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Lil Wayne

Arrested in Idaho

10/6/2007 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

: As of late Saturday, Lil Wayne is free on $10,000 bond.

TMZ has learned that rapper Lil Wayne was arrested early Saturday morning in Boise, Id.

Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr., was booked into the Ada County Jail by the Boise City Police around 7:30 AM MT this morning. The Sheriff's Department website indicated he was booked on felony charges of being a fugitive.

Boise cops tell TMZ Wayne was arrested immediately following his concert Friday night at Boise's Qwest Arena. We're told he was picked up on a felony warrant out of Fulton County, Ga., for a felony possession of drugs charge. Authorities from Georgia contacted Idaho police and gave them the heads up about the warrant.

Cops tell us he was very cooperative and was arrested without incident. He is now in protective custody pending an arraignment and extradition hearing, which will take place Monday afternoon.

Wayne was previously nabbed in July on a gun charge in New York, and in 2006 he was busted in Atlanta for drug possession.

Calls to Lil Wayne's publicist were not immediately returned. No other information is yet available.

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2576 days ago

Mrs. Tru    

Wow, he had a sell out concert in "I DA HO". Wonder who bought tickets? Thinking there are only 75 brothers and sisters there. Hmmmmmmmmm.

2576 days ago


Yall is some racist ass people and yall need to wake up and realize that crime has no color or occupation. I hope yall know that not all rappers are criminals and not all white people are saints. To catch a predator sure does prove that!! Why dont yall stop feelin on little girls and tryin to sleep with 10 year olds and stop being ignorant and hangin nooses on trees trying to be funny. some thugs may sell crack but guess who be buyin it up and snortin it throughout hollywood. Cops white cops always go after rich black men because they dont have money and they hate to see successful black people even if they are rappers.

2576 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

His actions and RAP music is the perpetuation of racism that drives therapeutic alienation. Pointing his middle finger while only serving up his own view point degrades his cause and furthers racism.

Google "Therapeutic Alienation" and learn something.

2576 days ago


lmao @ 50 whihctchy poo

I was wondering the same thing!
However I believe the black population has moved up to 85 now and at least that many white wanna b black rap lovers from Calif have moved in.
So his concert must have been sold out lmao

2576 days ago

s c o r n    

Who bought the tickets in Idaho? That's easy; suburban upper middle class white kids who yearn for a masculine identity

2576 days ago


Maybe a pack of Newports would get you next to me in that hand basket? Are you sure you would'nt prefer a stolen grocery cart to go to hell in?

2576 days ago


what the heck..... i am supost to be at your concert tonight... backstage.. how the hell you do this right before... makes me mad but still love you man

2576 days ago


seriously shut up everyone.
you all have your opinions and such but how the hell did this turn into a whole black vs. white comment fight? it's rediculous. i suggest you GROW UP because your opinion wont ever matter unless you get over your racist self.
black and whites have been equals for some time now, i guess quite a few of you didn't get the memo.

as for wayne, hes done the same things many other black AND white rappers/actors/artists ect have done. skin color has NOTHING to do witht he mistakes hes made.

2576 days ago


52# this will be the last thing i say to you. you are a racist pig.all the people that the whites have enslaved. name 1 black person that is responsible for over 6 million 1 black person that runs this rappers dont get in half as much trouble as white everyday people are so passionate about writing racist remarks to me why dont write your state rep. about all the white child molesters going raping people might be one them for all i i said before i wont waste my time with you anymore. your mom needs those 8-ball more me then since she has to deal with your ignorant a$$ everyday.

2576 days ago


Californians have moved into Boise and about tripled the population. With that you get the downside of diversity they left but cry for in their new home, higher crime rates.
But from behind their gated community's all is well for them! They move to places like this to still feel like a big shot, not hard to do around people who never cared about material things all that much or could not.
See alot of little white geeks sitting low in their rides playing rap now.

2576 days ago


NO!!!!! IM GOING TO HIS CONCERT TONIGHT AND HES NOT GONNA BE THERE!!!!!!!!! damn you lil dwayne, why couldnt you get arrested in eugene

2576 days ago

Only swim in the Ocean    

Posted at 5:02PM on Oct 6th 2007 by babygirlwade

Who are you writing to?

2576 days ago

Big J    

So another "rapper" who thinks because they are famous they are above the law, and therefore can do whatever the hell they want (ex: smoke weed, dogfightin, etc.)

GG Cops! Cops 1- Lil Wayne- 0

2576 days ago


Babygirl. #1 Omar El Bashir. #2 Condoleeza Rice / Colin Powell. Was just trying to ruffle your weave. By the way I prefer Colt .45

2576 days ago
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