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Jonny Says

It's Not Fair,

Sues Bonaduce

10/9/2007 8:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that "Survivor" reality star Jonny Fairplay has filed suit against Danny Bonaduce, FOX Reality Channel and others for what he calls "an unjustified and surprise assault" at last week's Really Awards.

In the lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Fairplay claims that after he was thrown over Danny's shoulders, "Instead of immediately calling an ambulance to care for [Fairplay] or taking other action, the defendants -- the television channel, the producers and the owner of the venue hosting the event -- did nothing."

Fairplay is suing for battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence and negligent supervision.

Reps for FOX Reality and Bonaduce's people had no comment at this time.


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I didn't watch survivor so i don't know much about this Fairplay guy. Maybe I'd feel more like everyone else if I did. Jumping on someone and doing a silly hump thing seems pretty normal to me for reality tv, even other awards shows. It didn't seem that out of the ordinary. What I've never seen on an awards show is someone getting tossed head first, sitting on the floor bleeding, and then leaving out of the show on his own and not in an ambulance.

2548 days ago

This case is a very public disgrace...    

Danny is still hot! I loved him when I was a child back in Partridge Family days. That idiot Fairplay is so lucky Mr Bonaduce didn't do much more than toss him off. Why should Danny allow anyone to sexually assault him? In my opinion that is what Fairplay did. Vulgar and disgusting is what it was. Anyone see Danny last night on CNN? Very interesting sensible comments he made, including his take on the Spears/Kfed debacle. Love you Danny! Good Luck with EVERYTHING!!!

2548 days ago


I like Bonoduce but he is a bully. Remember how he went nutter on poor Barry Williams (Greg Brady) in that celebrity boxing thing? Skanky Adrian put him up to it? That should tell you what a loose cannon he is. Not to mention really lousy taste in ho's.

2548 days ago


This Fairplay character seems very irritating to me...I have watched him on numerous television programs,and I also get the urge to physically abuse him.Way to go Dannie...

2548 days ago


He should sue for humiliation.

2548 days ago


Hey the dumbass should of known better than to mess with Danny !!! It's his own fault !!!

2548 days ago


Danny should NEVER have been up on stage to begin with!
Where was the security.. ??
They should have drug tested Danny .. my guess he would have tested positive.

What Fairplay did was GROSS.... Danny probably should think about counter suing for sexual assualt.

2548 days ago


Fairplay jumps on a man without permission and proceeds to drive his pelvis into the man's chest. Where does he get the unmitigated gall to claim he was the one assaulted? Fairplay is very lucky Bonaduce calmly and casually tossed him off. Bonaduce had every right of self defense to body slam his ass and pummel the creep.

2548 days ago

K in Virginia    

I agree with most everyone here. It is on video, and Jonny jumped Danny first. He is just mad and embarassed because Danny made a fool out of him. Jonny could have hurt Danny's back, neck or something else, but I guess Danny was stronger- so he managed to throw Jonny over him. Jonny needs to learn the consequences of his actions. I think this lawsuit will be dropped. That would be "fairplay."

2548 days ago

d to the izzle    

If that pecker started humping me, he'd be in a whole lot worse shape than he is....

2548 days ago



you are exactly right..............KARMA for making fun of a person who stutters....BI ATch!

2548 days ago


What a D-Wad! Did Bonaduce throw himself at Fairplay - no - Fairplay jumped on Bonaduce - and did his oh so mature and charming monkey-hump move. Bonaduce should be counter-suing Fairplay for unwanted sexual harrasment and assault and battery. Fairplay brought it on himself - he just didn't expect to get pitched by Bonaduce - his tough luck. Now that I think about it - he's a Double D-Wad! Get a jump you loser!

2548 days ago

Ms Kris    

Danny was defending himself against this "I want 15 minute more of fame" loser.

I would have done the exact same thing Danny did.

2548 days ago


Conky is a member of Team Bonaduce.


2548 days ago


what a whiner he shouldn't be jumping on ppl and he wont get hurt like that it looked staged and well that is the way it goes take responsibilty for your own actions

2548 days ago
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