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Babwa to Barry

We've Got Hassel's Back

9/18/2007 12:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"View" den mother Barbara Walters says that as much as she wanted Barry Manilow to come and croon, no one -- not even the "Mandy" singer -- tells her how to run her show!

Manilow told TMZ yesterday that he decided to ditch his appearance on today's "View," because as a close friend of Rosie O'Donnell, he didn't want to sit on the same stage as right-winger Elisabeth Hasselbeck, whose views he called "dangerous." Babwa, on her Sirius radio chatfest last night, said it was "too bad" about Barry's stand. Added co-executive producer Bill Geddie, "We don't do that ... we support everybody ... he's not going to call the shots."

Geddie also pointed out that lefty celeb political flamethrowers like Susan Sarandon and Jane Fonda have also appeared with Elisabeth, and it sure looked like everyone was having a pretty good time last November when Manilow appeared on the show.


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Never did enjoy Lizzie much...too politically correct. Have to say I do stand by BW for standing up for her show...who the heck is Barry to call the shots. Love having Whoopie and Sheri on, they both add soooo much to this show...ever since Rosie left it is boring but the new gals look promising...just get rid of oh so perfect Elizabeth and maybe then you can have a real conversation.

2590 days ago

D (the second D)    

Barry rules - didn't think he had it in him. More stars should be more choosy in who interviews them. Eliz sucks as an interviewer!

2590 days ago

ohhhh Geeeeeeeeeeeeeze    

Barry time for you to stand up as a man and cut the puppet strings.
You know this is all what Rosie came up with, its just another way for her
to get at Elizabeth.
It is childish, foolish and just ugly.
It screams of Rosie hand in it all.
Good Grief, Rosie get over it, you came on the view, blew it with your own
actions, take responsibilty for what you did and stop this war you alone are
making against the view, barbara and elizabeth.
you are not showing an example to your own kids Rosie.
Barry , wow maybe your next cd should be songs of I am a puppet,
sound track 2 pull my strings, sound track 3 I am a wussy for Rosie.
sound track 4 I can't walk like a man, rosie has my nuts.

2590 days ago


Elizabeth must have told him to lay off the 'pickling process' for a while.. har har.

2590 days ago

ray melnik    

Good for Elizabeth shes a stand up gal Barry is on the way down with Rosie !

2590 days ago

Bury Mannilow    

Is Mandy Mannilow still alive?? Word is that Mr. Mannilow that morning did not get the tube steak that he gets every morning so he was a little edgy and said what he said. Understandable.

2590 days ago


After the 'final confrontation' who ran with their tail between their legs refusing to come back and who was back the next day....and the day after that and the day after that? Rabid Rosie may have already scheduled the following day off but she was so ashamed by the tongue lashing she got at the hands of itty bitty EH (being that she IS the all powerful Rabid Rosie) that she immediately quit. The woman has serious control issues but at least she's still taking her psychotropic medications for that nagging depression issue!

2590 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Lets see, jet@ 12:32 p.m. - Barry Manilow can't practice his right to dissent to attitudes that are aligned with war, because the U.S. needs to prop up China?
Agree or disagree, Barry has the right to do or say what he wants. He is the one who has to look in his mirror in the morning. The voters choose the Representatives, and they sure as heck can practice their constitutional right to disagree with any specific course of action, by whatever legal means they see fit. Your representatives are supposed to represent and advocate for the majority opinion of the people who elected them to do so. They are not elected to represent their own agenda. This is an argument better played out at the polls. If the polls actually count the votes correctly anymore. I'm neither Lib or Repub, but pro constitution first, out of which all proper things will flow if followed as set out by some very wise men from the past. If I see a good Repub, I'll vote for him/her.

2590 days ago

Caption Contest    

Kind of makes me want to download me some Manilow on iTunes!

EH is a NOBODY from RI, whose only claim to fame before The View was getting voted OFF the island. When they can't inject any more formaldehyde into Walters and Lizzy is out of a job watch for Frau Hasselbeck to show up on FOX NEWS with her swastika armband.

Howard Stern's love doll is named Elisabeth Hasselbeck!

2590 days ago


If he's a close friend of Rosie's, he just lost me. She represents filth and birds of a feather . . .

2590 days ago


I don't know why so many of you have to cuss and call people names to express your opinions. I agree with the View, grow up Barry! It' called the VIEW for a reason, it's a view expressed, an opinion. If you don't lke Elisabeth, which so many of you do not, quit watching the show. I don't see what the deal is with Elisabeth. I think she is just like everyone else on the show and expresses her opinion. Does she make you nervous with her opinion? The only difference between her and some of you, is that she has values.

2590 days ago

ohio farmer    

I for one,doesn't matter if , its the "view" or another show ,am sick and tired of all this political crap being shoved down my throat. Seems every talk show, news show, from Martha to Ellen, from the "view" to Oprah...doesn't want us to forget who to vote for...We are not sheep that needs to be preached to day in and day out. In one form or another...they feel its their job...Look at their guests...!!!. These people are actors...not polticans and they made their millions off of plain people like me , paying to hear their music or their movie or buying the products that pay for the shows, they are on......Its hardly worth turning the tv on any wonder they call it the "boob tube"...

2590 days ago


Silly Manilow. Now I have to throw out more CD's.

2590 days ago

Spring-Heeled Jack    

Fairy Maniblow? Who care what this H-mo diva wants. He's just jealous that Eliz has more in the pants than he does.

2590 days ago


Forget about her not knowing about the Earth . Sherri said that parades around nude for her 2 year old son and is considering doing it until he's 8. She even shakes them for him and he says, "Boobies". Hopefully, this matter will be investigated.

2590 days ago
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