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"God Warrior" Perrin's Daughter Dies in Car Crash

9/27/2007 2:14 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marguerite Perrin, the God-obsessed shrew who infamously lost it on FOX's "Trading Spouses," after returning to her family, has lost her daughter Ashley in a car crash.
Ashley and Marguerite Perrin
Ashley Perrin, 25, was driving on Interstate 55 in Ponchatoula, La., reports the Hammond Star, when her minivan hit a guard rail. According to cops, Ashley "was ejected" from the vehicle and died at the scene, but the cause of the accident is unknown. Ashley leaves an 8-year-old daughter.

The victim's mother is best known for her "God Warrior" ranting, particularly trying to throw FOX cameras out of her house when she returned to her family, and initially refusing to accept the $50,000 prize money -- because it was "tainted" and "dark-sided."


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Everybody knows heaven is 3 ft. off the ground. Just ask Sylvia Browne.

p.s. and everything does not happen for a reason. Explain that to an innocent kid being shot in the face by a wanna-be-gang member.

2520 days ago


Dear Margurite and family ... I am so sorry you have to deal with this most unfortuniate tragedy. I have also lost my only daughter at the age of 25. I know how much this hurts.. Do what you do so well and go to the Lord... Remember God will not give us more than we can handle.
I am so sorry for your loss..
with sympathy ... Our prayers are with you all

2520 days ago

Im just sayin    

I would be happy to answer the question of #8 and anyone else who is wondering where God is....

He is welcoming Ashley into the gates of Heaven and assuring her that her work here on Earth is done, but that her legacy (as in her 8 year old daughter) will go on. All of you who question where God is have no idea the true and grand purpose behind something like this and you are fools for trying to place a reason that makes sense on it. As far as we are all concerned, there is no reason that makes sense to us in the here and now... but one day it will when we are facing our maker and we will all have that "ah-ha!" moment.

Are you ready to face your maker? Double check your faith meter. It might be running a bit low and you never know when its your turn.

2520 days ago

They're sluts    

This is so sad. I know a lot of people think Margueritte is a little off, but you can't deny that she is a good mother and grandmother. May her daughter rest in peace.

2520 days ago


Why do you fault them because they believe in God? Just because her daugther had a child young doesnt mean she isnt forgiven. Her daughter had strong beliefs as well. You should be ashamed to say such awful things. If you disagree with their beliefs, that is fine, but at a time like this your insensitive comments are just awful. And just because something bad happened doesnt mean that God is not there - things happen to christians and non-believers alike. That is called LIFE.

May the family take comfort in memories at this difficult time.

2520 days ago

Kim H    

I remember this episode, Wow so sorry to hear about her daughter, she seems like a good kid, when her mom was not around..

Your in my prayers.

2520 days ago

Democrats are evil    

OK, call me a cretan, but I don't believe the propaganda spewed that this family put their christianity first and foremost. Her mothers actions on that show were obnoxious (tainted and dark sided my ass) and disrespectful and secondly, her daughter was obviously out of control, getting pregnant at the age of 16 and most recently driving recklessly in louisiana ultimately ending her life. Life comes with no guarantee of longevity, so if you lie to yourself and others, don't be surprised when s**t happens. You want to make comments like "where is your Messiah now? Fine, but the truth is the truth and this family's actions were closer to satan than they were to Christ. Living your life in a peaceful manner and in accordance to the commandments don't secure a longer life but rest assured it will be more peaceful with less drama.

I wish the family peace and sympathy.

2520 days ago


for AL- everyone's entitled to say what they want, whether you like it or not. his comment was not 'out of line'. everything is subjective. personally i think this woman was a freak and gives christians a bad name. however, it is a sad time for the family. i feel sorry for the little kid, now she's stuck with her

2520 days ago


Some of the comments I have read are really truly sad. God does everything for a reason. Just because the woman's daughther has died does not mean God has left her or is punishing her. Unless you have lost a child you really cannot imagine what she must be going through. Some people should think before they speak.

2520 days ago


WTF is 'darksided'??? If that creature was my mother, I'd throw myself off an overpass.

2520 days ago


Sooo basically the daughter had a kid at 17? Where's the God fearing morals there?!! People in glass houses...

2520 days ago


How very sad. I remember the family from the show, and my heart goes out to them, particularly her young daughter, for their loss.

2520 days ago


To Judgement Day: Don't be a jerk! I will pray for you.

I admit I think Ashley's mother's action on the tv show made normal Christians look bad and psychotic, but I hope her faith will help her through this time of despair!

2520 days ago


I'm truly shocked and sadden to read this. Life is very short, One thing we must remeber there are to appt. in life we will never be late for and that's Life & Death. It was Ashely's time know mistake. However we should keep are negative comments to ourselves @ this time!!! You'll who have something to say about this childs mother. What have U done that hasn't been aired on T.V. GOD C's all he doesn't miss a beat so stop putting you mouth on this lady. Or could it be u are MADD!!!! is wasn't u on T.V. not once but twice and got paid for being herself. PEOPLE CHANGE. Christians and Sinners that why Jesus came for the unperfect person who is still growing and learning how to live in this unsaved flesh that tends to show itself. BE REAL ABOUT YOUR ISSUE AND ONE DAY U MIGHT BE $100.000,00. dollars richer!..( TO MOM IF U HAVE HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO READ THIS MAY GOD CONT. TO BLESS U AND YOUR FAMILY & YOUR GRANDCHILD, AND MAY YOUR WALK WITH CHRIST GROW STRONGER EVER DAY!!!) To those use just must condemn please do yourself a favor read Isiah chapter 54 the whole chpt. it will bless u.

2520 days ago

baby girl    

Al what do you mean "at a time like this"? Hey's LUNCH time!!!

2520 days ago
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