMahon, asking him how WWE could make such a statement before toxicology results were revealed. Vince stuck to his guns, saying a press release sent out earlier this week was "reacting to the hysteria of the media," telling the press to quit speculation that "roid rage" was a factor in the killings -- until evidence proved otherwise.

On Monday, the WWE said the murders of Chris Benoit's wife and 7-year-old son were not an act of "roid rage," because "the physical findings announced by authorities indicate deliberation," and cited as evidence the time between murders and the leaving of Bibles by the bodies.