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Curtains Lift on "The Hills" Premiere

8/10/2007 3:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's her party and she'll ban Spencer and Heidi if she wants to! A source told TMZ that "Hills" heroine Lauren Conrad refused to attend this past Wednesday's premiere if former BFF/blonde bimbo Heidi Montag and her handler/boyfriend Spencer Pratt attended.

So how did the show's producers manage to get her to her own party? They made Heidi and Spence come early and then kicked them out after an hour or so to make way for LC! Who's the blonde b**ch now!?

In other "Hills" premiere news, Perez Hilton was miffed when a rumor surfaced that said he was banned from the show's opening party. Perez sez he never intended to attend the premiere, and was on a flight to New York during the event anyway.

"I'm not stupid, that obviously means that Lauren Conrad's publicist was planting an item ... Lauren Conrad ... is a conniving manipulator behind the scenes. How pathetic is that -- that you're hungry for press and you're using my name to get it?" He then added, "I sound like Spencer Pratt now!" Someone's on Team Heidi!


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WHO are these people?????

2633 days ago



2633 days ago


i love the hills but i hate those 2

2633 days ago


Are ya kidding me? LC is not mannipulative. It's clear as day that she has a good heart. She just doesn't want to associate herself with the one person who backstabbed and betrayed her the most!

2633 days ago


PLEASE READ THIS: Please do not post comments on these people. Even if they are to say how much you hate them. These morons believe that ANY publicity is good publicity. So if people comment every time there's a post on them, even if to say how much they hate them, they will not go away. If you really hate them, stop commenting on these posts, and then they will actually go away!

2633 days ago

Radical Free Agent    

Spencer is evil. I give him and Heidi a few months at most. She'll get tired of his cheating.

2633 days ago


Please WE HAVE ENOUGH POINTLESS "stars" in the media (Paris) we do not need anymore. Come on TMZ! Be innovative and take the lead to bring us info on real stars.

Although the real stars don't need all this media attention because they actually have talent.

How many of 2007's Oscar Winning Actors are being featured on TMZ everyday?!?!?!?!?
Exactly. We don't see them because THEY ARE WORKING.

2633 days ago


HA! HA! HA! curtains!!! i just got it!!!

2633 days ago


Go Team LC!!!

2633 days ago


Who are these people and what show is the hills is it a reality show?

2633 days ago


i bet once the show ends pratt ditches heidi! LMFAO!

2633 days ago

Desease control    

Why are these two losers getting so much press.

The show is barely watched.

No talent no class and No morals = LOSERS

2633 days ago


Team LC! Heidi is an idiot! She watched her boyfriend trying to hook up with Playmates when he thought she was out of town, she watched him say he only asked her to move in to get her away from Lauren - and she is still with him! WHAT AN IDIOT! But you know, they are on pretty much the same level (low) - it's no wonder they are together. Birds of a feather.....

2633 days ago


"i bet once the show ends pratt ditches heidi! LMFAO!"

I totally agree - that is, after he parades Heidi around some more in front of the Pap's trying to extend her 8 seconds of fame and realizes that shes just as big a loser as he is - THEN he'll ditch her. She'll obviously never ditch him - can you say needy and pathetic? The sad part is Spencer looks like con man - a used car salesman, and I'll bet you anything that within 10 years he will be in jail for conning somebody - watch!

2633 days ago


I think Lauren is jealous because Heidi has a boyfriend and she doesn't. I'm not sure why Lauren is mad because Heidi is with Spencer. Being young everyone will boyfriend's Lauren is acting like Heidi was her girlfrined or something. Lauren wasn't worried about Heidi when she was dating that loser. Now all of a sudden she hates her best friend because she's dating Spencer. It's none of her business that Heidi decided to choose Spencer as a boyfriend. If he's a loser so be it, you are suppose to be supportive of your friends no matter what. All of my friends dates losers so does that mean i'm not going to be their friend. Lauren sounds like she is still in High School, I think she's childish, THE WORLD DOESN'T REVOLVE AROUND YOU LAUREN!!! With that said Heidi, maybe Lauren will be your friend again, if she finds a man on her own.

2633 days ago
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