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Will Rodeo Rope Bret After All?

10/9/2007 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

rodeo, rock of lovePoison frontman Bret Michaels' VH1 romance reality show is over, but the love between Michaels and show contestant Rodeo may not be.

Rodeo, who was sent home mid-way through the "Rock of Love" season when her son got sick, says she was shocked when the winner, Jes, told Michaels he'd made the wrong choice. "But I could understand how Jes felt," she said.

And now that Bret and his stringy blonde extensions have been spurned by his "Rock of Love" pick, Rodeo believes she may have another shot at him. "Tons of the other girls were saying, 'now you'll have second chance. I'm going to see where it goes. I'm not going to chase after anybody." Ride 'em, cowgirl!

As for redheaded "Rock of Love" villain Lacey, Rodeo says, "When people take medication with liquor that's dangerous." Lacey never messed with her because, says Rodeo, "all of [the girls on the show] respected me and I respected them."


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Rodeo was a sweetie!!! I hope she can move on with her life and forget about Bret.

2573 days ago


OMG! The LAST thing anyone needs is a relationship with Mr. Wigdanna himself - Bret Michaels. Ewww. Can you just imagine being in bed with him and that thing slipping off his head....not to mention the running guy-liner. Oh puleeeeaaze!!!!!! I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

2573 days ago


He should have picked her. He did make the wrong choice going 4 looks instead of what he had in common with this girl.

2573 days ago


Good God do any of those women realize what bozo's they looked like and of course jes pushed bret to the curb so he can have another season of this just like flav they will be on tv until people go ok this is enough.

2573 days ago


Rodeo is a tranny!

2573 days ago


Hahaha, #3! Wigdanna!

Bret's a disease-carrier. Stay far away.

2573 days ago


Rodeo is old-looking and over-muscled, not attractive at all - and that cackling laugh of hers would cause any man to suffer ED.
Those shows never end up and it seemed - once the reunion show is on, all hell breaks loose and nothing is as it was.
Bret might be an OK guy, but that obvious wig sticking up out of his bandana should be a turn off. Show it like it is, Bret, and maybe you will find a sincere woman.
What ever happened to that old drunk that was on the first few shows? I didn't notice her on the reunion show.
I consider these 'reality' shows my guilty pleasure; I take them in as if they were fiction - that way there is no disappointment with the endings.

2573 days ago


Ok, I'm so lost...Bret wears a wig? I didn't know that! and Jes dumped him? I didn't know that either-haven't seen or heard any updates since the last show..dang, I'm LOST!!

2573 days ago

frog girl    

Rodeo is so manly. Jes was to good for Bret anyway. Maybe he should get back with Pam, she seems to like to be around the block like he was in his show(and in real life)

2573 days ago


i love these reality shows but if there is another Rock of Love with Bret, i'll be upset. i think its stupid that Flavor Flav is having a THIRD season...give it up!!! and if MISS NEW YORK has anothere season (after this new one) i'll be mad too...i know its 'fake'...but its getting ridiculous! have another F-list celeb!!! we dont want the same ones for 10 seasons!!!! i'd LOVE to see someone new find about CHYNA?!!! COME ON!!

2573 days ago

bret micheals    

Sorry Rodeo, you started out cool on the show but then your crazy eyes came through. Bret is just being nice but he really isn't interested in you. Lay off the roids and you'd look better.

2573 days ago

Pat B    

Rodeo is old, ugly, stupid cackling laugh, crybaby. Who wants to be with a woman who looks like a man. I'm sure they call her Rodeo cause she's been ridden her!! I liked Jes she was the prettiest. I think the women (tramps) who come out on those shows are Ho's and want their 15 secs. of fame.

2573 days ago

Fake People Suck    

Okay I am there with # 7..............
Really where is the wig thing coming from? The guy has always had long hair and really he is 43 and still hot.
I haven't heard a thing on Jess and him so I until I see it myself they are still living happy in their sill rocker heaven.
Okay butt rocker heaven but none the less they are there together!!!

2573 days ago


#12- Where have you been for the last couple days!? Lol...Check out the repeats of the ROL reunion show and check out the ROL message board. Jess has had a boyfriend for awhile. Her and bret are history! The show was a joke...just like most of these "reality" dating shows.

2573 days ago


# 12 aka Fake People Suck-
I they ran the reunion show Monday Night, Jes and Bret had to spend 6 months apart because the show was not "live" that way no one could find out who won. Just like they do on the bachelor. They are not together. Jes bacically told Bret that she was never in love with him and he made the wrong chioce and he should have gone with Heather. I dont know if she just realized that over the 6 months they were apart or what but I have also read rumors that she had a boyfriend the whole time and this was just to get her "15 min of fame" Now as far as the whole wig thing I do not know. You wouldnt think so but who knows. It is Hollywood.

2573 days ago
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