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Not to Worry -- Shemar Moore is Here to Stay

9/22/2007 12:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soap star and occasional nudist, Shemar Moore, was out in soggy L.A. last night, and he took the opportunity to get a few things off his muscled chest.

When miffed Moore learned that TMZ was filming, he got defensive with the odd, contradictory statement, "Y'all made me famous. Y'all tried to ruin me." Say what?!

One would think the whiner actor getting exposure on "The Young and the Restless" would make him (semi) famous -- and posting this, this, and this ... well that's just reporting the facts.

Shemar finished his rant by saying. "I'm me, I'm here to motherf***in' stay." All can rest easy.


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would love to be the one to prove he's not gay    

Regaurdless of the no life having people who say he is a nobody, us true fans know how great of an actor/ model he is. For God sake he was voted one of the sexiest men alive. When someone tries to ruin your life by making up rumors about you being gay, you would tend to be upset. It's not like he phyically assulted a reporter. People make too big a deal out of simple little things. Just because a person is famous doesnt mean we should know about every aspect of their life. They are there for our entertainment only. If we are so worried about who they are dating, if they get arrested, and other things that are none of our bussiness, then have no life of our own. Thats pathetic. Obviously alot of people think the man has talent, or they just enjoy looking at him (both for me), which is so much more than most of us will ever see. They wont ruin him. Because if you was a fan before you still are. He has the same rights as we do, he is human. He was just telling them they didnt bother him with the b.s. and he said it like he meant it. Good for him. And no he isn't to pretty not to be gay the man is just absolutly fine!!!!!! Probably 10xs better looking and richer than all of those saying he is gay. I can only wish I was the one who could prove to eveyone he isn't! Always supporting Shemar. To the person who made fun of his name, do your homework. Think before you speak, make you look foolish. To TMZ : you really look stupid to print the foolish things you did. Did you honestly think you would change the minds of his fans? Hell no! He is who he is and that is a star. TMZ didn't make him famous. His talent and looks did. Way before you even thought about writing gossip about him. Even though he is (semi) famous as you say, you thought he was important enough to try to trash his image.We all know it was just away for you to make your money. I could only imagine if you was of ANY importance to the world, the things the other itiotic reporters would say about you. GET A REAL LIFE and stop trying to live through other peoples.

2523 days ago

Damien Lopez    

Okay I adore this man, the "sell out" who's a shamed of their race talking about "I am shamed to be black..." The guy made a mistake which has nothing to do with his ethnicity. As for the pictures of him nude, it's a body, he's hot ...get over it. There is no shame in nudity! HE's a beautiful man and should have the right to showcase it. Now his acting is another thing, that's something you guys could joke on lol. But seriously how many fine African-American actors do we have left? Not many. So I would just lay off Shemar

2521 days ago


Much love to Shemar!!! You go boy. Also when are you gonna do a surprise visit to Genoa City...

2585 days ago


A total DISGRACE to the black race. Ignorance does not discriminate. Case in point.

2585 days ago

Phony Tony    

It's just TNB.

2585 days ago


I never realized until this video that Shemar Moore is just common, low life trash. TRASH

2585 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    


2585 days ago



2585 days ago


This guy is a time bomb. I can see your future dude! DUI, Drugs, Weapons, child support! I start looking for a attorney now that except hummers for payment because you broke for shizzle my nizzle!

2585 days ago


Schmeer....Your 15 minutes are up. Move away from the camera and our lives. Thank you.

2585 days ago


I'm ashamed of my people.

2585 days ago


What's the deal with George Clooney? He fell of his motorcycle in Jersey?

2585 days ago


Umm, Shemar Moore is so damn fine, nothing could take away his appeal! Anyway, TMZ tried to insinuate he was gay, just because he was on a gay beach. They conveniently neglected to include the two women he was with on that beach, and only used pictures of him solo. Whatever, he rocks!

2585 days ago


"I love me some him". He is a good guy. Yes his fame came from being on Y&R but he is now on "Crimminal Minds" He also played in many movies. The media can make or break you. He will be ok.

2585 days ago


Even minor celebs have such big egos! they feel threatened and say stupid stuff too. He looks stoned so that would excuse the stupid..

2585 days ago
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