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Paris Not Being Locked Out of Hotel Fortune

7/30/2007 6:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

paris hiltonHotel heiress Paris Hilton doesn't need to worry about family patriarch and precious grandad Barron Hilton cutting her out of his will.

A story published in the UK said the ex-con party princess was in jeopardy of losing her mega-inheritance because sullying the family reputation, saying that grandpa was cutting her out of the will. TMZ has confirmed that's baloney.

After the socialite was sprung from the klink, she spent a few days at grandpa Hilton's family compound in Beverly Hills. It's rumored that Paris stands to inherit somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 million.


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Why can't we all just get along?!? Paris is cool in my book and MAN IS SHE HOT!!!!

2640 days ago


It's true... I AM jealous!! Who isn't?? Great face, great body, and more money than she could ever spend... COME ON!!

2640 days ago



An internal investigation of TMZ was recently initiated by TMZ’s own reporting staff due to complaints of exhaustion resulting from Kathy Hilton’s constant demands for press coverage of her daughter, Paris. When it was discovered that Mrs. Hilton had the entire staff on speed dial, several TMZ staff members became completely incoherent and had to be lead out the building. Others simply collapsed and were rushed to a medical facility at an undisclosed location.

Neither Mrs. Hilton’s nor Mr. Levin’s representatives were immediately available for comment.

2640 days ago

Paris has herpes    

And we should believe Paris and her camp because they've always been sooo truthful in the past, right? Her agency dropped her, her two cars got repo-ed, the Simple Life is now cancelled forever and word has it she dropped her appeal because the REAL Hiltons held a family meeting and made it known she had to drop it or be cut off because her antics were affecting business for the hotels. But of course TMZ doesn't report on those things or old Kathy would have Levin's balls. Bitch is taking her herpes and going down. Good riddance.

2640 days ago


What exactly is so hot about Paris? She's hasn't got an ass or boobs, one eye's noticeably smaller than the other and a nose that hangs down like a beak.? What people find hot about her is her MONEY. I just don't understand why she has no ambition to DO something with her life other than just float through life. I mean what does she do that's positive other than help support all the high end stores due to constant shopping. She has the opportunity to make such a positive impact to so many people, but instead all she does is hang out and party all night long...then driving home impaired where someone like you or I could be driving. I kind of feel bad for her. I think when you are surrounded by people who are impressed how much you have financially they tend to yes you to death and let you think you're right when in fact your wrong. She's surrounded by a bunch of people who don't have a clue about the real everyday world you and I live in. I feel bad for her because if she ever lost all of her fortune, she would be clueless as to how to support herself. At least her sister, Nicky, owns her own handbag line. She's making a name for herself and is doing fabulously without looking like a bimbo. Bravo for Nicky!!!!

2640 days ago


well did she or did she not lose her money ? The cooler said she was disinherited by MR.Barron Hilton her grandfather . So TMZ someone is reporting untruths in this situation .

2640 days ago

Not a Fan    

$30 million? That's a lot of money, but not to compared to what she spends. Why is she famous? For being wealthy? There's TONS of folks with more money than her. TMZ - how about investigating whether or not Paris will spend all of her inheritance before she receives it!

2640 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Anyone notice the only Hilton's we hear about are the infamous "Pimp Papa, Media Ho Mama and the Self Proclaimed "Air-Ass"?

The rest of the Hilton family have disassociated themselves from them due to the incessant antics of Media Ho Mama and her "slut puppy" daughter.

Even the Greek Shipping families want their sons to have nothing to do with Her Self Proclaimed "Air-Ass".

Her "Air-Ass" needs to take what money she has and buy stock in future medicinal development of a cure for Herpes. She sure isn't going to donate to any charity, her motto "Charity Begins at Home"!

Maybe Larry King should have Gramps Hilton on and hear his views on his "heirs".

What a disgrace that a huge empire can be brought to shame by 3 self absorbed, narcissistic, heathens.

2640 days ago


Paris, can you please just go away? I hate seeing you on TV and hearing your name. If you don't get grandpa's money good. GET A JOB AND DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dang I hate her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2640 days ago


Yup not responsible enough not to piss it away on extravagance

2640 days ago


She should donate all of that money!!

2640 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Welllllllll - guess Harvey Levin really is on Kathy Hilton's payroll. TMZ denying Parasite not cut out of the will. Below website is article on Reuters, dated July 5, 2007 regarding the Hilton Hotels sale and how Barron Hilton has designated monies to be distributed in his will.

Shame on you Harvey and TMZ.

2640 days ago

just me    

Paris is already independently wealthy and I expect that on her own she will amass a sizable fortune by the time she lays hand on a dime of inheritance. Paris is not dependent on her family's wealth. Her name coupled with the notoriety she herself has gained and her own entrepreneurial devices sustains her. She has made for herself a powerful name in her own right.

Paris is a sharp cookie who executed a carefully planned strategy using her Hilton name and her sizzling sex appeal to grab public attention and then parlay her notoriety into a fortune of her own, and not just a short range parlay of paid appearances, licensing deals and her name attached to perfumes and jewelry and such. Paris earned $7 million last year, double over the year before, and I expect she will easily double this year the $7 million she earned last year. But she also has a long range parlay plan, howbeit with Kathy pushing and Rick pulling. Paris is planning to extend her entrepreneurial ventures into real estate, planning first to get a real estate license to become a sales agent and then after two years in sales, which will qualify her to take the real estate broker exam, she plans to get her own independent real estate broker license. A college degree is not necessary in California to get a real estate broker license, either a 4 year college degree OR 2 years experience in real estate sales is what is required to qualify to take the broker license exam. You can be sure that Rick can easily coach and prepare Paris for the exams and will be quite willing to help Paris with an opportunity to the 2 years sales experience she will need between exams. That is what Paris is planning. Bet on it.

Paris is not a flighty sexpot who is dependent on family wealth for support nor is she dependent on grandpa's wealth for future support. She is a very smart sexpot whose inheritance from grandpa, by the time she lays hold of it, if she ever lays hold of it, will be a fraction of the wealth she herself will amass.

And whether or not the rumor is true, that Paris' grandpa excluded her from an inheritance, I am struck by the fact that her grandpa was also excluded from his father's will, most of his father's estate being bequeathed to charities. Her grandpa challenged his father's will and won the bulk of his father's estate in court. So maybe grandpa in his old age is suddenly hit by pangs of conscience and is needing to set his father's will straight. But it is no matter that Paris is likely to be dreadfully concerned about. The Hilton name is a birthright grandpa cannot take from her. And that coupled with the powerful notoriety she has made for herself and her cleverness and entrepreneurial ingenuity is worth more than the cash. Paris is not going to lose sleep over what her grandpa took away from the charities his father bequeathed it to.

2640 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

I went to websites posted today on other sites regarding Paris Hilton not receiving any monies in her grandfathers will (it appears none of the Hiton heirs will receive any monies).
Several newspapers have carried stories on this.

So why is TMZ saying this isn't true?

I hope the newspaper reports are true. We won't have to talk about Paris and her lies about doing "Charity" work anymore, looks like her grandfather has taken care of it for her.

Awwwwww - poor, wittle, has been Heiress, might be "selling it" on Hollywood and Vine in a few years, instead of giving it away.

2640 days ago


Post #50 by 'throw out the trash' -- thx for the link, good read. Also backs up the reason for the latest Hilton money making scheme: KATHY HILTON IS NOW HUSTLING SKIN CREAM ON A HOME SHOPPING CHANNEL, LOLOLOL!!!!!!! How the mighty have fallen.

Me thinks parasite's claim to go forward & do good works is bullchit, but at least gramps really seems altruistic, leaving monies to charities.

2640 days ago
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