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T.R. Knight Comes Out Again

10/11/2007 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Grey's Anatomy" doc T.R. Knight is so GLAAD he came out of the closet, he's taped a PSA in honor of National Coming Out Day. Isaiah Washington be damned!

National Coming Out Day is observed every October 11, and this year marks the one-year anniversary of Knight's public disclosure in People Magazine.

The PSA is part of GLAAD's "Be an Ally & a Friend" campaign, which encourages people to be allies to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people. Don't hate!

Knight, Neil Patrick Harris and Lance Bass are just three Hollywood stars who have chosen to live openly and honestly by publicly coming out of the closet in the last year. What are the rest of you waiting for?!




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Can Jodie Foster be far behind?

2576 days ago


I'm just asking . . so don't "blast" me.
T.R. has the right to say what he feels (aka Freedom of Speech). Why does Isaiah have to get therapy and be forced to apologize for his comments? Isn't he allowed free speech or is free speech allowed only when it doesn't offend anyone else?

2576 days ago


Yeah yeah we get it, you;re gay. NOBODY CARES! You;re ugly.

2576 days ago

MJ fan    


2576 days ago


Same old boring stuff. Gay, gay, gay. The word used to mean "happy", etc. Now it's a euphemism for homosexual. How many times/ ways can this dude announce he likes guys? WE GET IT, T.R.

And who cares anyway?

2576 days ago

Billy T    

I am a big fan of TR Knight and Grey's....but that's not the point. Gay Day, as some of you call it, has nothing to do with sex. A lot of heterosexual people feel that being gay is about sex. It's nothing to do with it. Can you breeders imagine what it would be like to go out of your house and not be able to touch your spouse (hold hands, kiss, hug, etc.), because there is some stupid redneck that will kick your teeth in.

How many hetero were murdered for being straight?

2576 days ago


This guy is a maniuplator and liar. He was the one who released to the press the details around the Isiah Washington drama. He did it not in concern of all gays everywhere but in retaliation for the shows creator NOT giving him a payraise. And now look. they fired Washington and the current ratings are in the toilet.

2576 days ago


i agree with 20# i hate when i hear people saying they were born gay. how is that possible? i for one have never met a gay baby or toddler.its a choice you make.

2576 days ago


"..who cares anyway?..."
Most of the "straight/hetero" people on here keep repeating this. Well you know, it would be sooooo nice if people TRULY "didnt care". If no one cared, we'd have gay marriage. If no one cared we wouldnt have KIDS coming out and being literally THROWN AWAY/ ABUSED and or out right killed by their families n parents. You're right, if no cared we wouldnt need a NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY or GAY PRIDES or organizations like GLAAD or TREVOR PROJECT. That would be nice. BUT unfortuatly people (esp Repuiblican, conservative , bible thumping religious zelots) DO care. The CARE so much that gays in general in most parts of the country are treated like 2nd class people and in other countries are out right put to death publicly; as a matter of fact people care so much that the ONLY time Christians, Muslims and Jews EVER aggreed on ANYTHING was the hatred and vilification of gays. So yes, WHO CARES? indeed......unfortuatly LOTS of people care..................

2576 days ago

Billy T    

Ignorance is bliss...I can't believe in this day and age people really think it's a choice. Yep, we want to be murdered, ridiculed and passed on promotions. We choose that life style because it's so much FUN!!!

Wake up people.

2576 days ago


A gay baby or toddler??? Are you stupid? Well, have you ever met a straight baby or toddler? That is just plain ignorant.

2576 days ago


No one chooses to be gay. You don't choose to be straight, do you #20? Do you have some homosexual tendencies that you just choose to ignore? No, probably not; you're just straight. That's all there is to it but you don't need to be ugly to those of us who are different from you. You're not better than me, you don't deserve more constitutional rights than me. You have no idea how difficult it can be at times. No gay person weighs the pros and cons of being straight or gay and then chooses the more difficult path. You cannot choose who you fall in love with and you cannot choose to be straight or gay.

2576 days ago


Yep national F#@K me up the A@@ day.

2576 days ago


Well he is sure milking his alleged 'outing' for all its worth. I still say he was in on leaking the Washington/Dempsey argument

2576 days ago

Hippie Canyon    

Being brave is only for soldiers, now???? Straight people need a special day???? People can't understand the "big deal?" Someone at TMZ thinks "Gays Anatomy" is actually funny ??? Must be comments from that famous 29% who still support The Burning Bush!

2576 days ago
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