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Lawyer to Pam -- Bach You!

8/24/2007 12:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Hoff's ex has been sued by her former lawyer, who claim she owes him a boatload of fees.
Pamela Bach documents
Attorney Gary Mitchell says he represented Pamela Bach in her ongoing divorce war with David Hasselhoff. He claims he repped Bach for six months, but she didn't pay his $39,092.60 bill. Strangely, according to the suit filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Mitchell says his deal with Pam was oral -- no written retainer agreement.

Ironically, just yesterday, Debra Opri, the lawyer Pam fired, won a strange legal battle. A judge ruled that The Hoff was not required to pay Opri's $189,000 legal bill. She repped Bach for a few months, but we're told Pam was so dissatisfied she didn't want anyone -- not even David -- to pay the bill.

The drama continues.


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Cant suck your way out of this one babe!!!

2616 days ago


I'm not a lawyer, but I thought that in California, there had to be a written agreement between lawyer and client if fees would go over $1,000. If there is no agreement, has the lawyer himself broken the law?

2616 days ago



2616 days ago


This guy's bill for $40K for 6 months doesn't sound all that unreasonable. Compare that to $189K for a couple of months billed by that Opri bi-otch...

2616 days ago

Too bad    

His agreement with her was oral.

No wonder she doesn't want to pay up 40K worth!

2616 days ago


Hey TMZ do you proof-read what you post?

"...Debra Opri, the lawyer Pam fired, won a strange legal battle. A judge ruled that The Hoff was not required to pay Opri's $189,000 legal bill.."

How is this a win for the lawyer, who does not get to collect her fees?

2616 days ago


I know it's not fair to try to get out of paying what you owe. But she obviously got really lousy representation from her lawyer. David Hasselhoff was seen in a gross video, drunk out of his mind and being videotaped by his daughter. And the courts gave HIM custody of those two daughters?! What were they thinking?

2616 days ago

The Princess    

Euroman its a win for Opri because it was David Hasselhoff who Pam said was supposed to pay the bill....

Since David was not ordered to pay the bill it will be Pams job to pay it, in other words Pam was under the impression that she would get fee's paid in her divorce but they weren't so she's on the line for the costs.

Just what the money grubbing b***h deserves. More people asking her for money....

As for Opri I hope she doesn't get paid from Pam either. That is one low class lawyer.

2616 days ago


This couldn't have been a very smart attorney. An ORAL agreement?!! yeah, thats gonna hold up in court. DUH!!!

2616 days ago


Hmmm, I wonder did you pay Kap, Pammy??? Displeased??? Pullllleeeezzzze ...then she must have been displeased with all her other dozen attorneys.

Shame on both parents......the poor children who are raised by individuals who hate each other more than they love their children is appalling. Suck it throw money at your children to entertain them and keep them some responsibility and get your lives together for their sake.

2616 days ago

Go with the Flow!    

This bitch should pay Gary Mitchell her former lawyer and also the woman she hit and ran and harrassed. Debra Opri should deflate her inflated bills and than get paid by the Bach. Pamela Bark lost cutody because of her own KARMA.

Deadbra Dopri's jinx spell is going to continue for a long time. That's her KARMA! She
did not have the humanity or ethics in her to wait to start the custody battle with the late
ANNA NICOLE SMITH who had lost her young son just a few days after she had a
baby. She just could not respect a poor heartbroken mother. She had to get on TV to show her ugly self and announce to the world on how she had filed the papers in court
to demand to get a DNA testing done.

Pamela Bark and Deadbra Dopri are heartless, cold bitches as is Kim Basinger, her
KARMA is going to come around full circle soon and hit her right in her ass. BITCHES!
B U R N I N HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2615 days ago


HP, That;'s some pretty bad Karma you're dishing out. I agree these women will get theirs but the vitriol that you're dishing out is going to come back and bite you, big time.

2613 days ago


I've been following this drawn out saga for a long time. Isn't Gary Mitchell the same attorney she had WHEN HE GOT HER CUSTODY OF HER TWO DAUGHTERS AND WAS SHE WAS RECEIVING A FAT MONTHLY SUPPORT CHECK??? What did all the other attorneys do for her??? He was cheap. Pammy, pay this guy!!!!

2613 days ago


WOW, WOW I agree with 13. It looks like she got took by high fees. STUPID. Gary Mitchell was there the longest and got the LEAST. PAM pay your BILL GET HIM BACK IF YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2612 days ago

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