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Bon Jovi -- Anatomically Incorrect

8/7/2007 2:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From Paris to Britney to Hilary -- and let's not forget our dear Olsens -- celebrity dolls are all the rage. It was only a matter of time before they made a Bon Jovi doll. Yes, Bon Jovi. Pre-coiffed just like Barbara Walters!
Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi
The good people at McFarlane Toys have created the Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora stand up "figures." They're perfect for die hard fans or as a gift for that "special" Bon Jovian in your life. The toy states that it's made for ages 13 and up. Good call! Especially since probably no one under 30 has ever heard of these guys -- unless you say, "One of them is that guy who was married to Heather Locklear and then dated Denise Richards." Even then, doubtful.


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How coo! I love them!

2634 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

So over bon jovi

2634 days ago


Read TMZ anywhere! Go to '' on your cell phone!

2634 days ago


I'd like to get one for Jill...

2634 days ago

give the dog a bone    

...JBJ's freekin' doll is showing more camel toe than Beyonce picture!!! Bon Jovi is far and away one of America's best rock band of all time but, you're right no one under 13 (except my kids) have heard of them....sad!

2634 days ago


I believe they are Anatomically Incorrect in real life also

2634 days ago


Bon-Jovi - He has been a "has been" for so long it is getting rediculous. He only has like two hits since his early days. Looks like a girl anyway.

2634 days ago

St. Olof    

I used to love the chovies so much when I was growing up. Now I think he's a sissy earth boy who wants to be Bono. Whatever chovies!

2634 days ago


Where's the love people? I'm getting me one of each cause they'll be worth something as collectables one day. "Boy bands of the 80's" Sounds like a good marketing tool to me.

2634 days ago


Richie Sambora has NOT aged well. As for JBJ I am convinced that he is bald and is wearing a hairpiece, that would explain his grandma hairdon'ts.

2634 days ago

Proud to Love Jon    

Anyone that doesn't love BonJovi hasn't experienced his music. They'd be immediately hooked! Have you listened to Lost Highway? Little bit of country, little bit of rock and roll, a whole lot fabulous!!!

2634 days ago


you know what? maybe you're right and no one under 30 has heard of Bon Jovi. Instead they are stuck with bands like Linkin Park (who uses mostly electronics & synthesizers), Sum 41 (yeah...punk..sure...) etc etc...the list of "one-hit" wonders could go on. At least Bon Jovi actually WROTE their own music, PLAYED their music (minus synthesizers and fancy studio equipment) and after 20 years they are still around. I actually feel sorry for the 30 and younger crowd because they don't have one great band that will stand the test of time and be around in 20 years.

2634 days ago


love bon jovi's music, but no my 13 year old niece thinks their lame, i'm just too old. love the idea of the figure of them its a cool idea. but probably wouldn't buy one myself

2634 days ago


Thats so cool.. but I really do have to disagree totally with the fact that your saying that nobody really over the age of 30 would know who bonjovi is. Thats pretty dumb. I go to tons of their concerts and let me tell you something you idiot who wrote that, there are kids, teens, middle aged, and old old people at their shows. They got a HUGE ass following from every generation. Sorry to hear your jealous of them. lol. And if you had a brain in your head you would realize that kids under 13 really don't know who in the hell Heather or Denise is!!! lol

2634 days ago


My 12 yo daughter is a bigger fan than I ever was in the eighties. She "discovered" them watching a Super Bowl halftime show that also featured Britney Spears. She's purchased several of their T-shirts found on the racks at Target. In July we drove 13 hours (one-way) to see them in Cheyenne, WY. Good show for me/Fabulous-Incredible show for her. She's thrilled to say "they sound a lot better live!"

2634 days ago
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