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Anne Heche: Still Making That "Ellen" Money

9/28/2007 12:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Financial documents filed this week in the Anne Heche/Coley Laffoon divorce show all sorts of weird economics in the life that is Anne Heche.
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According to documents filed on Wednesday, among the residual income earned by Heche's Celestia Films Inc. between January and July of this year, there's a whopping $34.74 from her work on the sitcom "Ellen" -- a whole two episodes! Other fun residuals include "Higglytown Heroes" ($45.94), "Silver Bells" ($15.61) and "Murphy Brown" (36.87). Being a guest star has its perks!

Don't fret -- Heche made $675,000 during that time for her work on "Men in Trees." It's a show on ABC.


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Only swim in the Ocean    


2520 days ago

Here comes the judge    

Ellen was was too good for this crazy ass phycho bitch who tried to take poor Ellen for everything she's worth.

2520 days ago


yea a whole 34 bucks

2520 days ago


If anybody reads a real biography of Anne Heche, that person will find that Scientologists like Travolta, Cruise, Anne Archer, etc., have nothing on this, "freakazoid," Anne Heche. She's a real loon, and, she's not even a Scientologist!

2520 days ago


I never liked her after the way she did Ellen.

2520 days ago


Wasn't the full name of the series Men in Trees: Crazy women on the loose?

2520 days ago


lets see your income tmz lets see all your crap, this isn't right. no one would want this crap laid out for everyone to see.

2520 days ago


I can't stand Heche, but that just ain't right posting her financials!

2520 days ago

Carol Hock    

don't know alot about Ann, just from what I have read. I like Ellen alot tho' and she's well rid of Ann I would think. She seems like a real basket case-looney tunes. She used to play on'' Another world ''as a twin......she may well be a twin who knows? Poor thing.

2520 days ago

alicia pacilio    

Ann Heche is not a well's all about her, she dosen't seem to care who she hurt, or disappoint... there are lots of people in the world like her, she self absorbed,hey shes never going to change, people around her need to see her for what she is.. if they choose to be in her world its their business, shes easy to read , I feel bad for her son she dosen't set a good example, shes feels this "self entitlement" thing, thats bad news,, and ya wanna know what..............Ellen Rocks because shes away from her..

2520 days ago


#10 I think the word for the people you are describing is "sociopath" and Anne seems to be one.

but I still don't think it's right posting her financials.

2520 days ago


Okay, I just read through Anne's financial status... I am totally shocked. I didn't see any investment information -- well, there was a little bit of interest but not very much and she hasn't made much money for "Men in Trees" --by Hollywood standards.

I realize a lot of her money is probably tied up invested in real estate (the house she is selling) but still -- I figure she would have at least invested a lot of her money.

If coley is looking for a big pay out from her -- I think he's barking up the wrong tree. By Hollywood standards (and California standards) --- she is poor.

(Now if she lived in Houston -- where I live -- she'd be doing pretty well for herself but LA's cost of living is about 3-4 times it is here).

I hope all goes well for Anne with "Men in Trees" because she might be facing some financial hard times, if not.

2520 days ago


Janet (#7) --

All of this is public information. They are in the middle of a heated divorce battle..and she is a celebrity --- which means people are interested. These people shouldn't become celebrities, if they don't want attention or privacy..

..but wait, isn't that the entire point of being a celebrity? Especially an attention wh*re like Anne Heche??? To get fame and ATTENTION???

TMZ had every right to post this -- if you don't want to know about the private lives of celebrities and get offended, you might want to skip this website!

2520 days ago

Kenny is Gay    

Ann Heche makes me puke. In Psycho, I couldn't wait for her Big Bird character to get offed in the shower. She rode Ellen to get into show business. Ellen must be blind. She looks like a chicken.

2520 days ago


Celestia Films Inc.? "Celestia" was her alter ego when she went crazy. At least she has a sense of humor to name her film co. after it.

2520 days ago
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