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Why Britney Lost Custody

10/1/2007 9:09 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ knows exactly why Britney lost custody -- she ignored the Commissioner at every turn.

Rewind to last month. L.A. County Commissioner Scott Gordon ordered Spears to do a number of things in order to maintain 50/50 custody.

Spears was ordered to meet with a drug counselor -- she didn't do it.

Spears was ordered to submit to drug testing -- she didn't do it.

Spears was ordered to enroll in parenting classes -- didn't do it.

Spears was also required to sign the judge's order -- again, she didn't.

And last Friday, Commissioner Gordon prohibited both Spears and K-Fed from driving the children unless they had a valid California driver's license. Gordon was pissed today when TMZ posted video of Spears cavalierly driving her kids around Malibu.

In short, Spears did everything wrong ... by doing nothing.


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Britney gave birth, but this does not make her a mother! She had it coming and I do not feel an ounce of pity for her. She is immature, selfish and seemed to always put herseelf before her children. If she wants to redeem herself she should stay out of the spotlight, get her act together and try to make amends for her children.

2543 days ago


I feel really bad for her sons. It must be scary to have the paparazzi always around and then to have a mother who is too sick to care about you. Britney doesn't deserve to have them.

2543 days ago


Am I the only person that thinks that maybe Brittany, subconsciously or otherwise, really didnt want to keep the kids anyway? Maybe she's justifying in her mind that having them "taken away" from her isnt as bad as just voluntarily "giving" them away, so to speak.
Its one thing to attempt to follow the Judges order and not be able too bc your addictions are so strong, but it is a completely a different to deliberately defy the judges orders.

2543 days ago


He may be a manslut but at least he is a safer option for those kids.

2543 days ago


It couldn't have happened to a BIGGER DOUCH BAG.... I AM LAUGHING IN THE FACE OF PIMPLE FACE, LARD ASS, WEAVE WEARING Britney Spears... Hey BRITNEY - - GIMME MORE.... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA ..... lovin every minute of this and rolling and the floor in laughter...

2543 days ago


So, she really has no impulse control at all, even when it really, really counts? Jive Records must be wondering how she's going to discipline herself to properly promote that album. It's hard to even imagine a real tour at this point.

2543 days ago

the wise old owl    

Some people NEVER learn. It's evident by her " lack of action " that she cares much more about doing DRUGS and herself...... than her own children.

She is much too SELFISH to be a good parent. Even Kevin is a better parent than she is. And that isn't saying " much " The victims here are the children.

WHAT A LOSER !!!! She had the world by the Ass and every opportunity to get " healthy " and she just threw it. away. She needs psyciatric care and should be instituionalized. She's beyond sick.

2543 days ago


This seems way to easy..Children taken away?? Too easy..This is a media move for her NEW RECORD! GET THE KIDS OUT OF THE PICTURE....her parents are probably caring for the children..and they should be..This was a ploy to promo her new ..come back!...not a thought I am sure I am don't just lose custudy of kids without a fight! and her ex is part of it...he gets money..and everyone is HAPPY..she pimped her kids at a greek resturant this past weeked and they SCREAMED...and today her kids are removed from her care??? This is so bad TMZ AND PEREZ could not see through it! Britt has the last laugh! Good for you Britt ..

2543 days ago


TRAINWRECK ................... MORE ON THE 11 O'CLOCK NEWS !!!!!!!!

2543 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I happen to know that Kevin and Shar continued their "relationship" after he married Britney. They are both scam artists and have been after Britney's money since the beginning. I think Britney needs mental counseling but I don't think for one minute that Kevin will be a good father. He wants to live off of Britney for the rest of his life, like her parents have been doing.
Britney has been the bread winner for a bunch of people since she was a child. TMZ, I hope you stalk Fed-X every moment of the day and night like you have Britney. The paps have been a big cause of her breakdown.

2543 days ago


Come on Britney did everything possible to loose the custody,
That's what she wanted but she couldn't say it outloud cause
she'll loose the rest of he fans. Stupid, stupid, she lost her brain down the toilet with the rest of the cocaine she threw out. Anyway they are better off with anybody but her. God bless and protect those poor-rich children.

2543 days ago


When I was going through my divorce with my first husband the judge made it perfectly clear what needed to be done in order to maintain custody of my sons. I love my sons therefore, I did everything in my power to make for certain that the judges orders were followed to the letter. Unfortunately my husband didn't take it seriously and lost custody of the boys. Britney needs to be admitted in to a mental institution, not rehab. Even with her addictions if she is left unattended with the blow she was just dealt (no pun intended) she will truly go off the deep end and do something to harm herself and others.

2543 days ago


I just don't understand????? Being a mother, I would do ANYTHING for my children!! You know how they have those ladies that have children, that shouldn't be mothers?? Well, she's definitely one of them! Those poor boys! Everyone should say a prayer for them.

2543 days ago


And this is what DRUG ADDICTION does to you!!!

2543 days ago


I support TMZ...

Brittany needs Medical Help!

Those kids need their father and mother but Brittany is not READY! KFED needs to be 100++++ DAD now!!!!! or else everyone loses....

2543 days ago
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