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Garrison and Sister's Written Plea to Judge

8/2/2007 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained letters written to Judge Elden Fox from Lane Garrison and his sister, Amelia pleading for mercy.
Lane Garrison: Click to read
In two separate documents, the Garrison siblings give the judge a rundown of their tragic history.

In the sad letter written by Amelia, a family history of violence and alcohol abuse is described. Amelia says her family was so dysfunctional, she attempted to take her own life at the age of 10. Lane tried to gain custody of Amelia when he was 17, but he was deemed too young by the court to care for her. On two separate occasions, Amelia says she had to administer CPR to both her parents, who were unconscious.

Garrison's mother and father are both deceased.


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Nick La what    

Is there som dam good reason why his ass isn't up the river yet!

2642 days ago



2642 days ago


Is there some dam good reason why his ass isn't up the river yet!

2642 days ago

Reality Check    

This is disgusting. It is in no way taking responsibility for his actions. He plead guilty, he admitted he did it, he should serve the time. The teenager in question is dead forever, but he gets 90 days after begging for leniency? Let me be one of the first (this time around) to say I will never watch another program he is connected to in anyway. This is a travesty on American justice and further evidence that both Lane and his lawyers are insensitive beyond description.

2642 days ago

are you new?    

Boo hoo

2642 days ago


I was moved by his sister's letter. Yes, he should be punished, but if what she says is true, he can actually help more people on the outside and learn from this.

2642 days ago



2642 days ago


I hope his sister is getting help. She must be a mess.

2642 days ago


Anyone who does not feel sorry for these two needs mental help. All the cruel posts are very disturbing. The 17 year old's parent should share some responsibility for their own son's death because they let him drink and go to Hollywood parties. Where was the parental supervision? Also, they were all drunk! Any of those assclowns could have been driving! Peace to you Lane and Amelia.

2642 days ago

rob in phoenix    

this is the first time i have commented on a tmz story, but this infuriates me. i understand he had a bad childhood, but did that stop him from being a successful actor. he has overcome a bad situation and made something of his life. that being said he KILLED someone. through his poor choices he took a persons life. accountablity. no one is responsble for anything any more. when you feel bad for poor Lane, thank about the damage he did to the victim and the victim's family.

2642 days ago



2642 days ago


A family history of violence and alcohol abuse is LAYED out?

Once again, some fine spelling from the crackerjack TMZ staff.

2642 days ago


Evereyone has tradgedy in their lives Boo F_____G whoo you adapt and overcome all the more reason why this murderer should never have picked up a drink in his life. He killed this teenager he was driving drunk he should be going to prison for a good 4 years hard time why is the judge having leanicy on him WHY it is completly wrong where he made a mistake or not (and he did a big one) he is responsible for somebodys death and he should pay dearly i hope he rots in hell he is a disgusting human being.

2642 days ago


What the... . He thinks his "bad childhood" entitles him to destroy others. Jerks like this character is the reason America is no longer the country it used to be. OMG! What's the deal?

He cry like girl and gets off killing someone child? I'm screaming now. WAKE UP AMERICA!

2642 days ago


What a jerk!

2642 days ago
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