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Garrison and Sister's Written Plea to Judge

8/2/2007 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained letters written to Judge Elden Fox from Lane Garrison and his sister, Amelia pleading for mercy.
Lane Garrison: Click to read
In two separate documents, the Garrison siblings give the judge a rundown of their tragic history.

In the sad letter written by Amelia, a family history of violence and alcohol abuse is described. Amelia says her family was so dysfunctional, she attempted to take her own life at the age of 10. Lane tried to gain custody of Amelia when he was 17, but he was deemed too young by the court to care for her. On two separate occasions, Amelia says she had to administer CPR to both her parents, who were unconscious.

Garrison's mother and father are both deceased.


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Georgia Girl    

Who is this guy?

2636 days ago


It was an accident, therefore the ruling of 90 days is spot on!

2636 days ago


Who in the hell is this guy? WHY is he worthy of half the frontpage of TMZ?

2636 days ago


If you read the story again you will see that it says that he will have 90 days evaluation to see how much more time he should get. He did not get just 90 days.

2636 days ago


This guy is not a murderer, he made a mistake!
Murder is when someone intends to take a life. I'm sure he did not get into the car with the intention of killing someone. Haven't any of you made a mistake, whether it takes a life or not? Where is the empathy. I hope that you all who have been judge and jury for Lane, never gets into an accident - and it's your fault.
What's wrong with all of you people?!!!
You, are what Lane Garrison has to live with for the rest of his life - you are his life sentence without parole. How do you all think he feels?

2636 days ago


I feel bad for everyone in this situation.

2636 days ago


Wow, as if this story wasn't heart-wrenching enough!!!
This kid is symbolic of all that is wrong with the parenting practices of our current society.
If you want to know why your middle school kid is out of control --
If you want to know how "this could happen in America" --
If you want to know why --
look no further.
The APATHY and DISCONNECT in America is a disease.
We are just seeing the symptoms!

2636 days ago


The 90-day evaluation period seems to be the only option the judge had left between letting him walk and throwing away his life. The judge doesn't want to make the decision, neither would I.

2636 days ago

are you new?    

wonder who the spin doctor was that wrote the 2 letters.?.
Bunch of horse crap.

2636 days ago

Andy Hilton    

Paris Hilton gets 45 days for a DUI, then driving without a license.
Nicole Richie gets 4 days for 2 DUI's, 2 illegal substance charges and driving the wrong way on a highway.
Lane Garrison gets 90 days for murder?

Wow, Paris was way screwed. She should have gotten a different judge. It must suck to be a tall, thin, blonde, rich woman. If Paris had been a guy or a minority, she would have served no time.

2636 days ago

cant believe this    

why is everyone leaving out the fact that he messed around with a 15 year old girl? why arent there charges for that? all of you people who think drinking and driving is an "accident" should really post your home addresses. id love to down a few shots and "accidentally" aim my car at your bedrooms while you are sleeping.


2636 days ago


To #8, Molly: I agree with you 100%. As I sat here reading his sister's letter to the judge and was thinking to myself all the things you wrote, I was trying to think of a positive way to say those things without people attacking me or bashing me for feeling that way. But, you said it most perfectly. I have sat here and put myself in both positions. Lane's..feeling absolutely horrible about what I have done, yet there being absolutely nothing I can do about it, and the 17 year old's parent's..having lost their child. Their own flesh and blood is dead and gone at the hands of a drunk driver..the pain and hurt they must feel.
But, you made an excellent point in that they need to accept their own part as well. I know as a parent, my own son would never be out at any Hollywood parties, and he especially wouldn't be out in a position to be accepting a ride with someone he didn't know, celebrity or not. I just feel that everyone needs to try to have a heart instead of straight out of the gate bashing someone. As if the guy doesn't feel guilty already. And, no, I am not saying that he shouldn't feel guilty or that him feeling guilty is enough, I am simply saying that these types of comments don't help, I am sure. I hardly ever even comment on here, but I when I do, I STRONGLY think before I type my comment..think about the person I am typing about. Think what their reaction would be if they were to read my comment, how their family may feel if they read it. Because like I have said on the other topics I have commented on on this website, I don't feel that ANY of us have any right to judge this guy. The only one that can truly judge him is God. And I know that none of us are Him.
Molly, thank you for speaking out so well on this. Your comment was very well said.

2636 days ago


Boo hoo letters doesn't cut it for me. He feels remorse because he is going to jail...Well DUH.. He should have thought about jail before he drove drunk and killed someone. I hope when he is reevaluated in 90 days he gets another another 90 days, and another 90 days. 90 days isn't enough for a killer, but then Follywood doesn't play by the rules of the rest of us. No sympathy here. My sympathy is directed at the family who's son was killed by this drunk driver.

2636 days ago

Georgia Girl    

WTF is Lance Garrison?

2636 days ago


I don't think he was asking for special treatment because he had a rough childhood, His sister was demonstrating that he DID over come it and one night is not who he is!
Some of you don't read a dam thing beyond what you want to see. You already have your post written in your small head before you finsih the artical!

2636 days ago
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