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Nick Hogan's Track Record

8/28/2007 7:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained three traffic citations Nick Hogan received in the last year -- and he's only had a license for one year ... AND that doesn't even include this week's crash. Go speed racer, go!
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In the first incident, on Sept. 17, 2006, Nick was pulled over for doing 115 mph in a 70 mph zone. That's not even close! He completed traffic school for that one.

For his second offense, Hogan (real name Nicholas Allan Bollea) was clocked doing 57 in a 30. Ha, child's play! And for his third bust, the little Hulkster was clocked doing 106 in a 70.

Apparently, he never learned.


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TMZ you already covered this, why are you rehashing old news?

2556 days ago


The court needs to step in. Clearly his parents are part of the problem here and therefore can't be part of the solution. Maybe they're good parents in other ways, but not in this matter--very poor.

This child needs to be scared straight--I doubt having his friend hospitalized will get to him enough to do this. I hate to say this, but the judge needs to put him in jail. That "accident" was bad enought to warrent the approporate charges. I'm not saying a long sentence, just enough to scare him.

After a license is given again, there is a neat little device that you can get at the car dealership that allows a responsible party to monitor the spped of the car in which it is installed. Information is directly sent to that person's computer. It has a "kill switch" feature which allows the responsible party to shut off the car as soon as it is park if the driver breaks whatever speed rules are set. Usually lots of speeding goes on before an accident. Hulk needs to purchase one of these for a far less powerful car and have a third party monitor it and cut off the car if necessary. Then the kid takes the bus. Just my opinion.

2556 days ago

marlene caceres    

As parents to 2 boys 15 & 12 - no matter how much we love our kids and want the best for them we must do what we know it right and that is called TOUGH LOVE!!!! If Linda and Terry do not take the keys away from Nick and that also means no "professioan race car driving" he is going to kill himself and whoever else he has in his car. God forbid he has Brooke with him and they lose both tragic would that be!!!!!!!!! It's time to wake up and smell the coffee!!!!!

2556 days ago


call me hulk i can help you, tom cruise

2556 days ago


omg i hope they put his parets n jail for not doing somthin sonner jerks with money need to die

2556 days ago


Clearly another child using the celebrity name to get away with whatever they want. Way to be a role model you loser.

2556 days ago


spoiled celebrity kids. bad celebrity parents.

next?...brooke gets hit up and becomes pregnant.

true story.

2556 days ago


i was never a huge hogan fan but i enjoy watching the show. after this and what his son is putting another persons life in serious jeopardy, i lost all respect for that family. it goes to show you what bad parenting skills they have. nick should deffinatley do jail time for this. poor passenger came home from iraq and now he may have brain damage. what a sin! thoughts and prayers are with him and his family... BUT NOT FOR THE HOGANS! SMARTEN UP IDIOTS! or did the steriods get to your head, hulkster?

2556 days ago



what kind of Rocks have you been somkin?

that device that you are talking about dose not even Exist... A "kill switch" is An anti-theft device...

and the other half of the features are actually called Govner Switches... in other words it's like saying you have a Microwave, Refrigrator catch my drift???

in 15 minutes you can save, 15% or more on Car insurance!

2556 days ago


He does not need to drive.My son did not get his until he was 18,because he was too reckless and a speed demon.Take his keys away before he kills himself or someone else!

2556 days ago


This is what i was talking about, Nick Hogan is only 17.In that short amount of time. like 2 mins. he has had EXCESSIVE SPEED TICKETS. I BELIEVE I SAID 4. Where I had seen the Rap sheet. it had 1 ticket where it wasnt stated why , he went to and completed DRIVING SCHOOL so wouldnt be on his record. then he got the 3 other ones. TMZ talking bout now. eitherway. It's prove this CELEBRITY KID of all but 17 should not be DRIVING. *HE OBVIOUSLY NOT GOOD AT IT*
My question to everyone.
IF THIS WAS JOE BLOW THE POOR GUY from down the street. Would the police, courts let him get away with it.. ?
My opinion is ..( a big O H-E-L-L NOOOO )

2556 days ago


His parent's are clearly and totally responsible for his actions. They raised him to be a life-threatening, irresponsible scofflaw. They are and will be finanically responsible any harm that comes from his driving. Hogan needs to put a hammerlock on both of his kids.

2556 days ago


Hulk is too busy policing his daughter to notice how much trouble his son keeps getting into. If she just looks cross-eyed he goes beserk that guys are all going to jump on her. Lighten up, she ain't that great looking nor talented. He needs to be a little more concerned over his son who is going to die and probably cause some innocent person to die because of lack of supervision.

2556 days ago


First of all he should thank his lucky stars he is ok. I have not heard anything about the passenger. I really hope he is OK. If that were my son I would take the car away. Kids do not know until it is to late. He nneds to learn that he can't do things like this and he is putting other lives in jepordy. I hate to say this ,but if he gets behind the wheel again he may kill someone or he may kill himself
Why do kids do this? They never listen!!

2556 days ago

Deb in Milwaukee    

Hulk seems like a very concerned parent, BUT when this puts others in harms way,
yes time to KEEP THE KEYS.

Prayers for all!!!!

Sometimes you also have to let your kids learn things on their own.
Parenting is tough, no books to follow.

2556 days ago
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