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Bonaduce Free!!!

D.A. Rejects Case

10/5/2007 12:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a document from the L.A. County District Attorney's office, rejecting the case against Danny Bonaduce.

Danny boy got into it on stage at Tuesday's FOX Reality Channel's Really Awards. "Survivor" reject Jonny Fairplay jumped on him, and Danny tossed Jonny over his shoulder. Jonny fell face first and lost a couple o' teeth.

Police were investigating a felony battery, with Danny as the chief suspect. The D.A. wrote on the rejection form, "Insufficient evidence to prove beyond a doubt."

UPDATE: Now everyone is weighing in! "Survivor: Cook Islands" winner Yul Kwon tells us "Fairplay is a disgraceful excuse for a human being. Not only did he act inappropriately towards my girlfriend and disrespect me at the REALLY Awards, he's made a career out of ridiculous stunts and disgusting behavior, and it's finally caught up to him. The D.A. made the right call in rejecting the criminal battery case. Under California law, Fairplay would need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Danny acted with the intent to cause violent physical injury. But there's nothing in the video that comes close to supporting the charge. We need to stop giving Fairplay the attention he's desperately seeking, and put an end to this media whore's career."


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It is not over yet, there can STILL be a lawsuit!!!!

2544 days ago

kim suck    

GREAT!!! I love you Danny! and that freak with his arrogance-- ugly tooth--ugly man dopey nick name--GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!!!LOSER!!

2544 days ago

Ms Kris    

I would have done the same thing Danny did.
If anyone listened to Adrianne Curry's radio show 10-4-07 where Danny's wife/soon to be ex wife Gretchen was on & they both spoke about the incident.

Danny was defending himself from a "weird lying guy" in my words& good thing this has been dropped.

2544 days ago


Danny is a jerk and out of control a lot of times, but in this case, I'm on his side. Johnny jumped on him, and what~ humped his face? Who DOES something like that?! What did he think would happen? You can't do that. You can't jump on people. That's assault. He assaulted Danny. Johnny started it, and it ended badly for him. Now hopefully he realized - THAT'S WHAT CAN HAPPEN!

2544 days ago


too bad Bonadoucheass couldn't be arrested for being a complete and utter poop stain on steroid. Ewwwww he gives me and my girlfriends the creepy crawlys. Hey new girlfriend, it appears you have a brain, especially if you like Marc Bolan. So, what the frig are you wasting time with that umbalooopa? Run!

2544 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Justice served up with a side of crow for Jon Dalton.
"Jonny" is socially retarded, and I mean that in a clinical way. He's been inviting retaliation for his offensive actions for years. Now that he's come face to face (sorry, couldn't resist) with reality, and it ain't TV, folks, maybe he'll consider getting the psychiatric/psychological help he so obviously needs. At the very least, maybe he'll give a single brain cell a workout and think twice before making physical contact with anyone else again.

2544 days ago

Boston Kate    

Danny's an idiot. He went on stage to give Fairplay some sh_t about people hating him. Lots of people hate Bonaduce, too. That crap Bonaduce came up with about how shameful it was that Fairply lied on Survivor about his grandmother dying, to win a reward challenge. It was a stroke of genius on Fariplay's part, even some of his Survivor teammates gave credit for that brilliant scheme. I may be wrong, but I think Bonaduce felt a little jealous that some other reality goon was on stage instead of the goon that is Bonaduce. Bonaduce couldn't resist attracting some attention.

2544 days ago


I guess you could say turnabout is Fairplay?

2544 days ago


Justice served-unwanted hump-beware of the dump.

2544 days ago

LCpl. Sheppard    

I would have tossed his ass too if he jumped on me like a horny middle schooler

2544 days ago


Good for Danny!

I wonder how it feels for Johnny to
have the shoe on the other foot.

People laughing at him, just like
when he mocked and laughed at the
guy that was stuttering when he got excited about
talking to Leif Garrett last week.

Karma, baby!

2544 days ago


Um, just a few small words of advice, Jonny ... Perhaps it would be a good idea to refrain from jumping on people and grinding your pelvis into them. Just a thought --

2544 days ago


Love it. Do something stupid, then instantly pay for it. Go Danny!!

Good job to you too LA District Attorney!!

2544 days ago


It sounds like a complete "work" to me. I won't be surprised if these two sign up to do a wrestling match for TNA Wrestling.

2544 days ago


Fairplay, your 15 minutes was up a looooong time ago. Go back under the rock you came from.

2544 days ago
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