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DMX Animal Cruelty Report Results

10/6/2007 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Authorities investigating animal cruelty allegations on rapper DMX's Arizona property have issued their gruesome findings.

The investigation stems from an Aug. 24 raid of DMX's Phoenix home, where police were probing reports of animal neglect. Police seized 12 live pit bulls, numerous weapons and about a quarter-ounce of marijuana.

Now forensic reports from a veterinarian examiner from the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office states that the condition of animal remains found on the property were "significantly decomposed, the head and rear quarters and legs had a white trash bag around them; the body was wrapped in a dirt-stained beige fitted sheet and inside a clear plastic bag; all placed inside a white body bag." The forensic report also stated that "severe decomposition prevented further examination." There was determinable evidence of injury to just one set of remains.

A detective's summary of the cruelty allegations lists seven different visits to DMX's home, from August 3-22, with several attempts made by the County Sheriff to resolve the issue of alleged neglect of dogs at the residence. The detective actually gave the dogs water. Finally, after no improvement of conditions, a raid took place August 24, seizing 12 pit bulls.

No charges have been filed against the 36-year-old rapper. The matter is still under investigation. Click here to view the documents.


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I think there's a place just waiting for dead beats like this. They won't be shown the unconditional love that domestic animals do, thats for sure.

Do they abuse dogs in Africa, I'm just curious? Not sure why it's so hard to be civilized.
Kind of like the old saying, "If you don't like it here, then leave!!"

2581 days ago


This picture pisses me off! What does this a$$ wipe think he's strong?

Weak and Ugly (period)

2581 days ago


I say the guy "helping out" is lying and as for DMZ [he's a demilitarized zone, for sure] - he's sicker than sick.

Curious that multiple dogs found wrapped up in the same bag together. I would intuit that they were killed at the same time. Surely they just didn't coincidentally die at the same time. And no food or water, except what the detective fed them.

I hope pending autopsy results find a piece of solidly incriminating evidence to put them all in jail.

2581 days ago


WTF???? The dog remains are DMX's pit bull Boomer (Whom he has tatted on his arms and back) that died years ago. He's been rapping about his dog Boomer, who he claims was his best friend since he started in the game!!! Unbelievable how this is blown outta proportion. His obvious reckless living doesnt help I suppose, and probably not smart to bury his dog in his own yard, but quit with the pet abuse crap already!!!!!!

2581 days ago


this goes out to No. 12 , the researches did a study and found that most bite do not come from big dog . believe it or not the dogs that bite the most are small dogs. And i agree, i have a german shep and a min-pin. now my german shep just wants everyone to love her , but that min- pin barks and grawls at everyone, and she is not abused , spoilled most like.... at least that is what my friends would tell you... I dont know what is going on with the pit bull, for some reason something inside them is snapping, but it is true how you treat them is how they will treat others, you need to take them out around ppl and not allow them to be agressive,,,, thats all dogs..

2581 days ago


pure trash. rags to riches. this is what happens when you have no brains, no culture just a lot of fat and a lot of money and 'bling' and make crappy music and think you are invincible. I say feed him to hungry lions

2581 days ago


Those of you who think the rapper is innocent and support him with blind need to get the facts.

And as for comment #94, better go read the coroner's reports. We're not talking one dog buried. Several.

Comment #95: Yes, something's making the Pit Bull snap, all right. Read up on dog fighting and maybe you'll get some ideas.

2581 days ago

My Best Friend Is a Pit Bull    

You know what? 98 is right, DMX loved his animals so much, he must have hired the same person to watch his dogs that Ron Artest used to watch his dogs out here in Sacramento when he was arrested for animal cruelty and spousal battery.

2581 days ago


@99...Everyone has family problems bud. People lose their temper and things can get heated. She is still with him through it all though because she knows he's a good man.

We have all done it at some time or another. Even Ghandi raised his fists in anger once.

If you want to say disparaging comments about an animal killer, feel free to bash Vick all you want. DMX is innocent.

2581 days ago


Don't worry Sheriff Joe won't let him get away with it here in AZ! Soon he'll be in TENT CITY wearing pink boxers and eating green bologna sandwiches!!!!

I'm so sick and tired of hearing about stars abusing/mistreating animals..... something has got to be done! And hopefully they'll show you how we ROLL in AZ!

2581 days ago


I always thought that dogs was a man best friend. I lost two beautiful dogs in the flood 2001 in Houston, Tx. To this day I miss them. Yes, some let money change the way they once lived. I know some people think money is God to them. But it is only paper that can send you straight to hell. Some people with money don't care about some pets life. Let me explain to you that earth is just a blueprint and God is our inventor what you do down here God not going to let you in Heaven doing the same thing. That why he send his angel down to check on us. Say if you're not feeling it now, how wrong it is to do harm to whatever he invented let me lay this on you, you show will feel it when he send you to hell. So stop hurting his people and animals and start repenting for the wrong that we all have done. Because animals feel pains like any human.

Let God change us for the best and let show God how we can change


2581 days ago


MH you are an idiot in every sense of the word. I am a cat person too but I would never be cruel to a dog, neither would any other decent human being. This is just sick and twisted. he and Michael Vick should share a jail cell.

2581 days ago


...................Well, half of the people are angered at DMX and Vick.........half of the people are supporting DMX and Vick..........the truth is probably not on this post, where is the truth?..............probably in Pheonix, Az..............So, e-mail (City of Pheonix )..............tell all the gov't officials to get to the bottom of the situation and prosecute to the fullest if DMX is guilty..................don't let up on them that dog fighting and dog abuse, must not go unpunished...........tell them of your anger at these type of people..............I am sure that the dog fighting industry is probably going underground even further by now, but keep the pressure up, on elected officials to do their work and find these people, where ever they are........Keep a bright light on the underside of society till the dog abusers have paid dearly...............

2580 days ago

Abbe hartman    

Anyone who shows cruelty towards innocent lives, human or animal, is the lowest form of life.
I pray for severe criminal charges upheld against these abusers and killers.

2580 days ago


You guys are such hypocrites. You want to give DMX cruel and unusual punishment because of what ya'll THINK he did to a dog. NEWS FLASH: IT'S STILL UNDER INVESTIGATION. You don't even know if he did it or not. You should put this much effort into something more important like feed the children, breast cancer awareness, or the fight against HIV/AIDS. Everything with animals is always blown out of proportion. You guys say if he'll hurt animals then he'll eventually hurt humans? That's a bunch of bull! and besides, what about the child molestors, abusers, and killers who already DO hurt humans?! I don't see ya'll saying anything about stopping them here! You all are only saying this because he's a "thugged out rapper" (that's what ya'll love to call him) You're making yourselves sound like a bunch of ignorant, racist people (not racist against black people, but racist against rappers in general) because almost every comment has reffered to him as a thug or rapper. That has nothing to do with it! For all you know the dog might've tried to kill him or something...that is a natural instinct to dogs you know. I have a pit who always breaks lose and fights. I didn't teach him to be that way! Ya'll need to grow up and get a life and stop being so close-minded. LOVE ALL. even rappers. and abusers. God forgives, why can't humans?

2580 days ago
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