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Brit's Dog Injured

SPCA Investigates

8/24/2007 10:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that officials from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals were at Britney's house today to investigate why her dog was wearing a cast. We're country y'all!

Madeline Bernstein, President of SPCA - L.A., told TMZ tonight, "We have received various sources of complaints throughout the day. Some said that Britney's Yorkie dog was injured and had a cast on, and some said the dog had a broken leg and was not treated.

After the calls started pouring in, we did go to Britney's house today [on Mulholland Drive] but were just able to leave a note with the housekeeper. The matter is not if the dog had an accident, but if the dog is getting proper care."

Madeline also told us they haven't heard back from Miss Spears. "Britney is out of town," Bernstein tells us, "but we hope to have an answer soon and get the matter resolved pretty quickly."

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oops she does it again. this girl is unstable. she should not have any living thing under her care. if she can't take good care of a dog. imagine how bad of a condition her children are in

2614 days ago


This story sounds weird. How many calls could they have gotten about a possible dog injury? Who would even know? If she's out of town, what happened and how did all these callers find out? This sounds suspicious to me.

2614 days ago


that girl is nuts and so far gone

2614 days ago

BOEING 787    

This news says a lot about Britney, she can't take care of anything.

2614 days ago

two cents    

No matter. Like all her other dogs, this one, too, will disappear. If she can't even take care of a dog, why does the woman have children?

CPS and SCPA should take everything away from her. Dogs are not toys. The woman is unstable and should be locked up somewhere until she gets the psychological help she so desperately needs. She's not 16 anymore, and she's no longer 'cute'. Grow up!

2614 days ago


How about a trip to new Orleans to find out if the Katrina victims are doing fine and not jobless , injured or homeless.Hypocrites!
Now Britney love her dogs and if the dogs does gets injured , it will be taken care of, why make a news flash of it like its some unheard of ocurance with every day people!

2614 days ago


She would be wise to leave this country. Despite all the talk of being a Christian Nation, forgiving, and accepting those who have made mistakes, once America turns on you, your ass is grass. Britney, if you're really looking for a place abroad as reported, I suggest you move immediately. You will find no solace here because we are a strange breed.

2614 days ago


i'm not a fan or anything but the spca should not take seriously that many calls from people that just happened to see her dog with a cast

2614 days ago


This makes me mad. Not because I think Britney is a candidate for Mom of the Year or anything, but because I feel like she's being picked on in this case. Kids do things sometimes, and there's nothing you can do about it. They don't understand small animals aren't toys. They hurt them occasionally, and it's up to the parent to teach them that it's wrong, yes, however sometimes nothing you do will stop a tragedy from happening. LIke kids sticking their fingers in light sockets, or running into traffic and getting hit by a car. It's horrible, it shouldn't happen, BUT IT DOES and the parents aren't turned into CPS for it. Britney was singled out because of everything else she HAS done wrong. Katie Holmes almost dropped Suri today when she stumbled, but was CPS called? NO! They were last year on Britney though when she did THE SAME THING! It's wrong to single someone out and it's starting to make me sick.

2614 days ago


Surprise surprise. The dog has a fracture. Sounds like trauma, or it was dropped. Criminy buckets, get that poor creature out of there.

2614 days ago


empress - you took the words right out of my mouth. c'mon this is getting a tad much she's got enough problems.

2614 days ago


Britney Spears is evil.

2614 days ago


It is interesting that the SPCA responds faster to complaints about animal abuse than CPS responds to complaints about child abuse when it come to Spears.

2614 days ago


I really don't care a whit about Brit one way or another. But, enough is enough. This woman has way too many people watching every single thing she does and making up the rest. I truly fear for her sanity. She's a human being trying to live her life. NOBODY could withstand this kind of scrutiny every minute of the day. Let's give her some space to breathe. I fear we could be watching her life come to an end. This is getting out of hand fast.

2614 days ago


She shouldnt own anything with a pulse...................

2614 days ago
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