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New Video Shows Orlando Leaving Crash Scene

10/18/2007 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Orlando Bloom is being investigated for hit and run, and there is video clearly showing Bloom walking from the crash scene, leaving behind one of his passengers -- who suffered a fractured neck.

The video, shot by X17, shows paparazzi following Bloom, urging him to return, warning him that if he kept walking he could be prosecuted for hit and run. Bloom finally saw the light and returned to his car, the driver's door still wide open and steam coming out of the engine.

You see Bloom shaking an officer's hand -- btw, cops never gave him a blood-alcohol test.

The investigation into the crash -- where Bloom hit a parked Porsche and blamed the accident on an SUV he says cut him off -- is ongoing.

To watch the blow-by-blow of what went down at the crash scene, watch TMZ TV tonight.


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GIVE HIM A REST PEOPLE.... did u ever think that maybe it wasn't his fault that maybe he was looking for help. It was not his fault think of so much Orlando Bloom has done for the environment. I agree with Orlando's cousen it was the stupid paporazzi's fault.
SO LEAVE IT ALONE....She's not sueing.

2521 days ago


ok, so this a proof for the media's part...
i dnt really think this can push him further, i mean, walking away doesn't exactly mean running away right?
i know the case was over and he wasn't guilty-really, which i think is right...
but i hate the way people criticizes him for that innocent act, i mean, their putting too much malice in it, it's already annoying...

i think it's obviously normal that after an accident, people just lose his mind, or get panic or whatever, and does what they think is right or what their instinct is telling them. ..

what if his mind was already going crazy inside on what has happened and his instinct or his feet was telling him to go away, or what if his "walking away from the incident" was a mere way of calming his self down?

people are great criticizers and sometimes, they are too one-sided, why don't they give him (and other celebs) even a little justice?

2504 days ago

Baby Countdown    

This bony, girly, ugly a$$Hole should be in jail....just more Hollywood justice I guess.
The LAPD should relaly be ashamed of themselves - they are looking like complete incompetant fools to the entire country.

2562 days ago


LAPD may have screwed the pooch on this one but they will probably cut Orlando some slack since he did return to the scene to deal with it unlike Britney. Plus I don't think they want to bring more attention to it and embarrass themselves for not going by the book and administering a sobriety test at the scene.

2562 days ago


OK WE GET IT! GIVE IT REST ALREADY! If anything it proves that he wasn't aware that he could be breaking the law and when he was informed he did the right thing. You idiots don't think the police is going to come to the same conclusion? Why are you pushing this so hard?

2562 days ago

Rock of    

He was probably in shock and started walking in a daze. When the Papparazzi were telling him to go back he realized it.
Which Papparrazi is being investigated? Hmmmmm TMZ any clue?

2562 days ago


i have been in a crash and sometimes you just walk to get outt of a daze..

2562 days ago

Miss Behave    

This "guy" is SUCH a turn-off. The self-centered, self-involved, ditch-your-bloodied-and-injured-CHILDHOOD-friend-but-shake-the-police-officer's-hand LOSER makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

Celebrity Justice on display for the world to see. I don't know who's worse, these people or their sycophant defenders.

2562 days ago


Who cares if he left the crime scene. If he did then allow the police to decide if he violated the law.


2562 days ago


We all saw what he did. Although I don't believe it was technically a hit and run because he did go back, we saw what a heartless punk-ass bitch he is. Ready to leave his injured friends so he does get in trouble. What an selfish idiot.
It happened one block down the street from where I live, not to mention he crashed into the car of the dude who sold me my Audi !
But all that aside its up to all of us to do something, since we know the LAPD is too stupid do anything. I'm not putting any more money in that a-hole's pocket ever again. If he's in a movie, I won't be going to see matter how sweaty and half-naked Johnny Depp is!!!

2562 days ago


you know a situation is bad when the paps urges a star to do the moral thing.

2562 days ago

are you kidding me??    

Wow, that is your proof???? This is what you're spreading around the world, who's really not interested.....seems to me that TMZ is rather concerned about the possibility of it's own paps being the instigators of this accident.

Try showing an unedited video for a change, maybe it would be believable, this is just a laugh.

2562 days ago

I can't help myself    

Hmmmmmm The other video on The Superficial clearly show that it was Orlandos friend in the driving seat as they departed in the car, now unless he changed seat mid ride I don't understand how the crash was his fault.

2562 days ago


Im not one to defend celebs but i think its kinda obvious he was probably looking for help dont ya think?

2562 days ago


Honestly, it just looks like he was "pacing" or trying know, to clear his head, work off the shock kind of thing. It certainly doesn't look as though he's FLEEING the scene. Way too much is being made of this, really.

2562 days ago
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