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Gets a Break --

For Now

7/11/2007 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0711_nicole_bn_01_tmz-1Nicole Richie's fate won't be decided for another month, because a key witness is having fun in the sun.

The commissioner in Richie's DUI case has just granted a continuance, pushing her next court date back to August 16. He also ordered Nicole to appear in court on that date.

Richie's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, requested the extension for an expert witness who was unavailable for today's trial date due to vacation plans. As TMZ first reported, Dr. Terence McGee will challenge the results of Nicole's drug test.

Richie admitted to taking Vicodin, and smoking pot while driving the wrong way on the 134 freeway late last year.


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Lenn K.    

By this time, she should be showing and I sure the judge will think about that and probably give her a break!!

2639 days ago


What the HELL?!?! Not fair! I have to wait ANOTHER month for her belly to get bigger before she rots in jail. Super Sucks!

2639 days ago


good news! for nicole! we love her anyways!

2639 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

She'll lose the baby by then....Such an unhealthy skank.....Better off for the baby, they should have thought about the BABY before they got pregnant. Losers!!!!!!!!!

2639 days ago


Watch her "miscarry" and use that as an excuse for another delay.

2639 days ago

Democrats are evil    

The guilty are always doing their best to postpone the inevitable. She going for the sympathy angle when she shows up in court with a big belly full of baby. Why do rich celebrities breed? They only produce more of the same. Ungrateful narcissistic sluts.

2639 days ago

What's wrong with her face in this picture?    

The rich get special treatment YET AGAIN. She was drunk ..... going the wrong way ....... admitted using drugs ........... could have KILLED someone.

Now she is pregnant ...... who cares. She can still sit in a jail cell. That doesn't harm a baby in utero.

She should do the right thing and get it over with now.

2639 days ago


I love me some Nicole baby!

The key word here is misdemeanor, far too much time and effort is being spent on such a minor issue. Let it go, move on, lesson learned.

You all say hi to a stranger today, smile at an ugly person and give change to the homeless.

It is a beautiful day and I want all you fine people to enjoy it!

2639 days ago


Does she think she is actually going to get away with this? She was driving the WRONG WAY on a freeway. And she confessed to using the drugs. What could she possibly be disputing?? Take the plea deal and save us all some taxpayer money. She said in an interview she is willing to accept responsibility and the consequences for her actions, this doesn't seem like she is. Apparently she is a liar like Paris.

2639 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Why, Boy Howdy is simply outraged at #8's hatefulness! WHO IN THE F**K DO YOU THINK YOU ARE to wish such horror on anyone? Are you related to Charles Manson or something? What a god-awful thing to say about anyone, let alone Nicole. Let me guess - you are FAT, have a job that pay $8 an hour, a regular parole office to check in with, and no digital cable! Bitch! Leave Nicole alone.

BH also finds it somewhat amusing that so many of you have Nicole's DUI figured out and are ready to HANG her ONLY because she is rich and beautiful. Shame, shame! Jesus, people - the girl had a DUI, and while Boy Howdy doesn't condone drinking and driving, how many of you have driven under the influence of your Bud Light or Seagram's Wine Coolers? Raise your hands, everybody! Yes, she should be fined; even license suspended; but like Paris, who exactly is benefitting by either of these girls sitting in jail? WHY YOU! It lets you think you are some how, some way, superior to all of the rich girls that you truthfully only despise because THEY HAVE MONEY AND YOU DON'T.

Now dear ones, get back to your Happy Meals and leave Nicole alone. Nicole - boy Howdy wishes you a happy, healthy pregnancy and much bliss in the future.

2639 days ago


What I don't understand is that if she's innocent like she claims to be and the drug test given to her is truly inaccurate, why do they have to wait a month for this specific doctor to be the "expert witness"? If this doctor plans on telling the truth, couldn't any other doctor easily do it in his place? Sounds pretty ridiculous to me.

2639 days ago


I dont think any woment should go to jail when she is pregnant it could probably cause harm to the baby who is innocent. If she goes to jail they should just stick her in a low security facility.

I agree she should be punished for what she did but the baby is innocent and shouldnt have to suffer with her.

2639 days ago

chillout music girl    


2639 days ago

BOEING 787    

Just another delay in the case, I would not be suprised if the trial lasted the whole year.

2639 days ago


#11 she should have thought about that before she got pregnant , she knew she was in trouble before that, plus shes the one whos doing harm to that baby with her anorexic ass , she got pregnant to avoid jail time ,that doesnt work lots of women go to jail pregnant, Nicole sorry to say dont think Baca is gonna help you out like he did parasite, it almost cost him his job, so you can go directly to jail ,straight into population.

2639 days ago
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