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Source: T.I. Didn't Do It!

10/14/2007 4:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Is he packin' heat or isn't he? A source close to embattled rapper T.I. says that the gun charges leveraged against the hip-hopper are false; T.I. never tried to purchase guns -- it was all his bodyguard.

The source told that "[The bodyguard] asked T.I. for an advance on his [pay] and T.I. gave it to him. ...Whatever he spent money on -- whether it be guns, drugs, or formula for his children -- T.I. had nothing to do with it." That's it, he was buying formula!

And those guns found in T.I.'s house? "T.I. has security that lives with him and stay with him at all times. The gun that the [federal agents] found belonged to his security team" -- all of whom are licensed to carry them, the source claims.

"The government was just looking to pin a case on T.I. - they've been trying for years. So they pushed [the bodyguard] into snitching on T.I."

But according to CNN, authorities said they found three firearms in the car in which T.I. -- also know as Cilfford Harris -- drove to pick up the machine guns and silencers, "including one loaded gun tucked between the driver's seat where Harris had been sitting and the center console."

Conspiracy, or just caught up?


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Britney loves OJ    

T.I. loves OJ!

2536 days ago

John Grieme    

It's just the man trying to keep us down!(sarcastic)

2536 days ago


that is a lie! if what the source said had been true, so why was T.I. calling the CW's phone asking HIM to deliver him the weapons in a parking lot and its on RECORDING...on another note also on the recording T.I. is telling the CW to go the bank and collect $1,200 so he can purchase the weapons...with the security issue, the weapons still should have been registered, otherwise this wouldnt be an issue...

2536 days ago


Ummm, what about the three loaded guns they found in his car when he went to meet his bodyguard for the delivery of the automatic weapons w/silencers!

And the cheapskate even wanted his change!!!

2536 days ago


The ATF isn't wrong. T.I. had something to do with it, he's lying and will get caught.

2536 days ago


What about the 3 guns found in his car? One of them was loaded, next to the driver's
seat console. According to Fox/CNN News, 6 other guns were found in his home, 5 of
which were loaded. I sure hope his "security" had those registered. But, alas, probably not. I'm sure the Feds already checked that out. He's going down, big time. Good news is, he can write an album about his experiences in the joint. Bad news is, by the time
he gets out hip-hop will no longer exist. Oh well, life in the thug, fastlane.

2536 days ago


By the time he pays lawyers, his azz will be broke. This minority will not get off as OJ did. Ain't gonna happen. Kiss your azz good-bye TI. One less THUG off the streets of Atlanta. THAT'S A GOOD THING.

2536 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Human garbage

2536 days ago


TI shall soon be DOA given his penchant to rat on associates.

2536 days ago


I never heard of him before this.

2536 days ago


TI is wearing his white kiss up suit since he is the ultimate sell-out & he'll get his!

2536 days ago


He wants to be a Thug, but don't wanna be treated like one. Who is he so afriad of that he has to have so many guns around anyway? And just because you give money to your community doesn't make you any less of the criminal.

2536 days ago


TI & rap boys think they'll never get caught as they hide out in their crack laden dens!

2536 days ago


His FREEDOM, LIFE and CAREER are SO over and he is proabdly to ignorant to know it. With 7+ kids it is a shame there is no role model for the children

2536 days ago


Why are yall quoting Media Takeout? Don't you know they make up stories off the top of their heads? They have made fools of the media in the past for running with a story from their site. This is the first time I have seen another page quote them in quite some time.

What you need to be talking about is those damn Jena 6 boys being at the BET hip hop awards last night. Talk about a violence glorifying slap in the face. I guess MTV really messed up by not inviting Justing Barker to the VMAs.

2536 days ago
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