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Cutler Resigns from Spector Defense Team

8/27/2007 1:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that loudmouth attorney Bruce Cutler has resigned from Phil Spector's defense team.

Citing a "difference of opinion" over his closing argument strategy, Cutler told the judge in the case he could no longer effectively represent the music producing legend, and has removed himself from the case.

Spector is accused of killing actress Lana Clarkson in February of 2003.


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mickey lou    


2559 days ago


Maybe Phil Spector should tell the truth, and claim it was involintary manslauter from sexual play.

2559 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

GUILTY!! and even if it was an accident..that dooche has so much to pay for who cares if he goes away for a few years...

2559 days ago


Dam Cutter knows when to cut his LOSSES and move on--SPECTOR is a KILLER and going DOWN BIG TIME!!!!!

2559 days ago


I just hope that Phil Spector does not use this to get a new trial or something like that. I want to see Phil Spector get what he deserves. He is a murder! I don't blame Cutler for getting out while he can!

2559 days ago


What a disturbed person Phil Spector is. I watched a little of the court tv coverage. He is VERY CREEPY. Statements made by other women in the trial made him look like a real psycho. He gets off to that sicko imprisonment, Your not going anywhere, I'm gonna rape you at gunpoint wierdo stuff. People who like that kind of stuff dont change. He would do it again. Very twisted. I would hope that this guy would be locked up for what he has done. But who knows... anything can happen and does in that state.

2559 days ago

Positive Dona    

Lana would have given you her lunch money. Phil, obviously found unhappiness when his father committed suicide in his childhood. I had the First VideoBlog, 150%( in his defense) of Alec Baldwin,so Cutler has it worse than me, until I run into Kim in a dark alley. Dang that Oscar winner is tall! I also believe in Alec. and still do. If you'd like to see somrthing interesting, (plus I'm Funny in it with Groovey Glasses), I can't place a direct link, as my cousin gave me a crappy, old computer, but you can type into Yahoo or Msn,"Happy Father's DayAlec Baldwin, Respectfully".and hit Video. I won't Google,Baby. God Bless, Lana.

2559 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

Of course Phil Spector is guilty. Of course he will get off. He is a celebrity, and this is California. He will walk. He has the money.

2559 days ago


Lets see, I am depressed and want to commit suicide. I know..... I will go pick up a guy and kill myself in his house when he takes me home. Oh yea, I will have to get lucky and hope he has a gun when we get there.

Please. Let him rot in Jail.

2559 days ago

enough already    

Can you say Mistrial? Can't win with the facts so lets try for a mistrial

2559 days ago


GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY Can we move on???????

2559 days ago


When I first scrolled down and saw the pic of Cutler I thought it was
a screaming child having a tantrum
(like you see in the grocery store in candy aisle)
next to Scary Spector.
Is the trial about CUTLER? Or is the trial about that crazy Spector sticking a gun in someone's mouth and blowing her brains out?
These lawyers are so full of themselves and so full of $h!t
Primadonnas, actors..(a la Opri) "I don't like the script" Egomaniac.
Spector should fry ....but if he is paying a zillion bucks for this lawyer the guy should swallow his ego and stay on the case.

2559 days ago

Injun Mike    

My neighborhood friend when I was a kid worked for Spector for a long time as a maid....she said that he was beyond weird....would come storming downstairs in tiger colored panties at eight in the morning with different big goofy Halloween women's wigs on, little white flakes falling from his reddened schnozz and lip-synching Da Doo Run Run on warp nine, so loud that it broke her glasses one time....he loves guns, "for the smell and taste" he told her one time....maybe he was trying to get her to taste it and it went off...I'm buying the suicide story myself, not only because he is so believable and trust inspiring, but because as everyone knows it's quite common for a person wanting to kill themself to hold a pistol out at arm's length, close your eyes, and fire away....

2559 days ago


He didn't spend that much time at the trial anyway. He was off filming his new TV show. Guess we know where his priorities were.

2559 days ago


TWO CREEPS..........

2559 days ago
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