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Graziano's Mom

Granted Guardianship

10/10/2007 2:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1010_graziano_nick_bn_wi-1A Florida judge has granted temporary guardianship to Debra Graziano, mother of John Graziano, the critically injured Marine in the August 26 car crash involving Hulk Hogan's son Nick Bollea.

Graziano has been in critical condition since the wreck, and is said to be in a coma-like state. His mother Debra and her estranged husband, Edward, have been fighting over guardianship of John, according to WTVT in Tampa. Edward Graziano wanted an independent guardian appointed for his son.

Steven Hearn, an attorney for Edward Graziano, alleges that the Hogans are financially supporting his estranged wife in an effort to avoid a potential lawsuit. "The Bolleas have been providing financial support to his wife," said Hearn. "We have learned, for example, that they are paying for her to live in a condominium or townhouse in Clearwater."

Hearn requested and was granted a continuance, in order to "investigate what other financial benefits the Bolleas have been providing to Mrs. Graziano during the course of these events," he said.


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get off his back!    

i dont understany why everyone is blaming nick! yes he was 17 and driving too fast in a fast car, but IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! how many times did you push the limits at that age? I pray that john will be ok, and i know that nick will be by his side through everything.

2539 days ago

Britney is a skank    

These DOUCHEBAGS that keep saying "FIRST"...are just as retarded as one cares if you are the first post....just goes to show are just as retarded and have such a pathetic life...that you hover on this blog..trying to post first.

2539 days ago



2539 days ago


First of all let us remember that this whole situation is an ACCIDENT. Both Nick and John knew what they were doing before and at the time of this ACCIDENT unless John was asleep in the passenger seat (which is unlikely). It doesn't excuse Nick for what happened but at the same time he cannot be blamed entirely. John knew what he was getting into when this irresponsible street race took place.

I think this is the result of bad parenting. How many times during the course of all the shows during the last couple of years did we see Nick get scolded for driving his car recklessly? Many times. The episode I remember clearly was when Nick and his Dad went to the police station to watch safe driving videos. I guess that had no impact. I blame his parents for buying him the supra and for paying for all the modifications to make it a race/drift car. I also read that his parents also bought him a Dodge Viper. Is that right? Why does a 17yr old kid need a moded out supra and a Viper? I am all for Nick getting some sort of punishment for his actions but jail time? No that is too harsh for what I call and ACCIDENT. I am sure the law, taking into consideration that he is a minor, will provide the just punishment for him. I hope that this whole situation will serve as a wake up call to him. I hope John will eventually be ok.

2539 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Nick's pu$$y magnet is going to came back to haunt him. Be careful what you wish for Nick!!

2539 days ago


Nick should be laying there not his friend! Nick is so arrogant!!!!! I cant stand him or any of the Hogans. Brooke is a wannabe Britney Spears!

2539 days ago


some of your ignorant comments are unbelievable. The hogan kid is totally responsible, he was stopped 3 times for speeding the same night. He was raised irresponsibly and never should have been given a car like this. His parents owe more than just free rent and paying medical bills for the friend whose life their son has destroyed. Hogan jr needs to be in jail and never allowed to drive again. Take the morons off TV too.

2539 days ago


I thought that rocket scientist/tranny Brooke said he was just sleeping and is slowly waking up?? I am telling you people, this is a big cover up. The Clearwater police should have arrested retardo Nick weeks ago. What a buch of damned idiots this family is....

2539 days ago

Boo Hoo    

I think that Hulk Hogan is doing the right thing by supporting John's mother and for taking financial responsibility for anything that John needs. It is the right thing to do, plain and simple. I would do the same thing if I were them if I had their kind of money and I had a dumb, show-off retard for a son that caused this tragedy.

2539 days ago


JAME====> do NOT comment on something you know NOTHING about!!! Nick Hogan is 100 % responsible for that kid once he got into retardo Nick's car. IT IS UP TO NICK TO INSIST THAT HE PUT ON THE SEATBELT. The fact that retardo did not DO THIS DOES not ABSOLVE HIM FROM LITIGATION!!! now go away>

2539 days ago


God how ironic is it that this man survived his tour of duty only to come home and be in a coma thanks to a spoiled washed up has been celebrity's son who I have absolutely NO sympathy towards. I hope his family sues the HELL out of the Hogans. And if this man should die-I hope they charge Nick with first degree vehicular manslaughter.

2539 days ago


Besides from the point of I hope he completely recovers. But since it doesn't look that way. Just a question! If his Parents decide to pull him off of life support Can Nick Still be charged with Manslaughter or Murder? Or Anything since the decision was made to end his life...I would think so. But????

2539 days ago


To "knight in rusty armour",
That KID was more than a couple years older than Nick Hogan. If he had the sense to survive Iraq, he should have the sense to wear a seatbelt. I stated that the Hogan family has a moral obligation to pay.
I never stated that it absolved Nick Hogan from litigation. All I said was the family probably won't get the multi-million dollar payout everyone is expecting because of the fact that the guy wasn't wearing a seatbelt.
I will go away once you spell check your name.

2539 days ago


Nicks parents are to blame also. Why does a 17yr old kid need a race tuned Supra and a dodge viper? That is only a recipe for disaster. You can blame Nick all you want but the finger has to pointed at his parents for even allowing him to have such things. BROTHER!!!

2539 days ago


It is Nick's fault. He was driving like a moron, that caused the crash. This kid is in a comotose state because of Nick's actions that night. Luckily, no alcohol was involved. That would be a whole new set of problems. I don't think Nick should get jail time or anything, he should get ticketed for wreckless driving and any other thing they can ticket him for. He should also get his license suspended. Other than that, I think he has enough on his plate...he has to deal with what he did to his friend for the rest of his life.

2539 days ago
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