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"Laguna Beach" Star Pleads Guilty in DUI Case

7/5/2007 5:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica SmithThe attorney for Jessica Smith, former star of MTV's "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County," plead guilty to misdemeanor DUI on Monday. Smith was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to attend one MADD meeting and serve 80 hours of community service.

Smith was charged back in March, after the car she was driving slammed into the back of an Acura, causing "great bodily injury" to people in both cars. The CHP report said that her level of intoxication, unsafe speed and wet roadways were conditions that led to the crash.

Smith amassed fines and penalties totaling more than $1,300.


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Zenophobe Alien    

Another young one gone bad. so sad

2646 days ago


Talk about a slap on the wrist. Does anyone really think that this little skank won't get behind the wheel of another car in an intoxicated state again? She shouldn't be driving anymore.

2646 days ago


Ooh LOOK! Another POS-wanna-be-celebrity who thinks she's something! Loser-spoiled-brat-no-talent-trash like this are never going to amount to anything, which is bad enough, but they take their acts on the road and cause harm to people. I hope the lawsuit brings damages that this leech will spend the rest of her life paying off.

2646 days ago


DUI must be another one of Hollywood's idiotic trends! & When did this loser's 15 minutes even start?? She belongs in the slammer with Wahler

2646 days ago


i am just amazed at the youth of america today. it is getting worse and worse every year. i think that the children of this generation are just too damn spoiled. they are so irresponsible and think that it is no big deal to get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated.. they obviously don't know that they are not only jeopardizing their own lives but the lives of others. and the punishment that they recieve is WAY too lax. i pray to god that something will change in our judicial system one day that will scare the living HELL out of people so they won't even think about getting behind that wheel.

2646 days ago


Dude who cares! It's her deal. People drive drunk, yeah and it's really dumb. But she's not "trying" to get publicity. She is just having fun and made a dumb mistake. And it's not like she's this HUGE celeb who is well known by everyone. She's a girl from laguna. That's it. give her a break!

2646 days ago


A drunk celebrity? You're kidding, right?

2645 days ago

just asking    

Driving Under the Influence of Fame

The famous—Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nichole Richie, Mel Gibson, Ty Pennington, Vivica A. Fox, Tracy Morgan, Haley Joel Osment, Michelle Rodriguez, George Michael, Ray Liotta, Mike Tyson, rap artist Eve and players in the NFL, NBA and MLB—all have one thing in common: driving under the influence. And the public outcry over Hilton’s release and reincarceration only underscores the fact that—famous or not—the nation wants something to be done about it. Find out what MADD has to say and the simple solution that could put an end to drunk driving.

In the last year, a great number of celebrities and high-profile sports figures have been arrested for committing drunk driving offenses. Among them, Paris Hilton has gotten the most attention—and public outrage. And for good reason.

Hilton has not taken responsibility for the fact she drank before getting behind the wheel, drove on a suspended drivers’ license and then appealed to the governor for leniency in her sentence for that offense. MADD believes she should accept full responsibility for her actions, especially since a vast young audience is watching her every move.

MADD also believes that Hilton should have an alcohol ignition interlock installed on her car so that she cannot drive drunk again. In fact, through our Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving, we are advocating for an ignition interlock to be placed on every car for all convicted drunk drivers.

The reason why people continue to drive drunk is because they can. And Hilton is a good example. She, like many others who have had their license suspended, continue to drive. Ignition interlocks would put an end to this as an interlock device prevents the car from being started if a measurable amount of alcohol is in the driver’s system. Courts across the country are too lenient on those who drive on suspended licenses due to drunk driving. In addition to jail time, fines and other sanctions, MADD would like to see at least a one-year interlock provision for those who drive on suspended licenses.

Armed with new data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which shows that drunk driving fatalities are higher than they have been in 15 years, MADD’s National Board met with Congressional leaders in June to ask them for an increased focus on drunk driving across the nation and to support MADD's Campaign to Eliminate Drunk Driving. In addition to ignition interlocks on all convicted drunk driver vehicles, the Campaign also calls for the exploration of new technologies to prevent a vehicle from being driven by someone who is drunk as well as increased enforcement and public support.

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2645 days ago

You People Sicken Me !    


2645 days ago


She PLEADED guilty. Please educate your dumbass writers about how to use the word "plead" correctly. I am getting tired of correcting you.

(hint: check a British, not American, source.)

2645 days ago

BOEING 787    

Just another DUI statistic, another former teen starlet has lost her way in the midst of
the prior glory and fame and acting.

2645 days ago

all this talk about drinking and driving.. what about
the drivers on their friggen cell phones

2645 days ago


Queen Elizabeth

Why in the world would TMZ an AMERICAN site check a British source (you do mean dictionary right?)

We have danced this dance before. It is pled, past tense of plead. If you are going to visit an American site then accept the American way of speaking. Go to and look it up.

2645 days ago


No doubt Jason Wahler made a better choice by chosing Lauren Conrad

2645 days ago


Alcohol+Serious Bodily Injury = Felony. At least for us mere mortals.

2645 days ago
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