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Girls Gone Contrite -- Fla. Floozies Apologize to Joe

10/15/2007 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The two girls who sued "Girls Gone Wild" sexecutive Joe Francis for using their footage without their consent, but then had their stories refuted by video evidence, have dropped their suit against Francis and his company.
Joe Francis, Christina Brose, brooke patsolic
TMZ has learned that Brooke Patsolic and Christina Brose have issued a statement saying that they've "agreed to dismiss our lawsuit" and say that "Girls Gone Wild and Joe Francis have suffered as a result of this law suit [sic] and our actions." The women also make it clear that Francis and Mantra Films haven't paid them a penny.

As TMZ reported last month, the women had their claims publicly slammed when video showing them consenting to being filmed was released on the Internet. "I am prepared to fight back, and I will defend myself against all baseless accusations," says Francis in a statement to TMZ.


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Awesome - the sleazy gold diggers backed down!

2503 days ago


Perfect - the 2 were so unattractive they were cut from all videos!

2503 days ago


good.. these chicks just wanted to get paid!~

2503 days ago


One good thing has come out of all of this..they have finally taken the advertising off of our cable tv network. Frankly I just don't understand why these young women would ever agree to subject themselves in such a degrading way. Joe Francis is such a sleeze bag and has made millions exploiting women...I for one would like to see an end to it.

2503 days ago


hope that gals remember this lesson when they go on spring break or whatever

if they do something that they think is silly and fun and is harmless when they are drunk-

not to be shocked later if it comes back to bite them in the butt!

college gals need to think how this could impact their future career/family relationships etc. since ther really is no privacy for these things

AND gals shoud wonder why the guys with the cameras don't have all their clothes off -and are kissing on each other too if it's such a cool, fun and harmelss thing to be photographed doing!!!

2503 days ago


This guy is a pig, but the girls on these videos are bigger pigs...I have seen clips of the videos on the news and stuff and I don;t care how drunk I got in college, I would never have been that stupid to let someone video tape me for world-wide distribution...and these girls did give permission...I saw that on the news as is a shame that Americas youth is so okay with displaying their drunken behavior on video one has any decency or self respect anymore...these girls will all get married and be mom's someday...and they will regret it when their kids see them later in life on these sad.

2503 days ago

Gunter Hallowgreen    

This is an outrage. Not only has this poor man suffered during an upbringing outsourced to CEDU - a spinoff of the feared drugcult Synanon, which was closed by the authorities.

Now he has been in jail based on charges, which seems to have been done out of shame over what girls as these has done when they like teenagers in the rest of the world enjoy themselves drinking alcohol.

Of course they loose their clothes. Of course they must expect that someone are filming them, when they do it on public property.

I have no words which could fully cover the situation beside an outrage.

2503 days ago

Dawn Day    

I'm in one of his videos too! He is so hot and I would do dang near anything for him...including whoopin those biatches azzes for doin that to my man!!!

2503 days ago


These bitches owe more than just an apology.

2503 days ago


If they got counter sued for filing a malicious lawsuit and defamation - how would they react and feel????????????/

2503 days ago


It's always over money people................Joe didn't do anything wrong......most of his critics are just banging their heads and saying "why the hell didn't I think of something like that?" Way to go Joe!

2503 days ago


If women have agreed to be taped, how are they being exploited? Don't women have a right to make that decision? Isn't it really their choice?

2503 days ago


If it's so harmless and fun, then Joe and his male crew should strip down, make out with each other, and lick whipped cream off each others bodies, while filming the entire thing.

These young women are just stupid to do this. It will come back to hound them in the future. Imagine when you are a professional and someone digs up that old footage. What are you going to say?

In this case not only are the girls going to be viewed as "hos" but as just downright dishonest.

I am far, far, far from a prude, if only you knew, but girls who do this sort of thing at their age and stage in life really, really need to be talked to.

2503 days ago


Main Entry: 2ex·ploit
1 : to make productive use of : UTILIZE
2 : to make use of meanly or unjustly for one's own advantage
NO ONE WAS EXPLOITED. These girls knew what they were doing!
I TOTALLY AGREE, as a 40 yr old woman, I would cringe every day if I thought there was a naughty video of me out there some where. Most of these girls WILL REGRET IT!

2503 days ago


I get tired of people in america not owning up to responsibility. The girls KNEW that they had given consent.

The problem was, afterwards they cry "rape" (figuratively speaking of course).
And because they are women, people sit up and listen.

I hope this joe guy goes after these women. More men that get falsley accused by women need to take up a stand and start suing these girls.
Perhaps if women realized that lying to the law, can get you thrown in jail or owing alot of money.
Then maybe women wouldn't throw around false claims as they do now, knowing that even if they get caught in the lie, they don't crash and burn. (ie, look at that duke rape case, stripper lies and it's the lawyer who's getting the shaft for a false litigation, why isn't the stripper being sued so she's poor for the rest of her life for lying?!)

2503 days ago
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