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Girls Gone Contrite -- Fla. Floozies Apologize to Joe

10/15/2007 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The two girls who sued "Girls Gone Wild" sexecutive Joe Francis for using their footage without their consent, but then had their stories refuted by video evidence, have dropped their suit against Francis and his company.
Joe Francis, Christina Brose, brooke patsolic
TMZ has learned that Brooke Patsolic and Christina Brose have issued a statement saying that they've "agreed to dismiss our lawsuit" and say that "Girls Gone Wild and Joe Francis have suffered as a result of this law suit [sic] and our actions." The women also make it clear that Francis and Mantra Films haven't paid them a penny.

As TMZ reported last month, the women had their claims publicly slammed when video showing them consenting to being filmed was released on the Internet. "I am prepared to fight back, and I will defend myself against all baseless accusations," says Francis in a statement to TMZ.


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LT Dan    

Mr Francis is an anal wart on the human body. He is an orifice that secretes waste material from the digestive system. Joe, I know you are voraciously reading these posts so please pay attention to this one. You should remain locked up for the rest of your puerile existence. You are an immature miscreant who made a lot of money at a young age and were ill equipped to deal with the power that came from wealth. Even if there were no written law for what you did and how you behaved, there is a moral law of how to treat people. You broke that law and you now have to face the consequences. You deserve every minute that you are incarcerated, every minute that you are depressed, every insult given by your fellow prisoners, and everything that happens when you drop your soap.

2533 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

They were young, and they regretted what they did. I'm also sure they now regret that their consent is on tape, too. Taking advantage of the young is not right in any case, and Joe is still a bottom feeder whose soft-porn occupation objectifies and debases women, AND men. Intimate relations between consenting adults ought to be about having real feelings for eachother for the acts to convey any genuine or heartfelt meaning. That's the ideal scenario for optimum mental health, anyway. Screwed up people who can't relate or perhaps can't communicate well with the opposite sex end up watching these tapes as a poor substitute for a real and satisfying connection to a mutually affectionate partner. People who put themselves out there and work on their connecting skills won't need these tapes, and so good luck to them.

2533 days ago


Do you people not get it? Girls make out with each other all the time, everywhere. There are differences between males and females when it comes to "showing off." Don't you think showing off in this manner is more of a female thing to do? If males thought females doing knitting sweaters was hot, then females would do it just for the attention, especially on camera. Males making out with each other is not a pervasive female fantasy, thus males don't do it. Stop trying to compare the sexes and their behaviors, and start realizing that there are reasons why people behave the way they do, and it goes beyond words like "exploitation."

2533 days ago


he looks like he has a nosejob

2533 days ago


Hope they get hit with a counter suit for the trouble they caused - freakin' little whores!

2533 days ago

Desease control    

Joe is a damn fool to still be in Jail.

He smarted off to the Judge,hes been doing all the wrong things and hes paying for it.

2533 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Freaking whores finally fessed up, huh? Naked, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life girls.

2533 days ago


was he serving time for these two young ladies???? If he was then he should counter sue their asses!!!

2533 days ago


i've always wondered since the first of these soft porn tapes have come out.. how it is legal for people with clearly deminished capacity, to give consent, to being sold to closet wankers all over the world.

if they were drunk.. their concent wasn't valid, the case should have continued
if they weren't drunk.. sue their asses for being mental midgets who sold themselves and then lied about it.

simple as that.

2533 days ago


The U. S. Attorney's office is out of control.

I don't care for Joe Francis or his "gone wild" series. I think it is disgusting to film bad behaviors and slutty young women.

That being said, Joe Francis is not a street thug or as dangerous as Snoop Dog. Snoop gets caught on a federal weapons charge (among a host of other things) and gets off scott free. Anyone else would be shot back into the prison before they could catch their next breath.

Marc Anthony (J. Lo's hubby) had a 4 or 5 count federal indictment against him for his offshore accounts and tax evasion and what happens? Nothing.

Joe Francis probably pissed off some Senator by filming his daughter or granddaughter and they are using the U.S. Attorney's office to go after him.

This whole thing just reeks.

2533 days ago


Don't worry, once the feds are finished with Francis he will be a washed-up convicted felon. All of these frivolous lawsuits by these sluts are meaningless in comparison to what the U.S. Attorney has in store for Joe. Francis messed with the feds, now he will eat it big time. They [the feds] don't have a 96% conviction rate for nothing! Joe will definitely be doing some time in the federal pokey based on the indictment. See ya Joe - make sure to buy plenty of lube from the prison commissary. LOL

2533 days ago

Johnny (brown eye) Rotten    

Ladies ,you can't have it both ways ,now ! You want to tease and pose for a camera, to make males want you.To be in front of a camera and pretend youre someone else ? Get
wasted ,then blame others,when your thong is on backwards the next morning ? You deserve every frank-furter that entered you the night before,skanks.Can't wait for the next train& video...Can you ?

2533 days ago


TO # 39

The reason the feds have a 96% conviction rate is because the U. S. Attorneys are allowed to use witnesses who are allowed to commit perjury. They use former "targets-turned-witness" who will sing whatever song they want them to. If a U.S. Attorney decides to take a dislike to you, they WILL get you imprisoned.

The DOJ isn't after truth. They aren't even after justice. They are after convictions.

The Duke Lacrosse players learned how this game is played. They had the ability to drum up enough press to get a vindictive prosecuting attorney sanctioned. Very few people other than Bill Gates would have either the stroke or money to get anything resembling a fair trial (most l likely a settlement agreement) from the Feds.

If you try to go to trial and fight the Feds and lose even one count, you can believe you are going to get sentenced HARD. That's why everyone pleads out. There's just no winning because the cards are stacked in the DOJ's favor from the beginning. That's why they have such a high "conviction" rate.

U.S. Attorneys may wear suits, but if you pull up their pants, you'll find that they have spit-shined jackboots underneath.

2533 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

It isn't so much girls gone 'wild' as it is girls gone silly. And in this case, it was girls gone silly and greedy. But, alas, they got outed by the videotape. Silly girls didn't get paid for their tricks.

2533 days ago


I think the girls that lied should be prosecuted for what they did. If you lie about being abused, raped, etc., and you are willing for someone else to go to jail for years because of your lies, then you'd better be ready to do the same time for lying.

Liars suck.

2533 days ago
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