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Cops to Orlando: Bad Crash, No Problem

10/15/2007 5:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Orlando BloomOrlando Bloom smashed into a parked car at around 2:00 AM on Friday after partying at a club, leaving a passenger with a fractured neck. Speaking of leaving -- Orlando left the scene, came back, was never given a blood-alcohol test -- and he's getting off scot-free!

TMZ photogs captured video of Orlando getting into an argument outside the Green Door in Hollywood just after 2:00 AM. The accident occurred shortly thereafter.

X17 got video of Orlando walking away from the scene of the accident, only to return after paparazzi repeatedly told him that leaving would constitute hit and run. Bloom eventually came back and accompanied his injured passenger (who suffered a fractured neck) in an ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Bloom's rep says he immediately called 911 and characterized the fractured neck as a minor injury. She is silent on Bloom walking from the crash scene.

Cops now say they are on the hunt for an SUV that may have cut off Orlando, allegedly causing the crash. They also tell TMZ that walking away from the scene, like Orlando did, isn't necessarily hit and run.


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2535 days ago

Dawn Day    

Hmm...what does the passenger with the fractured neck think about him saying it was a minor injury??? Doesn't sound so minor to me.

I smell a lawsuit and/or pay off in the midst.

2535 days ago


if u see the video he was not in the driver seat. it was some blonde chick driving not orlando bloom. so why should he get a sobriety test when he was not driving he was involved and was at the scene.

2535 days ago


Most of the folks who live in southern California know what an effing joke the justice system is! If you have $$$ or are get off!
The only people who end up serving jury duty are people get out of it.

2535 days ago


And supposedly he was dating Jennifer Aniston - don't think so now!

2535 days ago


Mini-OJ justice - he walks like that racist low life low IQ Orenthal fat boy.

2535 days ago

faghag moron....he initially left the club as a passenger, then he and the brunette girl changed seats....HE WAS DRIVING AT THE TIME OF THE CRASH!

2535 days ago


Its those cops in Los Angeles County. Celebrities are kings and the rest of the commoners get kicked. Its one of the reasons I left that loser city 10 years ago.

2535 days ago


The Airbags hitting you causes Shock at first,,,,thats why he had to walk away to think of what do do next,

2535 days ago


The paparazzi are the ones that CAUSED the crash. How do you think they actually got a picture of him in the car seconds after the accident. They caused an accident and sold the pictures, they are the ones that shouldbe investigated

2535 days ago

I love pirates    

While I don't fault Orlando for being dazed and confused after the accident, I will fault the LAPD for not pursuing a full check all the boxes, dot the i's and cross the t's investigation. Maybe he didn't get celebrity justice but sloppy cops. And if he was DUI at the time, he had better be counting his lucky stars.

2535 days ago


I've watched the video of Orlando and his chatting with some guy in the "guys" car. I have to laugh. Orlando is a guy who whether he did wrong by the other guy, orlando thought he'd just smooth talk him out of anger. Orlando got extremely lucky that night, but it won't last. Obviously he was "under the influence", and maybe he was trying (still) to empress the hot chick who ended up leaving with the other guy. One of these days; Orlando is going to try to be the cute & smarter than the other guy able to talk his way out of anything, and he's going to get laid-out cold with a busted nose. He lucked out this time; I hope he see's the video for himself and knows that it could have gone south, but for the other guy (whoever he and the chick are) were better for it and knew Orlando was just a stupid drunk? If the other guy had been me and Orlando had been hitting on a friend and the friend wasn't having it (whatever that means) and he jumped in my car and tried to 'be the better man so to speak? Even if I had known who he was (a big movie guy with lots of fans), I'm not entirely sure I wouldn't have just punched him in the nose and thrown him to the concrete? I think he really lucked out this time, but he'd better be careful! Not everyone would take the confrontation as well as that other guy seemed to? Not even me. Thank you...

2535 days ago

Matt Damon    

Matt Damon

2535 days ago


i believe that orly was trying to find help, or was shocked or something. i dont believe orly is that kind of person to try and get away with a hit and run. and i also don't believe that he would be that irresponsible to drive drunk. he didn't even show any signs of intoxication! i don't see y theyre trying to make it look like hes the bad guy. i mean, a car cut him off, and he was trying to not get hurt or get anyone else hurt and he accidentally hit a car. understandable.

2535 days ago

TMZ is lame    

If you return and/or report your accident within a 24hr window you will not be charged with hit and run. Plenty of drunks are able to get away with a DUI hit and run because they go home, don't answer the door when the police show up in the middle of the night and report their "accident" within the 24hr window.

But it sounds like the police made an assessment that Mr. Bloom was not under the influence of anything - so what is the story? Celeb gets in car accident?

2535 days ago
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