If Convicted, Nicole Richie is Screwed

7/6/2007 4:29 PM PDT

If Convicted, Nicole Richie is Screwed

Will a sympathetic judge delay Nicole Richie's mandatory jail sentence if she's convicted? Don't get your hopes up, honey.

TMZ did some checking on the guy in the robe who will preside over her case and sentence her if she's convicted. The guy is Los Angeles County Commissioner Steven Lubell. The legal eagles who have appeared in his courtroom say he's tough and very much by the book. He will not give Richie any special treatment, and our sources say her pregnancy won't amount to squat when it comes to serving time.

Richie's trial is scheduled to begin next Wednesday. If convicted, it will be her second DUI and she'll face a minimum of five days in jail.

Lynnwood ladies -- let's get ready to rumble!