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Britney & K-Fed Officially Kaput

7/30/2007 2:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney and K-FedBritney Spears and Kevin Federline have officially divorced.

Just minutes ago, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge signed the divorce decree. Spears' lawyer, Laura Wasser, and K-Fed's mouthpiece, making the divorce final.

Spears' lawyer, Laura Wasser, made a motion to keep the custody and spousal support orders secret. The judge granted that request, at least temporarily.

Here's what TMZ knows: K-Fed is pulling in 15K a month from Britney for child support. He's also getting 20 grand a month in spousal support, but that's based on the prenup, and it appears the alimony gravy train will come to a screeching halt in November.

As for custody, we've learned it will stay at 50/50. It's amazing disso-queen Wasser was able to get a 50/50 custody split given Brit's craziness, which included wild partying, erratic behavior and a stint in rehab. This type of custody arrangement is typically reserved for a stable couple.

But all is not over! We're told neither Brit nor Fed-Ex are happy with the custody arrangement, and either of them can go back to court and ask for a change. On top of that, Kevin won't even speak to Spears, so they will probably be back in court asking the judge to make decisions about child rearing.

One more thing: There are reports K-Fed will go to court as early as this week to get full custody. That doesn't make a lot of sense that he'd go for broke, since our sources say K-Fed has signed-off on the 50/50 custody split. He may not be happy, but it doesn't seem he's ready for all-out war either.


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"fix the beauty salon drop out weave and fix your hair?" WHAT? SHE SHAVED ALL HER HAIR OFF! SHE HAS NO HAIR! ITS THE WEAVE OR NOTHING! try to keep up!

2639 days ago


as a mother i think her childern should be taken away from her for good . she is a unfit mother all she cares about is her self and partying ! the children should be with the father and have full custudy ! and Britany should have to pay alamony to Kevin child suppout .Britany is to crazy to raze the kids ...... let Kevin have them !

2639 days ago


Having an illness is worse than being a crackhead in today's society? Is that really true? I would really like to hear the new study that indicates how mental illness is now a choice; a choice as it is each time a person smokes a crack pipe. What about this idea? Brittany gave birth to her second child and went to work very shortly after (not to mention the disasters following shortly there after). Has it every been a thought that there's a situation of post-partum depression that with time and given the correct oppurtunity, would go away on it's own? We are all people, we just don't have our lives put in all the tabloids for all of "Joe Public" to dicuss in forums. Where's the compassion?

2639 days ago


k-fed, not a good father, has kids with another woman, never married her, and left for spears, Britaney will make a slow recovery, needs time, never take the kids from mom, unless they are being very abused, not the case here. He wants money, he was a nothing, now a big gold digger, guess he knew who was the goose with the golden eggs. come on girl ,your children need a stable mom.....

2639 days ago


Does anyone know whether or not K-Fed is paying child support for his other children?

2639 days ago


i think nethier on of the parents should get the children becaucse of the way they act , they do to much paryting and the children shoudl'nt even be around that until they stop doing what they are doing the childern should be in a foster home or with the grand parent's who will take good care of the children !

2639 days ago


I don't think that money had anything to do with him not pushing for custody of the other kids. I mean you don't hear anything about their mother having crazy nights on the town or almost dropping them or driving with them on her lap or her going to rehab. I think that he is genuinely concerned for his kids with Britney, where as the mother of his other kids is just that a mother like she should be. Then again, no one knows except for K-Fed and I am not defending him or her, just want what's the best for the kids.------Just my opinion

2639 days ago


you can't believe every thing you read I don't think we really know whats really going on just them and their lawyers those papers make stories so they can sell they don't care if it's true or not

2639 days ago



2639 days ago


So sad! In the end K-Fed will have full custody when Brittany goes completely BONKERS! sad. What's important in life are these two children!

2639 days ago

Paul Davis    

He is does not really want the kids out of love. He is a bought man living off of her money and if he can take the kids, he'll demand more money for "their" support which really is for his self interest. He is not going to make it as a singer so she is his cash cow.

2639 days ago

George William Gockel    

I am fan of Britney Spears. I love Britney Spears. I do care about Britney Spears. I am concerned about Britney Spears. Both Britney and K-Fed get joint custody of thier 2 sons.

2639 days ago


Wow, besides the fact of.......WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!! Maybe everyone should take into account that nobody follows that loser K-Fed ( I mean he isn't even man enough to support himself, spousal support.......PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE ) around even when he has the kids......why, he isn't news worthy anymore. Maybe he is as big an idiot as Brittany is with the kids, but no one sees or reports that!!!!!!

2639 days ago


Neither one of them will win parent of the year. Brittany's parents should get custody of the children. Neither one of them was ready for parenthood anyway. Kevin already got children he barely takes care of. Kevin should get off his lazy butt and get a job. Brittany shouldnt have to pay him any kind of alimony. There is nothing wrong with him that he cant work. I said all the long, he only married her for the money. Thank god Brittany had the common sense(what little she has) to get rid of him early in the game. I wish to hell Whitney had done the same with Bobby.

2639 days ago


As far as Im concerned, both of them are retarded and need to have those kids go to somebody else. Be it Britney's parents, or somebody a little more responsible than these 2 freak shows. The real sad thing is that the kids are innocent and are brought into this world with 2 young and immature parents. They should be taken away from both of them until one of them grows up and gets their priorities in line. Hopefully, it is Britney since KFeds got a bad track record.

2639 days ago
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