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'Big Brother' Shiksa

Shiksa Learns

Jews Have Jewish Names

8/8/2007 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to play!Relations between Israel and the "Big Brother" house are strained today, after a somewhat anti-Semitic rant from crybaby housemate Amber hit the Internet this week. Oy vey!

Where to begin, already? First of all, Amber said the majority of Jews she knows are "selfish." She then went on to say that her mom and sister explained to her that one can tell who is Jewish based on "their last name" and "by their nose." Gevalt! Amber then proceeded to tell a story about a selfish waitress she worked with who turned out to be ... wait for it ... Jewish! Didn't see that one coming! A shonda!

Jameka, who was on the receiving end of Amber's deep thoughts, reminded Amber that she shouldn't make blanket statements like that. "Yeah, you're right," Amber replied. "There is so much to think about." Most of which, it would seem, Amber has avoided thus far. Shmendrik.

William S. Paley, Ukrainian Jew, was largely responsible for the rise of the CBS network.

UPDATE: Abraham Foxman, National Director of the
Anti-Defamation League tells TMZ: "It's offensive. It's part of the unintended consequences of the communications revolution. Anybody can say what they do - but reality shows are now giving license to these expressions of anti-Semitism. Now, all of a sudden, the world is privy to their bigotry and it's on national television... then enhanced on YouTube. What they've done is distributed anti-Semitism -- which started as a private conversation -- and by putting it on a reality TV show broadcast it to the world at large. I want CBS to understand they are facilitating anti-Semitism. They should act responsibly to the community; they are legitimizing bigoted conversation."

UPDATE: CBS has issued the following statement:
"BIG BROTHER is a reality show about watching a group of people who have no privacy 24/7 - and seeing every moment of their lives. At times, the Houseguests reveal prejudices and other beliefs that we do not condone. We certainly find the statements made by Amber Siyavus on the live Internet feed to be offensive and they will not be part of any future broadcast on the CBS Television Network.

Any views or opinions expressed in personal commentary by a Houseguest appearing on BIG BROTHER 8, either on any live feed from the House or the broadcast, are those of the individual(s) speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS or the producers of the program."


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I actually am more offended at the term "shiksa" to describe a caucasian girl. You seem to be religiously calling out those you deem "anti semetic", why is is OK to say bad things about white people???????

2600 days ago


As your Lord, I'm getting a real kick out of some of these replies.

2600 days ago


Good for you Amber, don't be afraid to speak out loud!! I commend you for sharing your views. Jews are the largest political problem this world has ever faced. ALl of this could have ended if the Jews were treated fairly and never took land that they never had rights to.

2600 days ago


OK, we all acknowledge that Amber is ignorant, uneducated, classless and all in all a total waste of humanity, as probably both her mother and sister are. But so are many other racially or sexually or gender(ly) or age biased people. so what can you do?

And another fact is, that there are so many JEWISH attorneys, and physcians and chaplains and yes, enlisted men and women in the armed forces fighting and aiding in the furtherance of this great country, that you are showing your ignorance by not knowing that.

What you really need to get a grip on, is that the people who have really applied themselves to succeed and better the WORLD, by studying, researching, experiementing, and trying to achieving more than those before them are JEWS, ASIANS, RUSSIANS AND MOST OTHER NON WHITE ANGLOS. And you know why? Cause they arent resting on some fantasized imaginary belief, that they are some superior race, that doesnt exist.

2600 days ago


I'm with you # 54! Where is all that money I'm supposed to have? Also...I don't have a Jewish sounding name at all, and I have a small nose. Hmmmm.

2600 days ago


All Amber does Is cry on the show/ I think her comments are that Thats all she knows. I don't think she was being mean.

2600 days ago


so what,JEWS ARE CHEAP BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2600 days ago


She spoke of her own experiences, and related what her mom and sister said. How is that being anti-semetic?

2600 days ago


To the person posting as Borat: Borat is played by a Jewish person, not the anti-Semite that he mocks--Borat is a CHARACTER he plays to lampoon anti-Semitism. If you want to identify yourself as an anti-Semite, you could choose a more accurate (and offensive) name.

Or, you could give up your crazy, intolerant rant against a particular group of people. Hating people for the group they are born into has never gotten humanity anywhere. Everyone has some nationality or race or religion in their background that has been hated or persecuted or branded with a hurtful name--some groups more than others, but everyone is vulnerable in that way. Throwing around stereotypes is just pointless hate-mongering.

And if that doesn't compute, watch Amber on Big Brother--is she someone you want to model yourself after?

2600 days ago


I post and nothing gets shown

I guess you cannot criticise Ole harvey for being a Jew and gay huh.

The I st amendment is dead on TMZ.

Wake up, posters. you are being used by the sleeze, Havey.

2600 days ago


im jewish
have a large nose
have large hairy hands
and a large hairy feet
and a very large penis
which im sure amber
would ENJOY????

2600 days ago


ill give her my kosher salami, eh

2600 days ago


Another ignorant, uneducated white person making stupid remarks and blanket statements about other people. WOW! Is this supposed to be shocking?? It doesn't surprise me in the least bit. I wouldn't say that ALL white people are ignorant but a good number of them are and it shows. They live in a bubble in their 'white world' and refuse to take their heads out of their asses. Let them be because the world is changing and pretty soon there will be no 'white race' anyway. Everyone is all blended now and that's the beauty of it. Who cares what someone is?? Get the hell over it and stop perpetuating hate because you are ignorant.

2600 days ago


I want to know what "she is" because I can't stand looking at her "Flat, weird shaped nose", face crying any longer. I saw through her from the beginning.

2600 days ago

holder of three minorities    

It is really ashame what kind of people they choose this year. First was the rocker dad insulting christians and calling names towards Jesus. Now this craybabe, that loves her daughter as much as she loves her dog, and now is clear that she also loves her dog more than any jew...What a human being!..Poor her little girl, watching all this nonsense in National TV.

2600 days ago
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