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The Furiously Fighting Lohans

Divorce Finalized!

8/17/2007 12:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0817_dina_michael_fm_tmz_bn-1The seemingly interminable divorce battle between Lindsay Lohan's parents Michael and Dina is finally and officially over.

A Long Island judge just minutes ago issued his final judgment in the divorce proceedings between the Lohans, granting Dina the split she wanted. We're told that the judge actually complimented the couple for doing the right thing for the kids, and for working "through the night" to get the final details ironed out. No financial details were disclosed.

No mention was made in court of Lindsay or the other children and Michael's ability to see them, but custody is a very different battlefield -- and one that remains to be fought, next month.


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Dawn Day    

And this is considered news??? YAWN~

2562 days ago


Thanks for that news. Now I can get some sleep.

2562 days ago

Whippet Good    

You mean these two weren't divorced before this? What a mess!

2562 days ago


Give the kids to charity. They are ruined for life anyway with these two losers as parents. Maybe (anybody), someone can save them. Skank and the devil need to move on to homeless shelters and find love.

2562 days ago

zohar abikhzer    

listen god will help them out, Lindsay lohan is a freind of mine she will find peace just put yourself in her life would u talk about yourself , thank you , u wouldnt god looks at everyone there is a reason for everything...

2562 days ago

love little people :)    

lindseys mom needs to check in where her daughter is staying i hear they are running a 2 for one! lmao............what a couple of POP tarts!

2562 days ago


#5 WTF? What are you on?

2562 days ago

love little people :)    

abi if you are a SO CALLED friend of hers where were u when she was going down in flames?????????????????

2562 days ago


who the heck CARES about the LODOWN on the TRAINWRECK LOHAN parents....
..............................whats up with LINDSEY? I hope the LITTLE CRACKHEAD ends up doing time just like her DADDY......maybe he could visit her behind bars where she will have NO WHERE TO HIDE

2562 days ago


Who the F*** cares??? They're in the spotlight simply because they're Lindsay' parents. If you even want to call them parents.
The dad, went through his demons, got help, which is cool and all but now looks like he wants to shine in the limelight as the good parent.
The mom, Dina girl, you have issues. It's quite alright to want to go out with your daughter and have a good time. However, children look up to their parents and learn from them. So if you're out there drinking in front of your then- underage daughter, she's going to end up doing exactly what you're doing. Stop trying to steal the limelight; stop trying to glorify yourself as a celebrity, because you're not. You're just Lindsay Lohan's mother.

Lindsay's been in trouble a few times before and the parents obviously did nothing. Best believe, if I was Lindsay, coming from a Hispanic background, my parents would have a field day on my a** and I would know that to do that kind of stupidness again.

2562 days ago


Can't stand either one of these LOSERS. They are both pathetic. The court should have made them both get JOBS of their own (I know in actuality that that's not possible, but if only). Lindsay is an adult now, Dina. Get a life and stop tripping over yourself trying to be her friend. You are suppose to be her mother, someone to guide her through life and the decisions that she will face. Not tag behind her to clubs with HER friends. What an incredibly stupid woman you are.

If it hadn't been for both Michael and Dina, I don't think Lindsay would be as messed up as she obviously is now.

2562 days ago


Aren't their 999 minutes of fame up YET?!? What does it take to get these two do nothings out of the spotlight? Your only known throughout the land for being some alcoholic's parents. You don't even have jobs - unless you starting pimping the younger kids. PATHETIC!

2562 days ago


Dina has got to be one of the ugliest women EVER to be repeatedly photographed. I really wish she would, at LEAST, put a bag over her face - for the PUBLIC DINA, for the public! Go hide that ugly mugg, woman.

2562 days ago


Sorry, typo.

I would know NOT to do that kind of stupidness again.

2562 days ago


I'll tell what the problem is.... WE read this... and watch them (celebs/Lindsay & her parents, ect...), pay for their out-of-controll habits by doing just this, ultimately these people think so much of themselves that they believe they can do no wrong. Yeah.. for all of the Lohan's they need to checked in with a good psychologist!

2562 days ago
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