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Leinart Settles Child Support Fight

7/30/2007 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeinartThe brutal child support war between NFL stud Matt Leinart and baby mama Brynn Cameron finally came to end late last week -- but closure didn't come cheap!

TMZ has learned that Leinart will shell out $15,000 per month in child support, around half of what Cameron claimed she needed to care for the couple's nine-month-old son, Cole.

But Leinart's legal battles aren't over yet -- the QB will be back in court August 13 to fight for the right to spend more time with his kid.


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i don't know either..but someone that would go with Paris and etc(I don't know)...some women would go with a toad if they have money(have seen a few with young wives out there)...give the guy looks and money..they come at them from all direction.....I think i read ...that he said Brynn..wasn't like that....he said she wasn't aware of his statis....i know she is from a sports family...(like her younger brother is doing well in football) Calif...if you have money you pay...and he should have been smart enough to know that...with his millions..he could have bought protection...the very anyway...those guys....should be careful how they spread their seed...if they don't want them to take root

2637 days ago


Jeez!! What a blood sucker. I bet she handed him a condom she poked a hole in with a needle too. Its not enough that women can trick a guy to pay for a kid they obviously did not want but they can screw them for 18 years.

There needs to be some real reform in this country around having a woman sign an agreement that if they do not get an abortion (of course paided for by the so called father or use the morning after pill) they are solely responsible for the child.

There are soooo many old laws on the books that need reform!! this is of course one of them!!

I hope they gave Matt a kiss cause he is getting screwed!

2634 days ago


Why does the amount that Matt makes a year have any relationship to the amount of money it takes to raise a baby. The last I checked, these two met at USC. She got the same education that he did, is/was a student athlete, and it is worth noting, she comes from a family of means.

This is not a divorce settlement and this is not alimony, this is a child support payment and there are Saudi Princes that don't require $15k a month to keep them in the "good life."

Those of you who are comparing Matt's salary to the amount being paid are looking at this as if it is a punishment and that he should make some payment as a form of penance. Don't forget, the mom is responsible for the kids' upkeep and the payment thereof.

2632 days ago


You all need to realize that its not Brynn asking for a certian amount, its the LAW.. Child support is 10% of the fathers income unless he or she makes over a million dollars then it is different. Matt pays a friend to live at his house around 5 thousand or so a month just so he does not get lonely. I think 12,500 is not going to hurt matt at all when he makes close to 700,000 a MONTH. Its both there fault for having this kid but know its Matt's turn to stop being immautre and realize he has a kid that will soon want a father to look up to not a father who is in love with one night stands with girls such as Paris and Brittany. Brynn is not a whore she was with him almost 2 years who does not have sex these days he obviously went in her knowin there was a chance so now the chance is here for him to stop being stupid and be a good father like he should be.

2623 days ago


If he wants to be in his son's Life, I doubt that he has to fight for that right. Brynn Cameron is not that dumb. She still loves Matt!

2639 days ago


WHAT baby requires 30,000$ a month to care for???? Wow, how am I raising 5 kids on 70,000 a year???

2639 days ago

Happy Harry    

A tragedy that this child will be forced to survive on only $15,000 per month when his 'father' makes millions. What is this world coming to? Is there no justice? That's only $180,000 per year or $3,780,000 by the time he is a college graduate. What will Leinhart pocket during this time, I wonder?

2639 days ago

sarah is coooooool    

i'd want him to be my baby's daddy!!! :)

2639 days ago


holy cross eyed getting fat batman

2639 days ago


Is that a picture of Jimmy Kimmel?

2639 days ago


Baby mommy SHOULD put most of that 15,000 in an account for her son when hes 21. Unfortunately, she will probably have a new car, wardrobe, home, and staff in the first year. Seriously, I'm all for fair child support, but you KNOW this babys mommy saw dollar signs. I HAVE a baby, I KNOW what it costs a month to raise her, and i'm not shopping at the dollar store. It doesnt require 30,000 per month.

2639 days ago

Real Deal    

I feel bad for the hundreds of thousand women raising children on just a few hundreds dollars of month but this recent graduate of USC Queen needs 15k a month.

Absolute outrage and sets women rights back 100 years.

2639 days ago

Pretty As A Picture    

"NFL stud Matt Leinart" - looks inbred in this photo. Does he have lips? Well, to each his own I always say.

2639 days ago


Baby Cole needs more than $6,000.00 per month; not just for diapers and formula. Every time his business savvy mother, Brynn Cameron, picks up the telephone to order up some Blue Chip stocks, invests into commercial real estate, or other business investment - that's easily $30,000.00 a pop. Cole Leinart will not have to worry about a college education.

2639 days ago


way to check spelling tmz. suport is spelled supPort...there's a second p.

2639 days ago
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