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Date Finally Set for Daniel Smith Death Inquest

9/24/2007 3:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A date has finally been set in the Bahamian inquest on the death of Daniel Smith, Anna Nicole's son.

The inquest, which will begin October 30, will feature testimony from at least 35 witnesses, including Howard K. Stern.

Daniel, 20, died last September in Nassau, just three days after his mother gave birth to his half-sister, Dannielynn.

A private autopsy conducted by famed coroner Dr. Cyril Wecht found a multitude of drugs in Daniel's bloodstream, including methadone and anti-depressants.

The official inquest into Daniel's death has been repeatedly postponed.


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hang in there mrs arthur...a big heaping plate of justice coming your way!! the evidence is out there and waiting to be told...

2594 days ago



Please, Bahamas, do not be fooled by this sociopath... Investigate to the full extent of the law and lock him up! Throw away the key!
Then Larry can put away his pretense of tolerating Howard. We do not believe for a moment that Larry is in cahoots with that freak.

2594 days ago

Debate Club

Rita Cosby's hot book 'Blonde Ambition' The Untold Story Of Anna Nicole Smith, continues on The New York Times bestseller list for the second week in a row. Cosby, who has been threatened with lawsuits from Howard K. Stern and Larry 'SUE' Birkhead along with all talk lawyer Lin Wood is still the number one guest on all the Radio and Television shows. And the all talk players who continue to make money off Anna Nicole Smith have yet to serve Cosby with any legal papers because they can't afford to be made to answer questions about the deaths of Daniel Smith and mother Anna Nicole Smith. If you thought it was over, hang on. Cosby is throwing a huge bash in New York City at Pacha on 46th street on October 3rd for 700 of her nearest and dearest friends. There will be tons of celebrities and media with one special top secret guest who only Cosby and I know. Expect the shock of you life when we send this guest on the stage to speak to the crowd. Times Square Gossip will have all the photos from this grand event. The truth will come out !
Photos By: James Edstrom

2594 days ago


Why do we need an inquest. Who believes anything they say anyway. All the guilty parties have had a lot of time to think up more lies.Howard must have some lawyers bill to pay.
And in the end nobody will take responsibility.

2594 days ago


with this going forward virgie may finally find out what caused the death of her granson. and hopefully when the inquest is over billy smith will bring his son home, back to US soil where he belongs

2594 days ago

Innocent ByStander    

It's about time! Kudos to all the people that emailed the authorities till our fingers had blisters on them!

2594 days ago


TMZ you are a little late on this one ....What happen ? Howie got your tongue? Crime Library much better site. Spin is equal not like your loop sided Howie spin. I read Rita's Book, was terrific. People just want to read some truth about this circus. I am glad the Inquest will begin Oct 30. Whatever the verdict it is about time this Inquest is heard. No matter what the outcome is People have already confirmed to them selves how they feel about the characters in this fiasco and that includes ET, Paramount, and TMZ.

2594 days ago


Yeah, Rita's runnin' scared, you can tell!!!

2594 days ago

leslie knox    

amen windi............ i hope you are right and i hope anna comes home also then larry will have to visit howie in fox hall or hill cant remember...and maybe just maybe virgie will finally get some much needed rest christmas is looking much better this year,

2594 days ago


Finally! Daniel derserves some justice!!! Poor kid. R.I.P. Daniel & Anna Nicole.

2594 days ago

Bahama Mama    

You ain't seen nothing yet! Wait 'til the custody hearing! Larry, you may have just crossed the wrong people! lol You may have more money than some folk, but you can't buy class.

Oh, and only hillbillies go to Hawaii for vacation!

2594 days ago


ROFLMFAO..........................Already the distraction begin. This about a long awaited Inquest.....Please try , I know its hard to stick to the subject.

2594 days ago


Daniel was so excited he had a baby sister! It was a shame he died 3 days after her birth.

2594 days ago

Innocent ByStander    

Larry better jump out of that sinking pink boat! Still not too late! Come on Larry grab what b*lls you have left, close your eyes and take a leap of faith........Virgie will catch you!

2594 days ago

Mary Toothman    

HKS didn't get his way on this one! He did manage to stall it and try to change the public's perception of him - it didn't work though!

2594 days ago
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