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Richie Finally Gets It:

'I Have a Responsibility'

8/1/2007 8:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In tomorrow's interview with Diane Sawyer on "Good Morning America," Nicole Richie is going to sound very strange -- like an adult!

Richie, who has (finally) admitted to being four months pregnant, handled Sawyer's questions like a champ. When asked about putting people's lives at risk with her DUI arrest last December, Richie said, "If I could personally apologize to every single person that has lost a loved one from drunk driving, I would." Not bad, Nicole. Not bad at all.

Catch the full interview Thursday morning on ABC's "Good Morning America."


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Well, I ain't buying all the spin. Actions speak a lot louder than words. All I can say is, I HOPE she'll be a smarter, classier mom then her friend Britney is!!!

1. Don't run around with your naked crotch or a$$ hanging out. SOOOO NASTY!!!
2. Don't drive with the baby on your lap. Being "country" ain't a reason.
3. Don't wipe chicken grease on an expensive dress on loan to you for a photo shoot or use it to wipe up after your pooch. ICK!!!
4. Don't pop out another baby within months of the first. Make sure you can be a mom to 1 BEFORE you get knocked up again!
5. Don't drop the baby on it's head. Any drugs or alcohol you may have done might have already screwed up the kid enough!
6. Don't jump into the ocean in just your bra & undies. It ain't classy, y'all
7. Don't attack vehicles with your umbrella! It makes you look like a total mental case!

Oh, don't shave your head either!!!

2638 days ago


Like I said the other day on the other blog...

I am going to give the girl a chance. So far (even if it is bull) she is telling it better then all of the rest of them... Paris, Brit, Lindsay, the list goes on.

2638 days ago


I am impressed with her class and candor. Let's hope she keeps it up for the child's sake.

2638 days ago



2638 days ago


i HAVE ALWAYS LOVED HER!!!!!!! yay for her and congrats to Joel and her!

2638 days ago

You're all Morons    

What's really striking is that all of you morons, actually believe that she came up with that response. She has publicist, advisor, lawyers, and assistant all working in the background trying to get her off the hook - Like every other rich person. She has no brain cells left, the only thing left for her is time in a jail cell of her choosing, that is, if the system is not purchased again.

2638 days ago

ho pleasant

2638 days ago


i'm happy for her. i'm happy she's taking responsibility for her actions, she's doing the time she was told to do and that's that. i truly hope she learns her lesson. i think this baby will be good for her. she'll be a way better mother than that skank brittney, that's for sure. good for you nicole!

2638 days ago


How can some of you be so fricken gullible? One PR spin interview and Nicole is a changed person and will be a good mother? Oh yeah, sleazbag Nicole is going to raise a child to be a moral, good human being when Nicole doesn't have a clue what the word moral even means! And who's going to be the Godmother, Paris "sex tape" herpes Hilton? Some of you are obviously as braindead as Nicole, a "good" mother who's body was beyond starved and full of drugs and booze when this baby first started growing inside of her. Yeah, Lionel must be so proud, spare us.

2638 days ago


This proves once and for all that justice is NOT blind.

Nicole Richie:
7/02. First DUI. Blood alcohol level 0.12/0.13, well above CA's legal limit of 0.8.
2/03. Heroin possession and driving with a suspended license.
12/06. SECOND DUI. Driving on wrong side of freeway!
7/07. Sentenced to 4 days in jail.

Paris Hilton:
9/06 Alcohol-related reckless driving. Blood alcohol level 0.8.
2/07 Driving with a suspended license.
5/07 Sentenced to 45 days in jail.

2638 days ago


I am so sick and tired of turning on the television or go online to find one of these wrecks' pictures and then the heartfelt outpouring of phony compassion for people who have taken advantage of their wealth and so-called talent. So, Richie admits she did something wrong and the world is suppose to breathe a sigh of relief? Nice that she's 4 months pregnant and can now tell her child when it grows up all about the time Mommy went to jail for 4 days. How many people who don't have money, go to jail for 4 days after a driving under the influence and driving the wrong way on a major road? Does she lose her license for one year? Since when did criminal activity for celebrities become chic instead of humiliating?

2638 days ago

Truth About DUIs    

She wasn't drunk, the ditzy dame was on Vicodin, a legal drug prescribed by the State licensed Medical Corporations. Let's keep our facts straight here!

2638 days ago

God will help you if you let him. John 3: 16    

People do change. Sometimes it can take a baby to do it. And one thing would help her if everyone would wish her well and not hope she will fall. Good luck girl, glad for you.

2638 days ago

God will help you if you let him. John 3: 16    

Some of you may think she has a eating disorder, but let me tell you when I was in my teens and 20's I only weighed 90 lb. and I could eat anything I wanted and would not gain a pound. But later after I had kids I begain to keep some weigh.With my first baby I didn't show for a while.

2638 days ago


Maybe now that she's going to have a child it will change her. Well I hope she does change and means what she says and hope she starts to EAT! and doesn't leave her baby like Britney does her...

2638 days ago
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