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Nicole Richie

in Deep S...

7/10/2007 2:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0710_nicole_ritchie_bn_01-1The Commissioner in the Nicole Richie DUI case did not grant the continuance Nicole Richie wanted. Period.

As TMZ first reported, Richie's lawyer asked for a continuance until August 5th, because her expert witness, Dr. Terence McGee, was not available to testify then. Commissioner Steven Lubell was visibly upset and ordered both Nicole's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, and the prosecutor into chambers. When the Commissioner came out, he said he would not rule on the continuance and ordered all parties into court tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM -- that's when the trial is scheduled to begin.

Nicole Richie -- click to launchSeems like Nicole is in a pickle. She flew to Calgary last night with baby daddy Joel Madden, who is performing a gig in the Great White North. Will Nicole bail on the concert and come back to face the Commish?

We'll let you know!


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I live in Calgary! Good Charlotte are preforming at The Stampede tonight...a lot of people won backstage passes to meet GC and the radio station asked them to dish if NR is there.
Calgary on TMZ!!! Wicked!

2629 days ago

thrown out    

My god the min. time to serve if convicted is only five days, get it over with! So that poor little baby won't be born in jail.

2629 days ago


#12, are you crazy. what do you mean she does'nt deserve this while pregnant. SHE DID THIS TO HERSELF. Not everything happens at a convenient time. She needs to think about what she is doing. Now she will pay the consequences for it. (hopefully)

2629 days ago


Whatta freakin' moron! I'm sooo sick & tired of these "celebs" thinking that laws do not apply to them. She's had ample time to get her $#i+ together! I'm glad the judge told her basically HELL NO!

Also this crap about maybe being pregnant. I'm sorry that's just BS! She KNEW that she had court dates & other legal stuff coming up. I doubt if she even is pregnant! If her own father doesn't know for sure that sounds really fishy! If she is pregnant, I hope they test the baby for drug/alcohol dependancy!

I think it's time to boycott dumba$$ sleezes like Nicole, Paris & Britney. They are nothing but mental cases who will whore themselves out for their name/pic in tabloids or entertainment shows. ICK!! ICK!! ICK!!

2629 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Good. Enough is enough. Enough high paid lawyers tricks & games & posturing, enough of the "I need a continuance because I have other plans" BS, enough of this arrogant, stuck up, pampered poodle's crap. Force her ass into court, and make her face what she's done.

Poor little dumbass nicole; she's knocked up with a moron for the daddy, she can't buy her way out of her DUI charge, and the judge is going to make her act like a normal human being by forcing her to stand trial on time. You better savor your freedom right now, honey; your ass is going to the pokey. And, since this is your second DUI, expect to spend an extended period of time in stir. Hope you enjoy the accomodations of the grey bar hotel...

2629 days ago


Ahhh poor little rich girl....please

2629 days ago


ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

too much loafing off of daddy dearest cool man Lionel Richie

her attitude is worse than paris's i think

2629 days ago


Paris saved you a nice warm/ cold bed :P

2629 days ago


Jay Leno said something-like this one night to Dr Phil, I think it was. He mentioned all the perks and extra's that the stars/celebreties get just on their status and that those are the good times. BUT when times get tough it is also extra hard on them too. All which comes with the territory. Don't be a paparazzi whore then try to run from them when you're in trouble? The last line is mine.

2629 days ago

J Doe    

the brat pack

linday lohan
paris hiton
nicole ritchie
britney spears

4 vapid waste who need to be euthanized and put out of their misery !!!

thank god christina is the only real winner over those LOOOOSERS !!!

2629 days ago

They about to get paid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

these stars treat court like its nothing,the judge needs to start droping the hammer on theses stars to teach them that court is more important than a party in canada,bitch needs to do time,,hopefuly she will be another lesson to all stars,court wont wait until there schedule has a opening,JAIL FOR NICOLE,trust me ,she wont be receiving mail like Paris

2629 days ago


As compared to PH, Nicole Richie appears to be the more despicable brat of the two--at least PH has the Hilton Family name behind her so what does Nicole Richie have going in her favor as she isn't even attractive. Nobody would even know who she was without the fact that she partied with PH!

After not taking the law seriously with the joking appearances on talk shows several weeks ago, she needs to be given a very stiff sentence with driving the wrong way on a Los Angeles freeway under the influence of whatever (who knows what she carries in those multi-thousand dollar handbags! Her body is wasted away due to drugs....

2629 days ago


This BEYOTCH needs to go to jail, go directly to jail and not collect $200 for passing GO. I also hope her little breeding "plan" to stay out of the pokey backfires too! She doesn't have the class Paris does and that's not really saying a lot :)

2629 days ago

The King of the World    

Who cares about the baby! If she wasn't afraid of going to jail she would of aborted it already. They already got one court extention, then they tried to pull a fast one to get another, so she could crawl into court all pregers to get sympathy. Because she's half black I bet anything, she'll get special treatment, unlike Paris. And don't be surprise if Al nword Sharten doesn't show up with his fat ugle racist ass spouting racism! Who wants to bet she will "unfortunately" mysteriously "loose" the baby, at some point.

Unlike Paris this skank actual "did" break the law. Who drives the wrong-way on major freeway jacked-up on drugs. Give me a break! This howord nword skank needs to go to jail!

2629 days ago


Can somebody knows if Nicole Richie is African American? I know she is adopted and her real parents were Mr. Richies's friends, but we don't know who they are, their names, etc..A big mistery!...I remember Nicole and she isued to be a woman of color, kind of brown, but after a while she is whiter tthan Paris Hilton.

The reason I ask is that I may help Nicole. If she is black let's call Rev Al Sharpton, he will raise the race card and Nicole will not be ONE day in jail. If she is white, she's screw!

If anybody knows, please let me know. Thanks.

2628 days ago
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