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Goldman's Lawyer on the Offshore Hunt

9/20/2007 5:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

O.J. SimpsonFred Goldman's lawyer is salivating, after TMZ ran an audio clip in which one of O.J. Simpson's alleged victims revealed that he helped Simpson set up an offshore bank account.

Shortly after Simpson and crew left the room, sports memorabilia dealer Bruce Fromong was heard screaming, "I stood up for him in the press. I stood up for him on the stand. I helped him set up his f****n' offshore accounts."

Simpson owes Goldman tens of millions of dollars from a civil judgment. Goldman's lawyer, David Cook, said the audio is a game-changer, saying, "It has us fixated. If it's there, it's gonna be ours."

Cook says he'll haul Fromong into court when Fromong is out of the hospital, where he's recuperating from a massive heart attack.


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Are people really that naive? OJ is guilty as hell. Think about this: If your loved one were murdered, I mean practically butchered and left to die in a pool of their own blood, would it even cross your mind to write a book detailing how you would have done it?!! Once I heard about this book, all doubts were erased about this murderer. I believe it was a crime of passion, which Ron walked in on. OJ lost his mind with rage and lashed out. Then he ran. He was not a career criminal, hence the mistakes like blood in the house, in his car and on his shoes. There was no much damning evidence the first jury was not allowed to see. Many of them have said if they were shown that evidence, they would have said guilty. The man is a murderer. I don't care what Goldman's intentions are, I would be a permanent pain the butt to OJ. I wouldn't leave him alone for a second. Until you have a child murdered, which took away all possibilites, then don't open your mouth to judge the man.

2497 days ago


peace to all...............................I just came on this site & you strike me as being too sensitive to even be on here. Quit being a cry baby.

2496 days ago

Give it up    

I am so sick of Fred Goldman. I used to support Fred and his family. I really feel that Fred has lost sight of his goals and instead just wants to live off of any money he can get off of his son's death. Kim Goldman is married and has two children, all she seems to do is travel with her father. There are many people that have lost someone through murder, and they do not get the same publicity, they do not get the support that the golmans are getting. I have now turned against the goldman's. The rolex watch is what did it for me. I find Fred and Kim to be nothing more then vultures. I don't care people think, he was found not guilty and they never have had conclusive evidence to support their contention that he even committed these murders.

Ronald Goldman was no saint, he was a waiter and a drug pusher. There where reports 13 years ago that he also was a male prostitute. Maybe whomever murdered Ron and Nicole was really after Ron and not nicole.

Marsha Clark was as stupid lawyer during this trial, she made money off the deaths of two people with her books. She continues to try to make more money, as does the media and now the Goldmans. It is disgusting.

If TMZ wants to make real media headlines report on all the little people that have the same right to publicity when their family members are murdered.

This is sick and I am tired of reading about OJ, The Goldman's and the Marsha Clarks of the world.


2496 days ago


I think every body should buy a copy of the book (not read it just burn it) just so the Goldman's get the money from the civil suit and get their pathetic money grubbing faces off the t.v. I would like to see them donate some money for women's that would happen!!!

2496 days ago


Response to:

177. I think every body should buy a copy of the book (not read it just burn it) just so the Goldman's get the money from the civil suit and get their pathetic money grubbing faces off the t.v. I would like to see them donate some money for women's that would happen!!!

Posted at 3:11PM on Sep 21st 2007 by Sandra
don't Buy the book if you really want to help. Fred Goldman only gets $.017 per book. And That money he will donate to the Ron Goldman Charity for Victims of Violence in Canyon country California. It is a licensed and Registered charitable foundation. Google it to get the address and send the Entire amount directly to the charity! There are many charitable organizations that help battered woman, I hope Sandra that you support them. I do!

2496 days ago


Wow, I googled information about the Ron Goldman Charity for Victims of Violence. What a nice site. I think I will make a donation. My family got help from a victim of violence fund also years ago. People also came to our home with meals, and feed us. It was a big help. There are so many good kind people out there in this world. IMO

2496 days ago

Bill F    

The Goldmens dont deserve anything.they raised a son to comit adultry

2496 days ago


Reply to 181

Thanks for the link to the Goldman site. I have in the past and will continue to support
organizations for abused woman and children.


2493 days ago


.................................If you think Goldman is wrong, going after the hurt OJ.............Maybe you should punch up...........Civil Lawsuit...........Civil Trial............easy to find..............Read for a little while..........This is the legal way to handle the situation.............................or would you rather have Goldman, in his anger and frustration, just go shoot OJ and go on to jail, and it be over.....................................of course your OJ would be gone also....................or Goldman can go the legal route, Civil Lawsuit, and hurt OJ in the only way that the legal system will allow.............Goldman may very well be a jerk...........................not polished enough in public, to sway public opinion......................................After all, presentation is half of any argument...................observe your attorney in action, in is not easy to present yourself in the public arena to come across as, 'acceptable' all who are listening...........anyway,...........OJ broke the law in that hotel, on many will be interesting to see just what the LV DA decides to do with it............

2486 days ago
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