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Birkhead-Opri Battle Bite

7/23/2007 2:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Larry Birkhead continues to sink his teeth into his former lawyer, Debra Opri, and Dannielynn is also getting in on the act. Larry told TMZ that Dannielynn now has six baby teeth and is using Larry as a teething ring.

Opri was also chewed up by a not-so-flattering feature piece in the L.A. Times this weekend. The article covered Opri's rise to celebulawyer, her relationship with Birkhead, and some of the outrageous line-items on Birkhead's bill which included $1,500 a month for Debra's publicist, $119 per e-mail and $96,000 in cellphone calls.

Birkhead is suing Opri for fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and legal malpractice. Birkhead alleges that Opri offered to take his case free of charge, while Opri countered, "I don't work for free. I just don't. I can't afford it."

Two weeks ago, Birkhead won a key battle against Opri when Judge Charles C. Lee granted his request for a preliminary injunction, which requires that Opri return $591,250 of Birkhead's money, which is being kept in a blocked account that can only be touched by court order.


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To the person who says it is reasonable that Opri would take this as pro bono -- the answer is no -- why would you sue ANS for legal fees if you were doing it pro bono -- no if a lawyer is doing something pro bono he does it on the cheap -- no limos -- no hand out credit cards -- no pay clients expenses -- need I go on. You don't do that because you are not going to get paid for it. Lawyers have to work for a living to -- time = $ time Opri could have spent on $ cases. --- No bad case of lay down with dogs get up with fleas.

My prediction is the judge will put all this in arbitration and LB will loose big and be out big legal fees -- non deductible -- hope they got paid up front -- serves his lawyers right

Posted at 2:29PM on Jul 26th 2007 by Opps
Did o'quinn not say he was representing VA pro bono and the charges she owed were not cheap,we all know she or her relatives could not afford the fees accrued and hotel bills for her in the Bahamas.IS o'qinn paying these things as Opri claims she did. So tell me tham why wouldn't she have agreed to do this for the publicity ect .I read where a judge already had that amount put into an interest account at a bank so I don't believe it is still in her account unless she never gave an accounting to the courts.You notice she doesn;t say in court papers anything about Rita crosby only in the press makes you wonder about her word also,

2646 days ago


There's certainly a lot of publicity that accompanies a case of this caliber but I think it's still difficult to believe that Opri was working pro bono. When one is hired to chase the money for the client, it should not come as a surprise later when that attorney turns around asks for a piece of the action in the form of expensive legal fees.

2645 days ago


want to know. 244.

The reason J. O'Quinn represented the grandmother pro bono is the fact that he was (at least) partially raised by his grandmother, believed in her cause, and was wealthy enough to support her in a unique lawyer-client capacity.

Some of the logical reasons D. Opri didn't represent L. Birkhead pro bono are written by Opps #243.

As an early supporter of Larry Birkhead, he has been a disappointment to me since he hired a TROPE to represent him in his charges against D. Opri. Going to Arbitration Court could have been easily handled although it would appear he never had any intention of honoring his legal signature as a client which is a disgrace to his daughter in that D. Opri (call her a Pit Bull if you wish) in conjunction with Judge Seidlin* got the (direct) DNA harvest from Anna Nicole's body prior to embalming. Larry Birkhead owes D. Opri (original attorney) for at least a portion of that lawyer's billing. It appears, however, he has joined the "Hate Opri Campaign" set out by Stern-Rale (plus Barth)!

*If it hadn't been for Judge Seidlin (a family man) honoring the rights of a biological parent, along with Debra Opri fighting for Larry Birkhead, that body would have been wisked away to The Bahamas by Stern-Rale and Larry Birkhead would not have his daughter today. Their plot, however, was fooled by Judge Seidlin and that's why Stern cannot stand him today, i.e. he wasn't able to completely pull the wool over the eyes of Judge Seidlin! I don't think Larry Birkhead realizes that he DOES NOT owe Stern anything. He doesn't even owe him the opportunity to see his biological daughter and, therefore, should be wiser about permitting the long-term exposure in the years ahead.

2645 days ago

Behind the HardRock    

I think HKS has a personal vendetta against Debra Opri. There are a number of things that were brought to light due in large part because DO was involved in this case. Larry also talked to Bahamas police when DO was still his atty and he probably regrets that now too.

My guess is that there will never be a wrongful death suit on behalf off DL if Larry or Howard have the final say. With 'firing' DO, LB tried to point the blame for everything on DO, even statements he made himself. Larry himself said the Inquest into DWS' death has been delayed, delayed.....on LKL..... one might note his facial expression when he said it.

I wanted Larry to get his daughter but I also made the mistake of believing in his truthfulness. I was wrong.

2645 days ago


I second the prediction that there will not be a wrongful death suit. Larry and Howard have way too much control over this situation.

2644 days ago


Well, Larry and Howard are now in their respective positions because of the successful forum shopping of ANS and her lawyers. These guys are simply picking up where she left off.

2644 days ago


Where is the other $500,000 Opri supposedly had in the account? When will the the judge made a decision about the case? Larry told so many newsmen that she offerred to take his case for free since she knew he had not much money. Then she underhandedly had him sign papers saying they wouldn't look right with zeros on them. I hope what he signed won''t give her more money than she stated at first. I think all Larry wants is what is his and Dannielynns and live a happy life raising the child he adores. She is a beautiful baby. How lucky you are to get her Larry. Hope your worries are just about thru. Marlene D.

2643 days ago

just me    

Larry your a never happened has been! 15 minutes of fame are over! Stern get your depends ready jail is calling you!

2 washed out wanna be's having to live off 2 deceased people and a baby.

2643 days ago


For info on Anna, HKS, and the rest, go to (formerly ISHOWARDKSTERNAMURDERER.COM). Yep, folks, she's back and not afraid of Stern's bogus threats. She's still telling it like it is. Check out her new site.

2642 days ago
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