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Joel Madden

Takes on 'Hills' Pratt

7/8/2007 11:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Good Charlotte rocker/Nicole Richie baby daddy Joel Madden and "The Hills" bad boy Spencer Pratt got into a physical altercation Saturday afternoon at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Attention-whore Pratt told In Touch Weekly of the fight, claiming that it was all just one big misunderstanding.


Madden allegedly stormed over to Pratt's table, where he was lunching with his future Mrs., Heidi Montag, and screamed, "you've been talking s**t about my girl!" before, claims Pratt, Madden -- who was there with pregnant girlfriend Nicole Richie -- had to be forcibly separated and removed.

Claims the prattling Pratt, "It all stems from an interview in Details ages ago where I was misquoted, calling Nicole a skinny bitch. It's all a misunderstanding. I've always thought she's a really nice girl and I wouldn't call her that." At least not while her tattooed, tough boyfriend's around!


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I cannot stand Spencer Pratt! I love the show "The Hills" but I want to scream every time Spencer is on. He is so obviously with Heidi for the publicity and it won't be long before they are broken up!

2671 days ago


Spencer & Joel are both toss pots ones a bonafide wanker the other thinks he's cool cuz he's the daddy of Nicole Ritchie's baby. I wish all these idiotic celebs would piss off somewhere that no camera can follow.

2671 days ago


I would rather hear about where celeb pooches take a crap than hear about "HEIDI AND SPENCER!!!
They are the most ununique people in Hollywood..........Y U C K !!!!!!!!!!

Don't even bother.

2671 days ago

oh really    

JRB - please stop posting the same post on every blog, just go away and petition things that are more important?!

Heidi, dear - you obviosly are not good in the relationship department - I actually watched some of the shows (I was on bedrest, I forgive myself.....) and your ex-boyfriend treated you like crap too. And then you have the balls to say that all of the stuff this guy did was a while ago and it didn't matter - hello?! doesn't it matter that Everyone else saw it too, and you look like a complete moron for it?

Spencer - hopefully you have a new dentist, b/c who ever gave you those teeth should lose their license.... :-)==

2671 days ago


Michellaneous, whoa! If you're reading every blog you need a new hobby. If we need to do it again, count me in JRB.

2671 days ago


If Joel is gonna fight every time someone speaks negative about Nicole, he's gonna have to give up his music cause he will be a very, very busy guy. Kinda makes you pity him and his poor choices.

2671 days ago


Joel Madden "tough"

gimme a break.
My mum is badder than that tool!

Oh, and Nicole Richie IS a skinny bitch!

2671 days ago


Misquoted?! Typical PR statement after you've opened your mouth with some trying-to-be-funny-or-cute statement then later realize you shouldn't have said it in the first place. How the hell were you "misquoted?' The writer from Details didn't just say it, you did! Dude, you're too stupid for that smokin' hot girlfriend of yours. Besides, since you are now her manager...when she has a slip of the tongue just like you did will you say she was misquoted because you think it worked for you?

2670 days ago


Nice to know that someone loves his woman enough to stick up for her. As for Spencer Pratt, he seems to be a media whore. Anything to get your name in the papers, huh?

2670 days ago


At least not while her tattooed, tough boyfriend's around!'re kidding me, right? this guy is about as tough as Jm J. Bullock and Clay Aiken.

2670 days ago


If this Joel is gonna kick ass everytime somebody calls Nicole skinny bitch, he's gonna be fightin 24/7

2670 days ago



No, I don't read every blog, but when I get bored I may post and read a few, and he/she has happened to be on every one I read. I have plenty of hobbies, thanks though

2670 days ago


Spencer- GO AWAY. your 15 minutes is up. You got 14 too many.

2670 days ago


spencer is a lowlife and a loser..heidi is a fake person and very jealous of lauren conrad.
they def. deserve each other..they are a big joke...joel should have kicked his a**

2670 days ago


There he is....the dude with the LARGEST dough-boy head I've ever seen (Pratt). But then again, I guess it's necessary to fit all those gigantic Mr.Ed teeth in your mouth. Tell Mrs.Ed to lay off putting all her shiny makeup on you, no need to draw extra attention to that melon.

2669 days ago
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