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Shar Jackson: K-Fed's a Good Father!

8/19/2007 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As if the couch potato K-Fed versus baby dropping Britney battle couldn't get more interesting, Fed-Ex is enlisting a new face into his custody brigade: his (other) baby mama!

Federline's chesty former flame Shar Jackson was caught popping out of the 2nd Annual "Hot in Hollywood" event at the Henry Fonda Theater last night, and when asked about the brewing legal battle, Jackson dropped a bomb: "Kevin is a great dad!" Who knew?!

Apparently, the criteria for becoming a first-class father of four doesn't include having a job. Party on!


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Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

When will this imbecile STF up/ She is always in the press upholding K-Fed and Britney too. I know, I get it she now has somechild support for her two youngest children who are by K-Fed adn she may even have enough child support from K-Fed from Britney to use for her other two kids from one or two previous marriages or relationships.

She eto just stf up about K-Fed and Britney . This imbecile , Shar ,took up with K-fed who was broke and jobless nad had two kids with him and thenhe dumped her for Britney money Bags Spears.

2586 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

The worst thing that ever happened to Britney was Kevin Federline.

The best thing that ever happened to Kevin Ferderline and Shar Jackson was Britney Spears.

2586 days ago

Candy Barr    

I wonderi if Shar really knows what a good father is? After all, she has other kids by someone else who I have never ever seen. Perhaps Kevin is going to pay her off with some of Brit's cash . . .

2586 days ago


I hate to say it but Shar is very sad. She was dumped while she was pregnant and publicly said they were still together at that time. She also said Kevin was NOT paying child support during his marriage to Britney but he was paying for their daughter's private school. SHAR A GOOD FATHER DOES NOT LEAVE HIS PREGNANT GIRLFRIEND AND HE PAYS CHILD SUPPORT TO HIS KIDS. Shar is taking Kevin's side to get back at Britney. But why get mad at Britney.... Kevin manipulated her like he apparenlty did to her. It is really rediculous to see pictures of Shar and Kevin out together after what he did to her. If Britney didnt DUMP Kevin he would still be with her maintaining his Shar "it was over" story. Its a shame but BOTH Britney and Shar are very lost and insecure women. Kevin only cares about HIMSELF. They dont realize they deserve much better. If they were really smart they would stand together in court and put that poor excuse for a MAN Kevin back in his place.

2586 days ago


When a woman talk like that about a man that left her for another woman , is because this Shar is having sex with Kevin . There is no way in hell that a woman with pride would say that a man that do not pay child support is a good father and it does not matter if she is the most wealthy woman in the world that is not right!!
In Puerto Rico a father that do not pay child support is charge with child abuse , because he is denying the well been of the child!!

2586 days ago


Make sense!.. if you dont have a JOB you have more time to spend with the kids ,

its not far fetch that he i s a good dad compare to who the mother is.

Non of us are there maybe he is.

2586 days ago


to # 9, your so right , and I totally agree.

2586 days ago


Brit hang in there! Most parents i know her age go out once a week to do something they enjoy. Except this girl is hounded. She has to stay in the publi eye because that is how she makes money. She is doing a new record DUH so she pops in and out of clubs. She has to have DJ's spin her music or it won't sell when it drops. KFED and Shar are losers! She fronted like she only had 1 baby and one on way when she has been getting knocked up since she was a teenager! That apartment she lived in before KFed got brit was a DUMP, nasty rundown cramped place. Kfed didn't have a job and still doesn't and NEVER will if he gets Brits money. What Brit needs is me as her friend. She needs someone to tell people to back the F up and she should start hanging with some thugged out celebs I bet photographers will leave her alone then. I wish she dated 50 cent. No one ever follows him. My friend has 2 nannies and she goes out every weekend and she sleeps in all day she owns her own company and has a rich husband. She lets the nanny do all the hard part of parenting and yes she wakes the babies up when she has been out of town. Her kids are happy and funny and smart. Brit is getting bashed for no undies. WTF Who cares. I don't wear them everyday because doctor said women need to get air sometimes. Any woman knows that. She wears short dresses b/c she lives in LA where it is Hot as heck and there is nothing wrong with her body. She is curvy like Beyonce or Shakira or Eve Mendes. She isn't fat and hardly needs a body double. So what she swam in ocaen in undies. Me and my friends did that tons of times. BTW how do you stalkers know that was undies and NOT a swimsuit? Not much difference these days.
I'm a mom of two and having to deal with bashing even on my non famous level is crazy. My kids are my life. Brit has a right to have a life. I think she needs to go overseas and finish working on her music. She needs to go somewhere stalkers aren't allowed maybe where Michael Jackson is. He oculd help her on her music. I think she needs a friend someone she can trust. better get someone richer than she is because her parents, Kfed, all her help are losers.

2586 days ago


#20: If you're a mommy, God help your kids. You're probably about 19, unmarried, and have had two in two years.

2586 days ago


what we see so far with britney as a mother , why are we shock k-fed is a good father

BTW shar seems to be a nice person compare to the other a-holes that leaves a

club/bar .

2586 days ago

Yeah, I said it    

You have to commend Shar for not being negative, especially after what K-Fed did to her. (Secretly, she's probably getting off on this) Personally, I don't know if I could be that nice about the situation, but she has kids herself and realizes that this is a very serious matter and, deep down, she knows that this is the right thing to do. I'm sure Kevin is a great dad, he spends a lot of time with his kids, even the ones with Shar. Maybe he really is looking out for the best interests of the children. He didn't have those worries with Shar because he knew she's a great mom. I wonder if he gets custody of the kids, will Shar come and help him out. Wouldn't it be ironic if he and Shar got back together, combine their families and live in that big nice house K-Fed has? (courtesy of Brit, of course) Brit would really go over the edge! Don't get me wrong, I love Brit, but her karma would come back and slap her in the face if K-Fed and Shar got back together and lived happily ever after with HER kids! It would serve her right for being a home-wrecker when she hooked up with K-Fed while Shar was pregnant with their second child! I think the only reason Brit had those babies in the first place was to hold on to K-Fed and to spite Shar. He really screwed up when he left Shar and I bet he misses her terribly, she loved him uncondtionally. Looking at earlier of pics when he was dating Brit, he looks unhappy, miserable and disinterested. In the end, even Brit's money wasn't enough to keep him in that dysfunctional relationship. She should take advice from her one of her exes, Justin Timberlake, "what goes around, comes around"!! Karma can be a bitch!

2586 days ago

mona lee    

Kevin is getting 35K a month child support for Britt's kids. What amount of support does he pay Shar for his other 2-kids. Where is his contribution? He was out of the picture with the kids until the tally of finances. I'll bet if Britt and Shar were after that loser for child support, he would be long gone.

2586 days ago


"Apparently, the criteria for becoming a first-class father doesn't include having a job. Party on!"

How different is his situation from 100's of 1000's of women who divorce and never need to worry about work?

2586 days ago


Shar's been saying he's a god dad for a lomg time, so it really isn't anything new.

2586 days ago

Sarah Silverman SUCKS!    

Britney reportedly has custody of the kids Monday thru Wednesday. Last night both K-Fed and Shar were seen out. Who is taking care of their kids? Does anyone blast them for not being home? Only when Britney is photographed out does parenting come into question. Shar’s showing some major boobage. Does her choice of clothing make her a bad mother? No, of course not. Why? Because she’s not Britney. The media bias is sickening.

cMb - I think most people will pass on your offer.

2586 days ago
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