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Who's Sucking Face?!

8/8/2007 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Which blond and taut member of Hollywood royalty was caught in a bikini clad make out session with a former practical joker in Canada last weekend?
Dyin' to find out???

It's Dax Shepard with Kate Hudson!!

Cheeky Kate got real up close and personal with the former "Punk'd" hunk.
Dax and Kate
The spit swappers, rumored to be dating, confirmed suspicions with this waterfront snogathon Saturday afternoon at mama Goldie's Canadian pad. There goes that whole, "just friends" nonsense!

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What a tramp? another Ann Heche

2641 days ago


"Goldie"- Poeple have different oppinions of how a mom "should" act. You need to accept that. People have different outlooks on life that you might think is "WRONG!", but that doesn't matter. You don't even know Kate or anything about why are you saying she'll act like a "spoiled rotten, what about me? mom"? I agree that everyone should take their decisions seriously, even if they do have alot of money and are famous. But there is nothing wrong with going on a date with someone or just hanging out. You don't even know how much time Kate really spends with her child. "TSK TSK TSK...let it go.

2641 days ago


Too funny people. If you're ok with it, good, you should be. If you are not, then you need to get some for yourself and stop worrying about others. If every parent spent every minute of every day with their children we would all go crazy

2641 days ago

you are entitled to my opinion    

wow, clay aiken is looking much better these days! but who knew he liked girls?

2641 days ago


OMFG people get a life! she is SO NOT a slut! geez if she is a slut then wat is Brit? i mean honestly people show some respect she got married young and was unhappy so she got a divorce....BIG FREAKIN' DEAL! so wat if shes playing the feilds a lil bit....pshhh its fun.....she needs some fun in her life i mean seriously not many SINGLE mothers in Hollywood/L.A. or w/e place she lives in get a chance to have BACK OFF!
Loves & Hugs Kate
See you Soon!!
Cant Wait till the BIGGEST party of the year babe!

2641 days ago

Brian the Food Dude    

Now Thats a ... QUALITY HAM !!

From Brian The Food Dude

2641 days ago


Who ever When ever

2641 days ago


Who ever When ever

2641 days ago


Good lord you people act like you all know her personally. I'm sure half of you all on here have had more than 3 boyfriends. Give the girl a break I say let her live it up!!!!!!! And you can't really believe she has the child all the time. It's called HAVING A NANNY.. I say Party on KATE!!!!!!!!!

2641 days ago


This is ridiculous. Raise your hand if:

1) You have children,
2) You have NEVER left your children with a babysitter for a little "you" time,
3) Your ass is perfect

Yeah, I didn't think so.

2641 days ago


god damn she is so freakin hot!!!

2641 days ago


Kate probably got tired of asking Owen broken hot-dog nose to commit, He such a hunk of mixed scrap beef and other by products. At least she's not on the party scene hunting her prey. He's hot in that headband.

When my Cat speaks people listen.

2641 days ago


Kate's flabby droopy ass needs some work, it's not too chubby, just needs some toning. And a little attention to the cellulite on those thighs wouldn't hurt either. I mean if a chick is going to run around in a bikini, she should spend some time on a stairmaster. As for her dating, BFD, that's what single people do, they date, maybe they get married, it's called LIFE - what's all this "slut" talk, LOL. But I am not a Kate Hudson fan, don't think she can act, and I don't think she is all that attractive unless she has had an army of stylists working her over with a ton of make-up and those lame Hollywood hair extensions, but I won't criticize her for dating, geesh, that's what we single folks do, and I don't think dating should get someone called a slut, LOL.

2641 days ago


Kate ... your ass is not that good lookin' ... so cover it please!!!!!!!

2641 days ago


I happen to live a thirty-five minute drive from where Kate Hudson's mother, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell have their Canadian 'cottage'. This picture was the front page of a tabloid newspaper in a drug store and I was leaving, heard this older man and possibly another male customer, comment.....a rather lewd comment and being curious, I walked over to the tab, checked out the who and where and the older man apologized to me, for what I don't know.
I'm t hinking that when Goldie and Kurt go shopping in the nearby community, they go incognito and become one of the crowd, just tourists like everyone else....and, they have a right to do other tourists to this part of Ontario.

2641 days ago
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