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Phil Spector's New Hair Don't

7/26/2007 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The verdict is in on Phil Spector -- and he's guilty -- of another bad weave!
Phil Spector
First he frightened us with his shellacked "Golden Girls" Chia Pet monstrosity -- now follicularly challenged Phil's taken his heinous blond Clay Aiken bob and accented it with poop brown lowlights and some frizz. A little dab'll do ya!

Spector, 67, is on trial for the fatal shooting of actress Lana Clarkson in his foyer in 2003. Phil's hair, however, has been dead since 1979.


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im a good judgment of nice looking men.And that is one ugly man.That is a man/ right/lollllll

2613 days ago


I have watched this trial from day one. I am shocked that someone with his intelligence and money would not ranact with more class. He is thinking he can buy hiw way out of it. Bored and acting like a child during this trial. I think his conduct is appauling. His defense team is bringing on "friends" of clarkson........hope my friends never sell me out so cheap. Punkin Pie her best friend, dressed like a failed prostitute, have drowsy answers, her hair looked like something found on a dirty old street vender.. the next day they interview another friend of clarkson. She is bright and I know she ran into Clarkson the day before the accident. she was articulate and the two came together shopping, as clarkson needed a good pair of shoes for her job.She talked about her future and this woman hooking her up, not like someone who wanted to die. I pray that these jurors see through some of the hollywood hype and see that the man has no feelings, he is an egomaniac who feels he cannot do any wrong. He needs to be found guilty and get life on death roll.

2613 days ago


Phil, Phil, come on, everyone can see YOU ARE BALD!!! GO NATURAL!!!!

2613 days ago


Man, I'm Italian and if I ever start fro'ing up my hair to try to cover up the bald spot then someone hold my a$$ down and just shave it all off!

2613 days ago


Hasn't he figured out yet that he's old? And those bizarre hairdos and trying to look "young and hip" just make him look nutty......and probably guilty!

2613 days ago


yeah, the do's are funny but not as funny as the one donald trump has on his npggin...his takes first place for sure. i know nothing about this phil guy but saw a wee bit of his trial on direct tv and he sure has the shakes. hand trembling like hitler's thinks he has parkingson's disease, like hitler did. this disease does affect the brain as you know and hitler got more crazy as time went on. appears this is what happened to phil too. but then, with the hairdo's this phil had years and years ago, me thinks he's been off his rocker longer than most people would suspect. yes, i do think he killed that woman...he did tell his driver that he just killed someone, didn't he? lock him up before he hurts more others.

2613 days ago

Squido W Cash    

I think it looks good on him. You know what is worse than being talked about? Not being talked about.

2613 days ago


Phil, are you a wanna be Beatle?

2613 days ago

Ron J    

The guy was a genius, leave him alone.
Geniuses are supposed to look nuts.
If you were here for his music, you'd be praising him.
His name may be next to Beethovin's dome day.

2612 days ago


L.A. legal system is as big a joke as Spector's hair. Any town in America the trial would have been over in 10 days he would be UNDER the jail. Same with O.J. the murderer. If you want to kill someone just get lots of money and take them to L.A. and do them in. Very likely it will take years to go to trial and then have a 6 month trial and be sent home. What a JOKE !!!

2612 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Good old over-the-counter Benadrly may be able to help those tremors.
good for sleep too, without the bad side-effects of Ambien
Said too much, bye,

2612 days ago

Oh good one you are so tied-down and so miserable    

Meant---- Benadryl (Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride) under the antihistamine catagory, but also a mild sedative, and used in combination with psych med's to relieve tremors.

2612 days ago

John Sokol    

It may look stupid, but it's still better than Don King's!

2612 days ago


Total freak! His attorney is disgusting too! Litigation privilege is no excuse for the BS this defense has come up with. It's outrageous!

2570 days ago
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