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O.J. on Bail While Francis Chills in Cooler

9/20/2007 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While O.J. Simpson is probably headed to the golf course today after three days in jail and hopping the first flight out of Nevada last night, Joe Francis -- waiting to face trial on tax evasion charges -- is still cooling his heels in a jail near Reno, with no end to his incarceration in sight. Yes, he's still there.

To help bring his plight to light, Francis has launched -- from inside the clink -- and it's launching today. He tells the long and sordid story of his legal woes -- ten long pages of it -- and even claims that he signed a settlement in his cell (above) with seven women who had filed suit against him for filming them while they were minors. He signed "under duress" from a judge he believed would set him free for doing so. Not true.

Elsewhere, the "Girls Gone Wild" founder tries to set the record straight on the charge that he flashed a Benjamin to bribe a prison guard to get him a bottle of water. Francis says that he was just giving the guard money to go down to the commissary so he could take his cholesterol and sleep meds, but that it got blown out of proportion too.

There is a legal reason that Francis is stuck in jail -- if he steps foot outside the Washoe County Detention Center, he'll be picked up by marshals and shipped back to Florida for more jail time, because, unlike OJ, his bail has not been granted.

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2593 days ago



2593 days ago


Oh, the ole perv who's after minors used pics of his teenie years on his website. I just wish him more trouble for having set up this website. If there are any lies about his charges he should be prosecuted for this as well.

You know how much the girls get for having sex with him or his camera-men? They get t-shirts, panties... and BEFORE they got a lot of alcohol. Francis - 34 - calls this "consense" with the 18 years old girls. Hhhmmm....

I hope so much he will be prosecuted and spend the rest of his life in jail.

TMZ, feel ashamed for your support by publishing the liars' web address...

2593 days ago


No matter what they do to OJ {con artists vs more cons plan here} the other guilty perv and perb's incarcerated should stay there..

2593 days ago


Honest question, has Joe Francis ever actually been convicted of any crimes? isnt it still, innocent until proven guilty?

2593 days ago


Even on his so called tell all website he fails to mention he is in jail for hiding money from the IRS and the state of nevada in the amount of 21 million dollars (21,000,000.00) in back taxes that he criminally and blatantly attempted to hide!

That is why he is in jail and if you do not believe me call the jail for yourself and ask why he is incarcerated for yourself......(775) 328-2971 or (775) 328-3001

Yes they will tell you why he is here in my wonderful towns jail. our sherriffs here are nice like that and we all know them.

2593 days ago


i feel like a black man supporting O.J.! The post that has the article from the women claiming to be raped by him is what makes a real rapist get off. Lets not ever hold someone else responsible for thier own actions. ALCOHOL MAKES YOU DO STUPID STUFF!!

It doens't matter what your opinion of this man is. What should matter is the rights that have been taken away from him unjustly. This is the United States of America I thought.

Keep teaching your little slut daughters that its ok to go out and get drunk. Sign legal papers showing your 18 and your not. But its not ok for someone to film them. Then sue them for 70 million dollers because your slut daughters lied. WTF! People need to quit trying to find a scapegoat for everything thats wrong in the world and just LOOK IN THE MIRROR and you'll find your answer.

2593 days ago


Oh and I forgot to mention that he took that company jet and fled to argentina in it, he struck a deal to return prior to returning on different charges , so he was deemed a flight risk for all the hidden money he has stashed around the world.

He is where he belongs and damn I really like the GGW videos.I suppose someone else will just take his place.

2593 days ago

Save Joe Francis     

Suck it loser.

2593 days ago


No one here has read any of the legal paperwork from the courts re the charges against Joe so you cannot say he should not be in jail.
He should sit right where he is until all charges are dealt with. Joe is known to travel a lot over seas where he owns homes.
Tax evasion alone will keep him locked up until trial because he is a flight risk..

2593 days ago


I lived in Panama City Beach where the "under age filiming" charges were brought against him. At the time I was working for one of the local radio stations and spent time with the GGW fim crew. Each girl that appears in their videos litterally throw them selves at the crew. They all want their 15 minutes of fame. They sign releases to be filmed. It's not Joe Francis' or any one at GGW fault if they have fake ID's. It's also their own fault if they after morning after remorse. Joe & GGW are not predators. Why not berate the parents that raised these girls for wanting to show their naked bodies to strangers and cameras.

2593 days ago

death on a cracker    

9. Joe Francis is a sick bastard. I hope he remains in jail for the rest of his life!
Karma's a bitch, isn't it?

shut up! these girls do it on their own. i dont like the man but come are probably one of those girls that wanted a free t-shirt and then got in trouble when your boyfriend and parents saw the commercials!

they are all sluts that love attention and they got busted!

2593 days ago

death on a cracker    

sluts sluts sluts sluts...they are all sluts!! he just fond a way to make money off of it! that doesnt mean they are NOT sluts! they are sluts! underage or not! parents need to be responsible!

2593 days ago


Joe Francis is a slime ball, I hope he dies or gets raped in jail!

2593 days ago


This whole eposide in justice is ridiculus.........teenagers today have so many tools in which/how to get false ID' the last eposide of the Bill Engvall show in which his tv daughter gets her brothers to make one for her...........she does not get into the club her friend does oviously w/a better ID. The media has made such an issue of how we precieve fame and what wannabes think they can get from it. All of the girls in question were certainly aware of the the noteirity of Joe Francis long before they showed up @ the parties in was not his first party...these videos and the things that happen are legend and have oviously made him very wealthy and thus a target for people and their parents who go into this to decieve for monetary gain problematic. These girls/women knew exactually what they were getting into when they lied about their age, lied about where they were going, had false ID's, signed wavers, bought liquor, bought drugs (alledgely) and had sex (probably not for the first time) with Joe Francis!!!!!! If he is going to be prosecuted for this prosecute all of the girls in question and the many more that will follow who try to set up celebrities for financial gain after what they agreed to ( in this case a notch on their belt and his) , prosecute them for illegally obtaining false ID"s, liquor, drugs, cigarettes, their first time sex partners as they were certainly not virgins @ the time of the allegded instance and all of the suppliers. All of them are involved to better their profit margins. But let's face fact's all of these girls were very aware of what they went to and ONLY CRIED FOUL when the Parents/Friends/World found out what their true morals were and how hot the white hot flame of fame is. They should try to enjoy their 15 minutes as they only complained how they had been maglined after they lost their reputations (or enhanced) them when they were suddnely embarrassed by their actions!!!!!!! Take's your fault!

2593 days ago
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