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Taylor Hicks' New Gig -- at a Housing Development!

10/4/2007 2:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor HicksIt's been 16 months since Taylor Hicks won "American Idol" -- and he's really going places -- like the opening of an Alabama housing development!

On the weekend of Oct. 26, people who have purchased land in the The Oaks development in Lake Guntersville will enjoy "an intimate dinner with Taylor Hicks and several other celebrities TBA." Plots of lakefront property start at the whopping price of $49,900! On top of seeing the graying, soon-to-be 31-year-old (who himself owns land in the area), guests will enjoy, "complementary [sic] food, boat rides, bass fishing and more." Soul Patrol!

Poor Season 5 runner-up Kat McPhee will just have to be content making movies!


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I went into a bar with a robot bartender. I was surprised at first, then someone told me. This robot is a musical genius. He wil discuss music according to your IQ.

The robot served me my drink and asked "What's your IQ?"
I said "150"

The robot started discussing Taylor Hicks, Beethoven, Mozart, and other great conposers.

I went back another day. Again the robot served my drink, ans asked, "What is your IQ?"

I said "100"
The robot started discussing rock and country music.

The next day I decided to stump the robot. I went back again and he asked "Whats your IQ?"

I said, "Ah, What's an IQ? And what is this music thing everyone talks about? I don't know what that is."

The robot said, real slowly "Soooooo you voooted fooor Chrrrrrissss Daughtrrry."

I thought that robot really new it's stuff.

2531 days ago


I LOVE Taylor's music and I do think that he is very talented. I'm so happy to see someone have a taste of success but still have time for the locals who supported him before AI. I'm not from AL but I love to visit - it is filled with nice people and places IMO. I would much rather throw my support behind someone who seems to give awho about people other than themselves, like Taylor, as opposed to Paris or Brittney etc... When I went to see Tay perform, he had invited the Red Cross to take donations to aide the victims of the Dothan, AL tornado. I hate to see people give Taylor Hicks a hard time just because he seems to be the kind of person who TRIES to make the world a better place. I would gladly pay $300 for a Taylor Hicks album just because he is a person that seems worthy of my support. No, he is not THE most talented person I've ever heard or seen, but he does PLAY a couple of musical instruments (which is a rare thing in today's music industry) and does have a wonderful singing voice for his kind of music. Thank you TMZ for bringing me this information and I will always be interested in what Tay is doing in the future.

2531 days ago


Guess what... At least he's done MORE with his life than the real sad pathetic loosers on here slagging him off... AI has still made him a millionaire and famous which is more to be said than the real sad pennyless loosers on here slagging him off with their sad pathetic lives are their crummy low paid 9-5 jobs.... hahaha ...who's laughing now

2531 days ago


there are a lot of jealous sad people on here.... who cares if he's not the best artist out there. The fact he's financially free from a crummy low paid corporate job and has the money and freedom and fame to do what he likes is a step up from the real loosers on here who have nothing going for them at all... I think Taylor has the last laught don't you?

2531 days ago


Taylor is the real deal, no fronting wanna be here. He wears no makeup or chains, he doesn't stick his tongue out in EVERY pic for the media, doesn't have his name tattooed on his back..LOL No sideshow for him, he doesn't have to put on the circus act.
No models planted at the front rows of his appearances..LOL
He's been doing what he loves for years now and will continue, he will not compromise to be Clive's puppet no matter what the cost. You have to be real and true to yourself to be comfortable in your own skin....Taylor's mighty comfy right now I'd say.
How can the group Daughtry be up for any awards for that CD when the band wasn't even involved in the recording of the CD....another fake....

2529 days ago


Yack Yack. Anybody that keeps up with Taylor and has been to see him in concert knows the real deal. No need to defend really these people don't know what he has been up to like his real fans do. That boy is a flat musician and constantly playing one form of an instrument at all times all the while dancing and singing and getting the crowd ready to "go to church". Let them say what they want. Hell the only instrument that Chris plays is a bull horn. Nuf said.

2520 days ago


Oh, also Taylor likes the smaller venues b/c he can see his fans faces and smiles. He makes me smile and that is all that counts that those of us that know better got the better in of this ridiculous thread.

2520 days ago

Dawn Day    

So this is hitting it big??

2574 days ago

Lenn K.    

Never heard of him??? Does he have a singing career????

2574 days ago


He always sucked. He is nothing but a lounge act in a mediocre hotel.
He is where he belongs.

2574 days ago


What a schmendrick no talent hillbilly.

2574 days ago


his 15 minutes went fast.swishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

2574 days ago

A girl    

I wonder if Chris Daughtry gets cool gigs like that while he's making hit songs with his band?? And I wonder if Jennifer Hudson takes her Oscar and Golden Globe to appearances such as this......It just proves that being voted "American Idol" by a public with an obviously odd sense of humor means nothing in the grand scheme of talent!!!

2574 days ago


people can be soooo little(jealous) taylor hicks is a great singer and performer. a little of elvis maybe?

2574 days ago


he is cool!!

2574 days ago
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