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Report: 'Sex' Movie

A Go!

7/4/2007 4:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0703_sex_city_bn-1TV Guide's Michael Ausiello is reporting that the long-awaited "Sex and the City" movie is finally a go!

Speculation has been swirling for a while that the movie was hung up due to its dueling stars, but Ausiello reports that SJP, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis AND Kim Cattrall have all signed on the dotted line to do the film.

Shooting reportedly will start in September.

Thank God -- no more lonely Friday nights watching season six on DVD while drinking a bottle of wine by yourself.

There's always season five.


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just me    

Yikes! I wonder how this movie will be distributed? I sure hope it does not go to cinema theatres before DVD release.

I cannot stand that show but I think a house fire could not have driven my wife away from the tube when the episodes originally aired and she still takes custody of the remote control during the reruns. I can escape when it is on the tube but there is no way I can escape from being dragged along by my wife to see it if this film goes to theatres before the DVD release. I guess that will probably fall a little short of grounds to charge her with spousal abuse, but not by much. Sure hope the first release of this film is on DVD or television.

2665 days ago


I just have to get this off of my chest. I LOVED Sex in the CIty - but then season 4 happened. I don't believe having SJP as an executive producer was a good idea; if you watch seasons 1 - 3 they were so so good... the characters were interesting, the stories were funny. Beginning about the middle of season 4, it was like Carrie was a new character and the ONLY character. In addition, her obvious displeasure with Cattrell manifested itself through SJP's character, Carrie and her interactions with Samantha. Unlike the "former" Carrie who was mildly amused by Samantha's sexy lifestyle, was now rolling her eyes; this moral shift became apparent through season 5 and 6. In addition, the episodes were flat and Carrie was a shadow of her former self... after Burger, the show really took a nose dive and by the end was like a 1980s Disney film... the characters lost their depth and in my opinion SJPs ego made the show SUCK. The dialog suffered too - the lines were simply mimicking what the writers thought the characters should say. Was SJP directing how she wanted her character to be? Finally, SJP obviously had some work done on her face - within one season she went from cute and perky, to having this really weird face thing. Shouldn't someone have told her how incredibly beautiful she was BEFORE her surgery? Now she just looks like everyone else. The crappy finale in Paris was so stupid - it was so over-the-top - so unlike the semi-reality based show. (Semi-reality) So, I hope they bring back the writers and directors and producers from Seasons 1 - 3 and tell SJP to do what she does best, just act (and look cute in clothes!). Whew - I feel much better.

2665 days ago


Not one guy in America will ever go to see this movie, never ever.

2665 days ago



2665 days ago


I think this is a great idea. I really loved this show and can't wait to see the girls in action again.

2665 days ago


Here we go again with the cosmopolitans and manolo blah-niks!

About some posts on here---what is with the double standard that older women aren't sexy? Come on! Harrison Ford and Sean Connery are still considered to be sexy--and they're ancient! Compared to them, Kim Catrell and SJP are spring chickens!!

2665 days ago


Too late, girls or rather middle age women. Ya should have struck it while it was still hot. Your audience has moved on and so should you.

2665 days ago


Yay!!! I can't wait. I didn't watch SATC when it was on HBO, but when the series came out on dvd I bought the whole set. I loved it! I hope big and steve are back!

2665 days ago


i can't wait to see the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2665 days ago

suzanne J.    

Michelle, where did you get the idea SJP had plastic surgery? She still looks the same way she always has. She seems to like her unique look with the long face and prominent nose and the wart. I don't think she has any intention in changing anything. If she did it would probably hurt her career because then she wouldn't be recognizable, like Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing. She had her awful nose fixed and then no one recognized her and she couldn't get work. And as for the ages, it has only been off four years. They didn't age 50 years in those four. And trust me, women only get better sexually with age. Until you are in your 30's and up you don't know what it is all about. Most women in their 50's and 60's are having the best sex of their lives and they wouldn't go back.

2665 days ago


Sarah Jessica is one arrogant chick...why is he standing up in front of the other woman. And she is ugly to boot!

2665 days ago


SJP did have something done - her eyes arent near has heavy looking as before. There is a website that shows the before and after.. I just cant remember which one >.<

And Cattral - I hope I look that good when I am 52! Wonder if she had anything done?

But all in all .. the thought of 50 year old (and some nearly 50) women acting the way they did in the show? When they should be grammas and baking cookies.. I dont know.. seems very very.. wrong to me.

Can you imagine being that old and your life being that empty and shallow? They really didnt have anything of true value. It is as if they will die alone and empty.

But they will look good in the casket I am sure.

2665 days ago


I'm waiting with a cosmo in one hand and a flirtini in the other!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2665 days ago


#88 - HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO - She IS Sex an the City!

2665 days ago


I can't wait to see the movie... on cable (HBO)

2665 days ago
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