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Dog Free in Mexico -- Leashed in USA!

8/20/2007 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just when Duane "Dog" Chapman thought his legal nightmare was over, a US judge threw a major wrench into his freedom plans.
Duane Dog Chapman
As TMZ first reported last week, a Mexican trial judge threw out all charges against Dog and his associates. But TMZ has learned that the US Office of International Affairs, despite an 11-month interim since Chapman's arrest, has issued an order not to release the bond because they need "more time" to work on the case. The US Magistrate judge also told the Chapmans they were out of luck -- the judge is going on vacation through October -- and won't be able to deal with the matter until then. See ya in the fall, Dog!

Dog and wife Beth told TMZ that they were "devastated." "We love this country," they said, "and are proud to be Americans, so this is absolutely devastating that we can now roam free in Mexico, but not in our own country."

Free the Dog!


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Maybe they should have held off on the talk show circuit bad mouthing the US government until this was resolved. It sounds like pay back in a way.

2588 days ago


Free the Dog!

2588 days ago


DOnt you just love the American Justice system!!!

2588 days ago


Dog captured a rapist, and yet he is still under investigation? This is unbelievable!

2588 days ago

wa wa waa    

ya..don't try to jump bond, or they'll send BOUNTY GIRLS: MIAMI after you!

2588 days ago


This story makes me sick!! The Dog did everyone a HUGE favor getting this sicko off the streets and now him and his family have to go through this......this Judge needs his head checked! FREE THE DOG...I will be praying for The Dog and his family...GOD BLESS U DOG!!

2588 days ago

give me a break,,    

this is horrible!!!
love the dawg!!
he does so much good for America,, they could be considerate enough to postpone vacation to get this crap squared away!!!

2588 days ago

Maple leaf forever    

When will you all realise that Canada is a much more *free* society than you?

It's disgusting that someone who is taking rapists off the streets is treated so poorly by your Government.

2588 days ago


I saw the Glenn Beck interview this morning and thought I was dreaming! The U.S. Government is against a fellow citizen about bagging a rapist of Luster's magnitude? What the hell is wrong with this? If Mexico has released Duane and his family, why in the world would the U.S. government want to keep him on a leash? Is this the Bush Administration at its finest or what? It sounds to me as though the American government is being infiltrated with illegal aliens who don't have green cards to work in our country but are calling all the shots. Someone should truly blow the lid off this cover-up for sure! Would someone please tell me I've been in a dream the last almost 8 years and this Bush Administration and its cronies have been just a nightmare? Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, this happens! An American with no rights in his own country - B.S.!

To The Chapman Family - Hang tough; don't give up; keep your faith; your fans are behind you 150%! And by the way, I just read your book - loved it! With it being the #1 on the Best Seller List for Non-Fiction, you have many, muhla fans behind you who support you Dog! Don't worry - it will all work out in the end. God Bless.

2588 days ago


Gee, I wish I could on vacation until October. It's disgusting.

2588 days ago

simon birch    

This will end up being an agreement with the mexicans and the US government jerkoffs to ..let the charges in mexico be dropped against duane if America will stop its goal of sending back all the illegals we have here ..back to their own fricking country!!! So some judge here got wind of it and is pissed so he is going to try and lower the boom on duane the pawn. American justice is a joke...we will continue to pay for all the illegals and their children all the schools, hospitals, food stamps...drivers for cars they are suppose to have but dont...and our government sits in its big ole leather chairs that they bought we our money....God the list goes on and on and we just bend over and take it....'thank you sir, may I have another!!!!!

2588 days ago

Camp Kitsch    

Assuming your reporting is accurate re US Magistrate on vacation "through October" (?!)...Hahahahahahahahahaha...A judge!???...through October!!!!!!? Perrrrfect!

2588 days ago


What boggles my mind more then Dog's situation or the aliens or anything else that is completely messed up in our country is that Bush was re-elected!!!!

2588 days ago


He may have done good this time,but a bounty hunter lives outside the law. If that is where you want to live and work, do not complain when it does not work for you. I wish him the best of luck with our court system.

2588 days ago



2588 days ago
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