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Goldman Wants O.J.'s Trinkets, As Seen on TMZ

9/18/2007 2:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fred Goldman's attorney was in a Los Angeles court today, filing a motion to request a number of items believed to belong to O.J. Simpson -- including a Rolex they saw in a photo on TMZ.

Goldman's lawyer, David Cook, was after sports memorabilia seized from Simpson's Vegas hotel room -- the money from the goods would go towards satisfying the $33.5 million wrongful death judgment against Simpson ten years ago. Cook is also after money Simpson may have received from his involvement in the video game "All Pro Football 2K8."

Cook even comments on how O.J.'s arrest has helped the Goldmans.

He joked that "in a bizarre way," Simpson's latest arrest actually assists the Goldman family, because the items seized in Vegas will now be worth a lot more. Simpson has eluded payment on the judgment by moving to Florida, where state law prohibits his house from being seized. His football pension is also not attachable.

Ron Goldman was killed on June 12, 1994 while returning his friend Nicole Brown Simpson's mother's eyeglasses, which were left at the restaurant where he'd been working.


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How much money can Goldman KEEP - I thought 17% only of what he collects while rest goes to kids of Nicole

2592 days ago

hello, it    

33. HOW can you complain about Goldman - LOOK AT BIRKHEAD & Stern - Anna Nicole is DEAD - her son Daniel is DEAD - her BILLIONAIRE husband J. Howard is DEAD - her BILLIONAIRE step ston Pierce Marshal is DEAD - and BIRKHEAD & STERN are out there in Bahamas, etc etc etc enjoying life thanks to money of the DEAD - so why would you complain about Goldman?

Posted at 1:44PM on Sep 18th 2007 by Sam

How odd. NOT one fact here.

2592 days ago


"Sidney & Justin will do fine financially there is a trust set up in their names and let's not forget OJ has his $$$$ retirement funds from his career(s)."

Thanks Barbara. I just didn't want to see Sidney and Justin have nothing.

2592 days ago


some of you need to do the research before commenting
tth judge found Simpson guilty of wrongful death in civil court wher the burden of proof is a little less than in criminal court

that means that the court ordered over 30 million payable to the Goldmans and to the estate of Nicole as punishment
sad but that is the only bit of justice that the 2 murdered people will be able to receive

Simpson vowed to not pay anything and moved to Florida where state laws would let him keep most of what he had

the court had made him auction off a lot of his things in California before he moved

he hasn't paid anything-only what the Goldman's have been able to go after him for such as the book rights

and rest assured that Nicoles kids will get their share because it is court ordered and the Goldman's are decent people

slaughter my son and I don't know if I'd be strong enough to let the courts have you-I might want th have at you myself!!!!

so once again he gets to thumb his nose to the courts-he seems to think he's above it all and he isn't

2592 days ago

Mad as Hell    

Remember how OJ vowed to spend the rest of his life trying to find Nicole's (and Ron's) killer? Clearly the killer wasn't to be found on a golf course or in a Florida mansion.

Maybe he'll get lucky and find Nicole -- the mother of his children's -- killer behind the walls of prison. Looks like there's a silver lining in every cloud, after all ...

P.S. Thanks 'Sully' for reminding those fools about the facts.

2592 days ago


Move on Goldmans (Golddiggers). Its been 10 years now, move on and get a JOB, stupid

2592 days ago


Everyone knows OJ is guilty. All he has done over the last 15 years is try to hide all of his assets, so he would not have to pay a dime to the goldman family. Now all of you are going to scream gold digger everytime they find out that OJ has a dime and they want it. I don't care how long it had been, if I saw my son's killer out walking free, enjoying life on the golf course everyday, hiding his money and belongings with other friends in order to avoid paying you the judgement you were promised, I would be pissed too. And you bet your ass that till the day I died I would haunt him, the way the Goldman's do now. Their son is in the ground. At least OJ, even though he says he has no money, lives a good life do to all of the friends he still has. He is a murderer, who got away with it and never paid.........period.

2592 days ago


Why does he have to pay this family any money...when he was proven INNOCENT?
I don't understand this minute the book is wrong and disrespectful to his son and Nicole, then they release the book and take all the money from it...I really can't believe that people don't see this family as the money grabbing people they are.
I still believe OJ was innocent and the family and the police wanted to believe it was him so bad that they let the real killer off scott free. Isn't it supposed to be their job to protect the people and not let killers run free!

2592 days ago


BIRKHEAD & Stern have money of DEAD Anna Nicole - don't they? So why shouldn't Goldman get money? -
Anna Nicole is DEAD -
her son Daniel is DEAD -
her BILLIONAIRE husband J. Howard is DEAD -
her BILLIONAIRE step ston Pierce Marshal is DEAD -

and BIRKHEAD & STERN are out there in Bahamas, etc enjoying hi-LIFE - thanks to money of the DEAD Anna Nicole and her benefactors - right?

2592 days ago


For one thing. There hasnt been a court trial and any of them Stern or Birkhead.
Ron and his father hadnt spoken in years. I'm not taking away that his SON was killed.I'm saying his greed for the MONEY isnt leaving anything for NICOLES kids. who are young kids. MR GoldDIGGER can get a real JOB. or divide that money. As u recall when O.J. was doing the BOOK it was dispicable. for him to do. outlining how he killed them
But now Goldman has the Book and guess what. now it's in the store.SAME BOOK. Kinda makes it hard to like that man

2592 days ago


Thank you Ricardo Hilton and death on a cracker, etc.

Simpson still lives, therefore he can always support his kids. Plus when he finally dies (which I hope is very soon--but of course, won't be) they will be able to sell much more memorabilia and his house, etc and will likely get the hidden assets in his offshore accounts, etc. I am not remotely worried FINANCIALLY for these kids. I worry for them being raised without their mother's touch. And OJ certainly didn't worry about that.

If I were Goldman I would milk the bastard for all he's potentially worth, too. I agree with some of you, too, though who say he is a bit obsessed. I agree, but then again, have to say I can't blame him. Hopefully he plans to offer some of the proceeds from the book, etc. to Nicole's family as well.

2592 days ago


#48, who is everybody. Don't generalize your stupidity

2592 days ago



2592 days ago


I think Goldmans should get none. Browns should get the possesions to keep for ojs kids

2592 days ago


GOLDMAN - just like Birkhead and Stern - have MOVED on.

With more money !

2592 days ago
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